Sunday, December 31, 2006

Title of this blog

spindianexpress makes a good point that the title of the blog must be something that
strikes visitors as succinctly summing up the paper's
character. Eg:

The Un-Hindu
The Communistu
The Marxistu


The full form of "CBCNN" better serves as descriptive tagline.

Do you think the present title CBCNN is ok. Or shoudl I consider something else like say "The Chindu". What do you guys think?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Spirit of charity is only Christian: Khare

Political rivals, not personal enemies

Perhaps Dr. Singh's gestures were inspired only by the spirit of Christian charity ...

Khare has vision par excellence - he can see only what he wants even if it is hidden or, better still, does not exist. Well, he actually peddled better/worse nonsense in the past.

Any mention of personalised politics by exonarting Gandhi cult is nonsese, which Khare is very capable of propounding.

N.Ram with another disparaging article on BJP

Rajnath is willing

... minority-bashing unsurprisingly took centre stage

Just as BJP-bashing unsuprisingly took centre stage on CBCNN.

The rest of the article is the usual ranting about struggles within BJP and how it has no chance of winning another assembly seat ever. Oh btw, minority appeasement is the only way to enlightenment.

Communist feuds are always low-intensity for CBCNN

CPI(M)-CPI talks make headway in Kerala

Notice the subdued use of adjectives while reporting communist conflicts.

low-intensity feud
moved a little towards resolution
came to an understanding
his appointment is now only a formality
decided to discuss their differences
does not behove the two fraternal communist parties to wash the linen -- notice that CBCNN does not use "dirty" linen.
considerable progress in the talks
differences between the two parties had narrowed down
further dialogue between the two sides would lead to greater understanding between them

The one strong wording being: "The CPI had taken strong exception to some of the decisions of the CPI(M)".

Within the communist parties, CBCNN will root for CPI(M).

I have no idea what is the difference between CPI and CPI(M) and I dont care. They are by no means friends or there would have been just one party, especially when they are "fraternal" . For me, they are just power-hungry, traitor, "fraternal" communist parties.

Why Ambika Soni and not Hanuman statue?

Indian sculptures to be showcased in Beijing

CBCNN celebrates this exhibition of Indian antiquities in its fatherland.

Sizeable portion of the article is about the Hanuman statue while Ambika Soni is mentioned once in passing. Why does CBCNN put her photo instead of the statue's? Is it because CBCNN is averse to displaying Hindu symbols or is it because Ambika Soni has features reminiscent of Brinda?

Dont bother to ask that useless Reader's editor. He will just say editorial judgement, or whatever.

CPI(M) lies reported verbatim

BJP's Lucknow platform harmful, says CPI (M)

CBCNN is the mouthpiece of CPI(M). So it reports its statements verbatim. Contrast this article with the previous one on Mamta and you will see CBCNN's prejudices coming out clearly. If it is not in favour of the other party, it will drop in its own views into news or slants the news with its own colour.

"The argument put forth are reminiscent of how the Hindu communal platform stayed away from the national movement for independence and sought to divide it on communal lines.

The eminent marxist historians are at work again, propogating falsehoods. It is the muslims who stayed away from the freedom movement but the hindus get falsely accused by the communists. The communists sided with the british. So they obviously have a grudge against the hindus.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Mamta is a naxalite: CBCNN

Mamata calls for fresh protests

Just when you thought CBCNN is giving some sort of coverage to Mamta, it turns out CBCNN is indulging in slander.

Ms. Banerjee is spearheading the agitation under the banner of the Krishi Jami Raksha [Save the Farmland] Committee, whose principal constituent is the Trinamool. It also includes certain naxalite groups.

While it is well known that the communist parties are the political arms of naxalites, CBCNN goes to the ridiculous extent of associating Mamta with naxalites.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Allegations highlighted as facts

Congress: not just Mulayam protocol

Congress leader makes an allegation against the BJP. CBCNN presents this allegation with bullent-point highlighting at the top. Clearly, CBCNN is distorting facts and views to suit its agenda. That responsible media N.Ram talks about all the time.

Where is Mamta's viewpoint?

Mamata must come for talks: Basu

We get to infer Mamta's views and opinions only from CPI(M)'s statements. CBCNN, as a matter of editorial policy, does not report Mamta's views in its paper.

Thankfully, I am not fasting against CBCNN's one-sided reporting; otherwise I would have died of starvation.

CPI(M) views mirrored from "People's Democracy"

``Struggles for tribal rights have to continue''

What purpose does this article serve, apart from trumpeting the self-claimed achievements of Brinda Karat?
Another article from "People's Democracy" paraphrased into CBCNN.

When the Bill was being discussed in the Rajya Sabha, to the amendments moved by her she said, the Union Minster accepted them and all the accepted amendments would form part of the rules.

The amendments suggested by Brinda Karat were accepted in the parliamentary discussion. Good.

However... there are many areas where the struggle will have to continue to ensure that the loopholes and weaknesses in the legislation, are not utilised against tribals and forest dwelling communities," party Polit Bureau member and MP Brinda Karat said in her article in the latest edition of the party organ People's Democracy.

So the question is, why didn't she address the loopholes and weaknesses in the legistlation during the parliamentary debate. The communists need a reason to agitate.

Join the Xinhua celebration of death mines

Toll in Chinese coal mine disasters drops

Next you will see CBCNN advertising for jobs in Chinese mines.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

yossarin on about CBCNN

Rajnath Singh Re-elected BJP Chief - Mission and Vision for the BJP

As Rajnath Singh assumes the mantle once again buyoued by the recent wins of the BJP, the alarm bells have started ringing in the mainstream media. Leading the charge is the Communist Rag Tag “The Hindu” edited by closet communist N. Ram which in its editorial “BJP back to form” has come up with preposterous arguments to criticize the BJP for its rally in New Delhi on the Afzal Issue and for its actions in Parliament on the Arunachal Pradesh issue. Keeping good company to the communist rag tag, was known congress hack Pankaj Vohra in the stealth congress mouthpiece “The Hindustan Times” where Vohra all of a sudden discovered the vices of political rallies in the wake of a rather successful BJP rally.

"acorn" has a question for N.Ram

A question for N Ram & Co

Anyone who reads CBCNN cant help notice the subtle insinuations it makes to suit its political agenda.

Prasanna's take on CBCNN

The Crumbling Mount Road Marx- Losing relevance


Another great article from churumuri

The column ‘Hindu’ didn’t have the guts to carry

Nearly two-dozen staffers of The Hindu have written in to Churumuri in response to the story Under N. Ram, the Hindu becomes a 'Sorry' paper, providing more chilling evidence of life under the great red warrior, a hyphenated champion of free expression.

But nothing quite captures what we are talking about—the quiet acquiescence to corporate interests—than the paper's mysterious decision to axe this column on Kalanidhi Maran of the Sun TV empire by its media critic Sevanti Ninan three Sundays ago.

The piece, in its entirety, appears on the media website The Hoot ( Asked if The Hindu had proffered a reason for not carrying the column, Sevanti says she was merely told that it would be "legally risky", which is another way of saying "due to technical reasons".

churumuri: Under N. Ram, CBCNN becomes a ’sorry’ paper

Under N. Ram, the Hindu becomes a ’sorry’ paper

ARVIND SWAMINATHAN writes from Madras: Editors, reporters and correspondents at The Hindu are in a state of shock and disbelief today after another grovelling apology to an automotive major from their card-carrying Editor-in-Chief N. Ram appeared on the pages of the paper.

“In the Open Page article by R.S. Anand titled ‘The way we showcase India abroad’, a sweeping and baseless statement was made about a Kirloskar product, suggesting it was outdated. The Hindu apologises for this unwarranted assertion and withdraws the Open Page article from its website,” the apology signed by the editor-in-chief reads.

The “offending” piece by Anand, a student at RWTH in Aachen, Germany, comprised run-of-the-mill reflections on the Hannover Fair, and contained just two references to Kirloskar—both of them in the same paragraph.

“Companies such as HMT, BHEL, Kirloskar, etc, participated in the (Hannover) fair. My fellow German students were shocked to see the engine displayed by Kirloskar which was designed a century ago. They asked me, ‘Are they still using this one?’” the "offending" paragraph went.

That was enough for Ram, otherwise a champion of free expression on television and in public forums, to go out crawling on all fours.

“Just what does our editor find so sweeping and baseless about that statement,” asked a senior editor of the paper on condition of anonymity. “And anyway it is not the author’s statement, it is the quote of a German visitor."

Hindu staffers are bemused that Ram, otherwise particular about details, should not have published the date of publication of the offending piece—May 21, 2006—in the apology. “It’s almost as if he doesn’t want readers who have back copies of the paper at home to go back and check,” a staffer said.

At the same time, many senior editors and journalists within and outside the Hindu are horrified that the whole article has been axed from the paper’s website although the references to Kirloskar were contained in only one paragraph.

“Look at the irony. We lecture the world on why Da Vinci Code should not be censored. We lecture the world on why Fanaa should not be blacked out. And yet, because some rich family is offended, we remove the whole piece from the website. Is only the paragraph at fault or the whole piece? And what will the author tell his German friends about The Hindu? That the paper has very elastic journalistic ethics, depending on who is offended?” the editor asked.

There is yet a third angle to the apology which is that it comes over and above the head of the much-vaunted Reader’s Editor, K. Narayanan, whom Ram has been projecting as the panacea of all journalistic ills in the country.

“Was Kirloskar’s complaint brought to the notice of the Reader’s Editor? If not, why not? If so, what was the substance of the complaint—that somebody had a view that the advertiser did not like? So, is Ram the Advertiser’s Editor? Doesn't this undermine the position of the Reader’s Editor,” a staffer asked.

The Kirloskar apology is the second inside 20 months since Ram displaced Malini Parthasarathy and his brother N. Ravi in a bloodless palace coup.

On October 20, 2004, Ram published this: “The contents, tone and language of 'Kudos to Tata Motors' by C. Manmohan Reddy (Business Review, The Hindu, October 18, 2004) are highly inappropriate. The Hindu conveys its deep regrets to Mahindra and Mahindra and also to Kotak Mahindra, ICICI Bank, and Citibank for the publication of the article."

In that case, all the “offending” piece did was to lambast Mahindra and Mahindra for showing a “singular lack of responsibility towards the environment”.

“They choose to sell Bharat Stage I versions of the vehicle in large numbers in many of the 11, large and environmentally sensitive, cities where all the other automotive manufacturers have switched to BS II versions—all to save about Rs. 5,000 to 6,000 on very profitable SUVs that cost nearly Rs. 8 lakhs, on the road,” Reddy wrote.

That was enough for Ram to apologise to M&M and the auto finance companies. However unlike in the Kirloskar case, the offending M&M piece continues to remain on the paper’s website along with the apology two days later.

Media watchers say they are not surprised that both the apologies have gone out to automotive companies, which are big advertisers on the pages of The Hindu and many of which are located in Tamil Nadu.

What they find hilarious is that a committed communist should be so servile and obsequious to capitalists.

“Here’s a paper that day in and day out extols Jyoti Basu and Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Prakash and Brinda Karat. And yet to see it saying sorry for such minor journalistic indiscretions, if they are indiscretions, suggests duplicity, if not plain hypocrisy,” says a journalist who has seen better days under G. Kasturi.

"At least with The Times of India, you get what you see. The paper makes no bones about protecting the advertiser's interest. Here on the other hand, free speech is being twisted by a very forked tongue that wants the cake and wants to eat it too."


C. Manmohan Reddy’s piece:

N. Ram’s apology:


Amartya Sen applauds China's land reforms

Do not rely on market economy for development, says Amartya Sen

He further added that the miracle of Chinese growth after they adopted market economy could only be explained by the fact that they had implemented land reforms in the 1980s.

The communists just cant avoid looking at China for inspiration. Here, this Nobel Laurate attributes China's success to land reforms, which swelled the migrant population to 200 million. The 700 million rural population is under constant pressure to find alternate sources of income or join the ranks of the 200 million. I wonder how the land reforms improved the conditions of the poor peasents.

Thankfully, we have Pallavi Aiyar's article today to give us an idea about how the poor peasents have benefited from the land reforms - by joining the industrial revolution.

Several small towns in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu provinces have gone from rags to riches all thanks to Christmas. For example, according to Xinhua news agency, more than 7,000 farmers in Xiaoguanzhuang town of Jiangsu province collectively manufactured some 100 million Christmas decorations for exports in 2004, earning close to $48.3 million.

Oh, btw, this is not the first time Amartya Sen is spouting off nonsense.

A Nobel Prize-winning economist spouts off, and a Chinese survivor sets him straight.

When not bashing BJP, Khare is busy praising CPI(M)

It's time parties made themselves heard

Khare is known for his verbal diarrhea against the BJP. This is one of those rare articles where he does not touch his favourite whipping boy. Instead he showers a lot of praise on CPI(M). This is how he went on from a rag picker to the sub-editor of CBCNN, a red and yellow rag.

Even those who do not always admire the Communist Party of India (Marxist) cannot possibly overlook the vigorous role the party and its cadres have played so far in helping the West Bengal Government put in place a controversial decision. In particular, the CPI(M) cadres have been involved in "selling" the Tata project to the affected people and securing consent letters from the farmers. At the national level, the CPI(M) and its policy-literate leaders have robustly joined the public debate, defending the State government and debunking the Singur project's critics.

The self-congratulatory nature of the communist clique is quite consummately grotesque.

Except in the CPI(M) and the CPI, leaders in almost all political parties have come to be respected or rejected in direct proportion to their perceived ability to help the party win regional or national elections.

This is nauseating. And why is CPI(M), CPI an exception? Is it because it is supported by CBCNN or is it because it is a Chinese party and not an Indian one?

When not bashing BJP, Khare is busy praising CPI(M)

It's time parties made themselves heard

Khare is known for his verbal diarrhea against the BJP. This is one of those rare articles where he does not touch his favourite whipping boy. Instead he showers a lot of praise on CPI(M). This is how he went on from a rag picker to the sub-editor of CBCNN, a red and yellow rag.

Even those who do not always admire the Communist Party of India (Marxist) cannot possibly overlook the vigorous role the party and its cadres have played so far in helping the West Bengal Government put in place a controversial decision. In particular, the CPI(M) cadres have been involved in "selling" the Tata project to the affected people and securing consent letters from the farmers. At the national level, the CPI(M) and its policy-literate leaders have robustly joined the public debate, defending the State government and debunking the Singur project's critics.

The self-congratulatory nature of the communist clique is quite consummately grotesque.

Except in the CPI(M) and the CPI, leaders in almost all political parties have come to be respected or rejected in direct proportion to their perceived ability to help the party win regional or national elections.

This is nauseating. And why is CPI(M), CPI an exception? Is it because it is supported by CBCNN or is it because it is a Chinese party and not an Indian one?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

CPI(M) programme on Gujarat riots

Horror tales of Gujarat riots

Safdar Hashmi was a member of the CPI (M) and Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT) is a CPI(M) NGO outfit. This article has all the ingredients of a typical commie report : blaming the police, projecting muslims as victims and hindus as aggressors, etc.

CBCNN started off its Gujarat campaign much faster that I anticipated.

Muslims against reservations: Union Minister of State HRD

Muslims prefer access to education

Instead of reservation, Muslims would rather the Government open schools, anganwadis and Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in areas dominated by the community to improve access to education.

At the same time, some Muslim MPs and NGOs working within the community were of the view that Scheduled Castes among Muslims should get reservation, as they suffer double discrimination.

This, according to Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development M.A.A. Fatmi, was the sum and substance of his meetings with Muslim MPs and NGOs over the past two days.

This observation by Fatmi will be drowned in the deluge of cries for Muslim reservation by all and sundry. CBCNN will do its very best to be in the forefront of the crowd bidding for Muslim reservation

Gearing up for Gujarat elections

Gujarat Congress leaders call on Sonia

Congress is expecting early elections in Gujarat. So CBCNN will whip up its hate campaign against the Modi government.

Periyar statues in TN

Periyar statue

I read with some interest yesterday's reader's opinion on Periyar statue. Frankly, I was suprised how CBCNN allowed E.V.Ramasami's opinion to be published. This response by M.S.Venkataraman is befitting of CBCNN standards. A statue is installed right in front of Sankaramath and the mosque being in the same street is incidental. But DK terrorists who are scared of transgressing the sensitivities of minorities applaud themselves for their bravery by using some tangential observation. CBCNN supports any terror tactics against the Hindus, like the one employed by Periyar fanatics.

Comrade's love for Maoists of Nepal

Maoists' warning

Nepal nominates envoys, Maoists unhappy

CBCNN strongly opposes any violation of Comrade's rights in any part of the world.

outright and blatant discrimination against the minorities by Congress

``Credit to minorities not satisfactory''

Congress is using outright and blatant discrimination against minorities, especially muslims. You would hear that on CBCNN only if it is Karat making the accusation. CBCNN has its priorities right, I must say.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Speak against BJP; Get space on CBCNN

Godhra: Manch wants fresh probe

Justice Banerjee already "established the truth" that the Godhra train carnage was due to "spontaneour combustion". But Manch still wants another probe. And CBCNN will report this matter any number of times, even if it is not a new issue.

Election propaganda for CPI(M)

CPI(M) keeping options open on alliance

This article contains nothing of worth. CPI(M) has got no agenda except defeating BJP. This show the party is motivated by hatred rather than the welfare of people. And CBCNN as the media organ of CPI(M) is indulging in election campaigning through its pages as part of its "responsible" journalism.

Share power with Maoists : CBCNN to Government

"Maoists can emulate Nepal model"

Minister for External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee said here on Sunday that the entry of Maoist rebels into Nepal's Government following a peace deal ``would encourage the extremists and the Maoists in other areas to join the national mainstream of politics.''

CBCNN is interpreting this to suit its agenda. By the headline does CBCNN mean that Indian Maoists must acquire power "peacefully" by threatening a violent revolution? It is worthwhile to note that Maoists already have a mainstream political party but would like to pursue their armed struggle against the government. CBCNN is outrightly deceiving its readers by trying to hide facts.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Applaud Chinese amicability

China assures India it will work for ensuring energy security

While it does not mention the imperialistic side of China, CBCNN comes out all guns blazing when China makes some friendly statements of cooperation. Just yesterday, N.Ram gave a lecture on how the media should be responsible. Readers of this blog know that he meant responsible towards China and its interests.

CPI(M) lashes out at BJP; CBCNN rejoices

CPI(M) hits out at RSS-BJP campaign

With CBCNN you have one advantage : you are always up-to-date with the developments, opinions in the communist world. CBCNN achieves this incredible feat of informing the readers by syndicating with the leading leftist rags in the world like Guardian (UK), Xinhua (China) and People' Democracy (India).

"People's Democracy", you ask? I didnt know about this paper myself until CBCNN informed me that it is the party organ of CPI(M). This left me confused. I thought CBCNN is the party organ of CPI(M). Reader's editor K.Narayanan can probably clarify.

Anyway, this article is just a rehash from People's Democracy. Go ahead and read it if you want to experience the twisted arguments of the communists.

Emulate Chinese, says CBCNN

Lessons from the rise of China

Due to an infatuation with Chinese, not to forget the few silver coins from its Chinese masters, CBCNN tells Indians that they must try to imitate the Chinese if they want to succeed in life. This is one constant theme in CBCNN and it does not ever occur to it that it has repeated it often enough.

N.Ram lecturing on responsible media...

Blurring of news and views creates problems: Somnath

This guy N.Ram is one hell of a hypocrite, just as all commies.

... the legislature should reform the doctrine of unlimited legislative privileges

A few days ago he instructed the judiciary not to monitor and curtail legislative excesses. Chameleon blood must be running in N.Ram's blood. Or as spindianexpress would say, "plate-phirao".

Silence on this death penalty

Death for former police officer

CBCNN, which opposes death penalty no matter how serious the crime, will not raise a whimper against this death penalty because
- the convict is a police officer
- the convict is a hindu

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Learn Mandarin

Call for Mandarin lessons in U.K. schools

Yes, let us all support Chinese imperialism. All Indians too must learn Chinese, says CBCNN. It helps us when the Chinese come down to rule us.

BJP's views on the strike

BJP lashes out at the Left

Makes me think why this BJP opinion about the strike was printed. Communism suppresses all rational thought. So the communists, in their eagerness to cover all aspects of the strike to give it a pan-indian character, inadvertently slipped this in, without realising that it is demeaning to themselves.

CBCNN has dedicated its paper to strikes in order to support the leftist strike.

Instead it could just have shut its paper down. It would have spared us this rut.

Even more of the Left strike

Strike near total in West Bengal

Such crippling strikes have turned "West Bengal" into "Waste Bengal". CBCNN applauds this strike with photographs.

The strike and its overwhelming success "would not send any wrong message outside the State" to prospective investors, Shyamal Chakravarty, president of the State unit of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions, said. "The industrial climate here is conducive for investments... If workers strike work for a single day against injustices, they suffer for 364 days [in a year]. It will not close down industries."

If any of you figured out what this means, please drop me a line in the comments. I figured it as "ramblings of another brain-dead"

Left threatens government again

Left to Centre: our support cannot go on

The barking dog of Indian politics is at it again. Even the invertebrate government knows that the barking dog never bites. Never mind the aura about the communists that CBCNN is always singing about.

Here is Left protesting against Congress. Although CBCNN is the voice of the communists, it does allow some space to Congress and hence the line:
"Responding to the charges, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Priyaranjan Dasmunsi said ...". With BJP, this luxury is never allowed. CBCNN leaves marks of its prejudices everywhere.

More coverage on the strike

Strike total, peaceful in Kerala

More coverage of the strike, this time about Kerala.

The strike was mostly peaceful. An attack on a steel mill at Kanjikode in Palakkad district and another on a hotel in Kozhikode city were the only two significant incidents of violence reported during the day. The police had made elaborate security arrangements to prevent intimidation of people and violence of any kind.

The terrorizing goons of the people's party intimidating the people they are fighting for. This is the communist hypocrisy.

Cooperation with China

Ready to work with China in oil sector: Deora

CBCNN can go on endlessly on its favourite topic of China, as long as it does not cross the line : "Never say anything that will devalue China".

CBCNN must be one of the most patriotic outlets ever in history. Only, its patriotism is reserved for China, although it is run by Indians.

Highlights of the Left strike

Strike hits life in 3 States

While industrial belts in most other States were also affected, the highlight was ...

While this is a matter of national shame, CBCNN goes about merrily highlighting the positive aspects of this strike. A "national" strike by Left is always limited to Bengal and Kerala. But the pliant media - CBCNN - calls it "national". CBCNN also celebrates the strike by mentioning about a broad-based support for the strike through out the rest of India : "industrial belts in most other States were also affected". I am sure most people in the rest of the country would not even heard of the strike. A few card-carrying members of the left squeaking under inebriation in few parts of India is glorified by CBCNN beyond proportions. To further illustrate my point, I show you how this event was covered by Deccan Herald.
Life comes to standstill in West Bengal
It clearly says the strike affected only West Bengal.

Also, if you remember, few days ago, CBCNN came out with a damning editorial on Mamta Benarjee for taking out a state-wide strike against the Left policies. You cant even expect a whimper of a protest on this leftist terror.

Omissions by CBCNN

'dravidians' on the rampage in tamil nadu

CBCNN being a Chennai-based newspaper and closer to the action, you would have expected it to cover the atrocities of DMK. But CBCNN is completely silent on this.

apmedia: Parochial ways of India's National Newspaper!

apmedia: Parochial ways of India's National Newspaper!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Critics of Left have double standards: Karat

Singur: just the facts, please : Brinda Karat

How many people get to voice their opinion as articulately as Karat in CBCNN?

Karat says the critics have double standards. This is hilarious because the communists are the masters of double standards and the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

I will touch on a couple of points.

Untruth No. 4: "There was unheard of and unprecedented police brutality on December 1 — women are being sexually abused, their clothes torn off and children drowned in the local water bodies. Police had fired, several people are injured. [The] CPI(M) cadre are wearing police uniforms and terrorising the people."

Fact: This constitutes a cluster of fabrications so outrageous and so far removed from the truth that nobody takes them seriously. ...

Communists know best about this fabrication stuff, as they have practised it innumerable times on Gujarat. Oh, btw, CBCNN did not report anything about these allegations as it is against its policies. No violence, yet secion 144 implemented and Karat has a very communist explanation for it.

... a progressive, people-centred social and economic policy cannot proceed if the very process of industrialisation is seen as sinister and alien.

Meanwhile Left opposes FDI, industrialisation, development, etc.

CITU calls for nationwide bandh in West Bengal

IT units not exempt from strike, says CITU leader

CBCNN has so much space for this bandh call by Left. All organisational details of the bandh are shared with the readers. If the left is involved, CBCNN feels it is a national event by default. No wonder it is called the communist voice.

Left does what it knows best - strike; CBCNN lends tacit support

Left seeks support for general strike

CBCNN, after making a devil out of Mamtafor following left tactics, justifies the general nationwide strike by Left. Left is in the best position to negotiate with the government but it still wants to take out a "general" strike. CBCNN sees nothing wrong in this and so the vanilla-style reporting.

For Government's tardiness, CBCNN blames BJP

Afzal issue: walkout in Lok Sabha

Here is another politically motivated reporting. Have a look at the 3 salient points:
1. "BJP provoking kin of those killed" - An allegation against the BJP by Congress
2. Process of deciding on mercy pleas complex: Patil - Justification of its (in)action by Congress
3. Advani failed to protect Parliament: Dasmunsi - Another allegation against the BJP by Congress

The article follows exactly the same pattern. In the heated exchange, BJP too would have made allegations against the congress and BJP too would have justified itself. These go unreported in CBCNN.

CBCNN must be the sickest and most prejudiced media entity in the country.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The leftist rag called CBCNN

Ascent of the Left in Latin America

Get yourself up-to-date on all the leftist events in the world by reading the leftist rag, CBCNN.

Parliament disruption becomes the pet theme of CBCNN

CPI (M), SP assail disruption

CBCNN is trying to justify its constant harping on the BJP's parliament protests. So it is collective all parties' opninion on the disruptions. This is a politically motivated reporting by CBCNN.

CPI(M) resorts to grandiosity and technicalities. The SP is stuck in the blame mode using the minority card, although it is absurd in this case.
The best ofcourse is congress, which blames BJP for Congress' mistakes.

BJP `undermining' Speaker's office

More BJP-Bashing...

Monday, December 11, 2006

BJP grievances not reported in CBCNN

BJP, Sena stall Parliament

CBCNN, known to be the foot soldier of China, communists, congress, naxalites and islamist and christist terrorists, is known to be strongly against BJP and Hindus in general.

CBCNN indulges in its favourite style of selective reporting to project the BJP as a nuisance, even failing to recongnise it as the leading opposition party. BJP's opposition to Speaker's partisan attitude was not reported by CBCNN. BJP leaders' request to be allowed to speak are projected as disrupting the parliament. Remember those vitriolic articles on the BJP?
Contrast this with the daily coverage of CPI(M) activities, thoughts, opinions and contemplations.

CBCNN is indeed the apostle of nepotism.

After Xinhua opposed the nuclear deal yesterday, Communists parrot the same today

End talks on deal: CPI(M)

Makes you wonder if CPI(M) is the leading opposition party. But the fact is the barking dog of Indian politics cannot keep silent and CBCNN cannot resist from braying paeans on the barking dog.

You dont get to hear a lot of the opposition party, BJP's opinion on CBCNN. When CBCNN does report on BJP, it is usually in a negative tone, like talking about BJP disrupting parliament.

That US was shifting goalposts is well known from the beginning. But CBCNN kept talking about PM's honesty. CBCNN started opposing the deal, most probably after receiving instructions from China.

A milder question: why is MPs visit front page news?

Perceptions and proportions

a commission that evoked readers' criticism was a Page 1, three-column story, "Rahul Gandhi to visit Amethi." (This was only in the early editions, and removed later.) Readers pointed out that Rahul Gandhi was one of 500 MPs; and MPs are supposed to visit their constituencies. What was so special about this one that it needed a front page announcement? That was the milder of the questions readers posed!

Because N.Ram is another invertebrate seeking the blessings of the dynasty. Ethics, says who?

I am getting very curious now. If CBCNN has no answers to the milder questions, how difficult would the harder questions have been.

Guys, why dont you send me your opinions on CBCNN so that I can post them here. You know very well that CBCNN only prints what is favourable to itself. So you cant get heard on CBCNN even if they have that nominal reader's editor. Actually, the reader's editor must be editing out unfavourable views of its readers.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tibetan movement is secessionism, reiterates CBCNN

Perceptions and proportions

Similarly, there were questions on the reporting or non-reporting of the Tibetans' demonstrations during the visit of the Chinese President. There was no notice of these protests on the first day, and they were mentioned briefly on the second day, readers noted. The actions in Mumbai, including an immolation bid, were ignored. Readers linked this with the earlier non-reporting of the Chinese envoy's comment on Arunachal Pradesh, and asked, why the tilt?

As usual, when faced with pointed questions, the communists conveniently disappear. The answer, ofcourse, is that this is a Chinese newspaper, incidentally running out of Chennai. So it will only give news favourable to China.

The Hindu's stand on Tibet is well known. It opposes secessionism anywhere, in Tibet, Sri Lanka, or Kashmir. Not so well known is the antipathy of, and the campaign carried on on the web, by Tibetans and their supporters against the paper and the person of its Editor-in-Chief. The paper takes no note of these or the Tibetans' regular activities. But that does not mean the happenings during an official visit by a head of state can be ignored as these may have other implications (the rest of the media highlighted these demonstrations). By the way, the Indian Government's official policy is not to allow political activities in India by the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan community of refugees.

CBCNN does not take note of Tibetans but takes every note of Chinese activities in Tibet. CBCNN deliberately ignored the statements by a the Chinese ambassador during the official visit but it is trying to coverup by saying the rest of the media covered it. Is that an excuse?
Interestingly, CBCNN recognizes Kashmiri movement as secessionist but calls those Islamic terrorists as "millitants".

Now CBCNN will follow suit

Contradicts U.S. obligations: Xinhua

If Xinhua says it is bad, CBCNN is obliged to say it is very bad.

CBCNN hails Pak-China military cooperation

Chinese troops arrive in Pakistan for exercises

CBCNN is very excited about the cooperation between Pak and China and the joint troop excercises.

"Left studying act" is news-worthy by CBCNN standards

Left studying Act

Prakash Karat thought its time he refreshed people's memory. CBCNN obliges by putting this irrelevant article.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Muslim appeasement

Conform or leave, Blair tells Muslims

Minorities must have first claim on resources: Manmohan Singh

Contrast these two articles. While the world is standing up against Muslim appeasement, India is caving in even further. CBCNN silently approves India's disastrous move.

CBCNN joins the sycophancy parade

Sonia Gandhi turns 60

CBCNN uses its characteristic reporting style, without the unnecessary use of any derogatory adjectives, to report the celebrations of Sonia Gandhi's 60th birthday. This reporting style is reserved only for those parties which it favours.

CPI will allow China but not US to subvert India

Yechury: no subversion of indigenous efforts

If it is against the US, the communists always have a reason to protest and CBCNN a reason to report.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Leftist says CPI(M) anti-people

Singur: Arundhati Roy warns of the perils of `anti-people' policies

CBCNN, being brain-dead and habituated to giving coverage to any CPI(M) related issue, thinks it is a great opportunity to put CPI(M) in the limelight. But it turns out this is an article by a leftist blaming the left.

Stop splitting Motherland

CBCNN obviously is pained that someone is trying to split its fatherland. CBCNN consistently supported the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

Speak against BJP, Get prominent space in CBCNN

BJP manipulating evidence, says Dasmunsi

And the communists just cant resist singing in chorus for their favourite song.
Babri panel should submit report: CPI(M)

Neither can CBCNN resist from printing communist garbage.

SC/ST Christians and Muslims

Inclusiveness in higher education

You cant have it both ways. If SC/ST is because of Hindu religion and Christianity and Islam does not recognize caste, then there cant be SC Christians, ST Christians or SC Muslims. If it is not related to Hinduism but an Indian problem, then lets not blame Hindus for creating and oppressing the SC/STs.

But then CBCNN would go to any extent to propogate a myth if it suits its political agenda.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Editorial on Foriegners Act

Foreigners in Assam

The Supreme Court's ruling on Tuesday striking down the Foreigners (Tribunals for Assam) Order, 2006, could not have come at a worse time to the United Progressive Alliance Government ...

This is about sovereignty and integrity of our country and not what it means to UPA government's political ambitions. After reviling BJP, based on speculative reports, for politicising the selection of President, CBCNN is politicising an issue of national concern. As a secondary point, why is this ruling, given in the best interests of the nation, not favourable to UPA? CBCNN, please elaborate.

The Assam-specific order was promulgated in February this year, not coincidentally on the eve of the elections to the State Assembly ...

CBCNN has given so much information on this amendment but one crucial element is missing: who promulgated the IMDT act and, when it was struck down, the Amendment to Foreigner's Act. Whom is CBCNN trying to protect?

... illegal migrants in Assam continue to evoke very real, strong, and quite contradictory passions and apprehensions in the State.
CBCNN is known to be against India's interests and it displays it well here, just as it has done several times in the past.
"Contradictory passions" suggest that there are people opposing illegal migrants: this is perfectly understandable; AND there are is a sizeable population supporting illegal migrantion into Assam: this is anti-national. CBCNN is not willing to give its readers the slightest of hint who these traitors are. We have seen CBCNN long enough to know it supports traitors, being one itself. However, we did notice in passing that, while BJP hailed the striking down of this amendment, the dynasty party and the barking down were silent yesterday.

A feature of such contradiction is that, as always in such matters, these reactions are necessarily group-specific.
Yesterday's report indicated that the verdict was hailed by all patriots. Traitors and the illegal migrants obviously did not like it.

... the apprehensions among sections of the people of the State who, rightly or wrongly, believe that the ruling bodes no good for their security and well being.
CBCNN is weeping and appealing to its readers about traitors and illegal migrants who are getting apprehensive about their security and well being.

`vote-bank politics' is the norm throughout the country, not merely in Assam.
CBCNN comes out in full support of 'vote-bank politics'. And we know why: because the party indulging in such dirty politics is Congress.

This normative requirement (of uniform law throughout India) has, however, to be balanced against the unique historical and current realities in Assam ...
CBCNN is advocating for special status to Assam, just like Kashmir. It does not want the problem of illegal migrants to be addressed. Instead it wants the illegal migrants to be given special status.

CBCNN does not acknowledge the problem of illegal migrants. So it obviously cannot ask for the illegal migrants to be thrown out. It further tries to alienate Assam from India by pointing out some "historical and current realities". All this in the name of ethics and rational thought.

In a spot of bother

Parties, students hail verdict

The Amendment to Foreigner's Act, introduced by the Congress, would have compromised the sovereignty and integrity of our country. The amendment protects illegal migrants and make it d to detect and deport illegal Bangladeshi migrants.

CBCNN, which dutifully reports every little thing in communist camp, is silent about the communist opinion on this act. Both, Congress and Communists, have not reacted to this court judgement. Only BJP applauded the verdict. So CBCNN is in a spot. Its ethics and policies does not allow it to give any credit to BJP, especially in headlines. It carefully camouflages it by using "parties" to refer to BJP. Contrast with several articles that appear on CPI(M). For example, this one.

Also refer to this article where Comrade Khare laments,
"the rule of law or rather the Constitution is in danger of being supplanted by the rule of judges" due to judicial activism. Without judicial activism, we would have had this amendment turned into a law, thus hurting India's integrity irrepairably.

Assam Foreigners Order

No editorial on this important judgement.

Assam Foreigners order unconstitutional

Form tribunals to deal with illegal migrants

Parties, students hail verdict

This act is against national interests and the traitors are obviously not happy with this. Hence the silence.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rumours are a right reason to revile BJP

Selecting the next Rashtrapati

Nothing very unusual. After all, the BJP leaders have made a habit of marching up the Raisina Hill, with this or that complaint against the United Progressive Alliance Government.
Stereotyping the BJP. BJP's actions are treated with utter contempt.

This silence and media blackout are so out of sync with the BJP's habits and preferences ...
Yet another categorization.

... have sparked considerable speculation in political circles. The only hint came from the BJP president, Mr. Rajnath Singh, who was reported to have said in Varanasi that the party could support President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for a second term.
speculation, hint, could -- so it is just rumours now.

it would appear that the BJP has taken the first — and a unilateral — step towards politicising the selection of the next President, an event still a good seven months away. The BJP and rest of its political friends in the National Democratic Alliance do not have the numbers in the Presidential Electoral College to get their "man" elected, without support either from the Congress and its allies or from the Left Front.
Start with blaming the BJP. It is surprising how the Congress can get their "man" elected to Governor posts and unconstitutionally install goverments and still get away with it. CBCNN, which condones any Congress action, is ruthless against the BJP.

If the BJP leadership thinks Mr. Kalam deserves a second term, it has not deemed it necessary to begin the process of consultation towards evolving a consensus on his candidature. Instead, it has engaged in one-upmanship, dragging the President into partisan politics. In the process, the BJP has only deepened the suspicion in non-BJP quarters that the President reciprocates the party's partisan claims on him.

unilateral, one-upmanship, partisan politics, partisan President - all this on the suspicion that BJP is supporting Kalam for second term. Any official statement? No. And leaving aside all this name calling, can Comrade Harish Khare tell us why Kalam should not be supported for second term? No, you cant expect any sensible argument from this bigoted mind. As Com. Khare mentions, "... necessary to begin the process of consultation towards evolving a consensus on his candidature." includes consultation with Kalam. Kalam expressed his concerns for a second term. So in this meeting, the BJP might have discussed with Kalam to see if the concerns can be addressed. This is speculation too. But my point here is Comrade Khare is speculating to suit his agenda of BJP-Bashing.

Given the current stranglehold of cunning and cleverness on the party's collective thought process, it is quite possible that the BJP leaders have given in to the temptation of scoring a few brownie points in the coming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.
CBCNN claims it is a champion of reason above emotion. But as you can see, this article is an emotional outburst of hatred with no room for rational thought.

the party remains opposed to any attempt to ameliorate the Muslims' conditions as an exercise in appeasement,
Projecting BJP as anti-muslim.

Low thinking, after all, is the fashion of the day.
But, you might ask, where is Comrade Khare displaying any high thinking?

dictated by electoral manoeuvring in a province.
Granted. But I am still waiting to hear why Kalam should not get a second term. What have you got to offer in this long article, Khare, apart from BJP bashing.

The Congress, then in the Opposition, was not averse to the idea (of Narayanan's second term) but knew that the decision had to be unanimous and that the major initiative should come from the ruling party.
It appears that Congress initiated the discussion on second term for Narayanan, who was a "secular" antidote to Sangh Parivar and BJP. While that move is justified by Comrade Khare, he is coming down heavily on BJP now.

It is difficult to avoid the impression that if the BJP leadership is willing to violate the "no second term" convention in favour of Mr. Kalam, it is only because it has concluded that the incumbent President has demonstrated a (healthy and desirable) willingness to embarrass the UPA Government. In the sangh parivar-manufactured political folklore, it was President Kalam who stymied Sonia Gandhi's prime ministerial ambition by asking her for "citizenship" papers. ... It has been noted that Rashtrapati Bhavan has rarely acted to deny the NDA's partisan interpretations of the presidential views on this or that political quarrel of the day.

Comrade Khare in a very verbose style lays the following allegations on President:
- He demonstrated a healthy and desirable willingness to embarass the UPA Government.
- He stymied Sonia Gandhi's prime ministerial ambition by asking her for "citizenship" papers.
The second one is an unpardonable crime by our "secular" standards.
Finally, we know why Comrade Khare is opposing Kalam: he is not "secular".

Comrade Khare indulges in character assasination of anyone who does not belong to "his camp. This is what he calls President Abdul Kalam:
- He is a source of comfort to the "enemies" of Prime Minister.
- He does not have a vision of presidency under the constitution.
- He is partisan.

Finally, let me summarize here how Comrade Harish Khare, based on speculative reports, passes judgement on BJP:
- Senior BJP leaders regularly troop to Rashtrapati Bhavan just for the heck of it.
- BJP leaders are habitual hell raisers
- BJP leaders always keep complaining about something or the other. They are just a nuisance.
- BJP constantly seeks media attention.
- BJP is politicising non-issues
- BJP seeks to get its "men" in position of power.
- BJP is unilateral, indulges in one-upmanship, partisan politics and does believe in evolving consensus through consultation.
- BJP is cunning and clever.
- BJP is only interested in scoring brownie points.
- BJP does noting to ameliorate the condition of muslims calling it appeasement.
- It is hawkish.
- It is low-thinking.
- It is indulging in political manoeuvring.
- BJP's only desire is to embarass UPA.
- It is involving Rashtrapati Bhavan in politics.
- BJP disrupts Parliament's institutional rythm.

Chinese cultural lessons from CBCNN

Chinese academy row over "pseudoscience"

We, the readers of CBCNN, are dying to know the domestic policies of China because it will affect the lives of all Indians after the Chinese invasion of India.

Making a Mahatma out of a maniac

Give self-governance to J&K: Musharraf

This article is consistent with CBCNN policies of making a "mahatma" out of Musharraf and giving the impression that India is not responding to Pakistan's goodwill measures. N.Ram is paying back for the lavish praise ( and a few silver coins) he got from Musharraf when he visited Pakistan some time back.

Monday, December 04, 2006

China's prosperity pleases CBCNN

`Longevity county'

China set to enjoy strong growth over next two years

Comrade Yechury blabbers something.

Congress indulging in doublespeak: Yechury

This article is filled with rubbish. On the first reading, I couldnt understand what Comrade Yechury is saying. I did not make any attempt to re-read this nonsense.

Today's communist leader of choice must be Yechury, after Karat got two articles on her filed in CBCNN yesterday.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Petro-dollars speaking on CBCNN

Madrasas not breeding terrorists: Arjun Singh

Paswan seeks sub-quota for Muslims

If you are not a polit bureau member of a communist party and you want CBCNN to cover your event, you need to strongly push for minority interests. Wild allegations against the "saffron brigade" can also get you some space in CBCNN. This is the high standard of ethics followed by CBCNN.

Artists ultra sensitive to written word

Music, musicians, and music critics

Vociferous dissenters include the artists themselves, who are ultra sensitive to the written word.

This is not the first time the reader's editor is attacking the critics of CBCNN.

More of Brinda Karat today

Brinda Karat prevented from entering Nagpur

Karat attempting to do a Uma Bharati; CBCNN's Karat reporter files an extra Karat story today.

Brinda concerned; CBCNN furiously meticulous

Brinda Karat concerned over cut in allocation of wheat for PDS

Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Brinda Karat has expressed concern ...

In a letter to Food and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, Ms. Karat said...

... she said.

Seeking clarifications on a starred question raised by her in the Rajya Sabha on December 1 (which could not be taken up as the House was adjourned), she said ...

Ms. Karat reminded the Minister that ...

Ms. Karat said ...

She said: ...

... she sought to know.

This is comprehensive coverage of all the national news.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Anyone opposing the left is a devil

Trinamool's politics of violence
CBCNN castigates Mamta Benarjee for following left tactics against the left.

After laying the foundation, N.Ram comes out in support of muslim reservation

Bold new blueprint
CBCNN creating public support for muslim reservation and pre-empting any opposition.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Comprehensive coverage on Sachar report

Muslim deprivation widespread: Sachar Committee

Data from armed forces not used, says Sachar

Muslim areas lack basic amenities: report

Include specific Muslim groups among SCs: report

And all subtly indicating that muslims must get reservation.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

100 miners dead in 5 days in China

China jails mine bosses for blasts

Poor farmers from the central provinces, often working in sub-human and dangerous conditions in the death mines, are among the millions sacrificed for the Chinese "miracle". CBCNN works to bring this "miracle" to India for the sake of the poor, who will eventually be tied down to debt and brought to the altar of slavery.

Drumbeater drowns all with drool

Table Forest Rights Bill: Left

Communists take out another rally and the drumbeater CBCNN is salivating uncontrollably. Of course, there is Brinda Karat addressing the rally making it a landmark occassion. And here is some of her wisdom.

Ms. Karat said the Government's arguments were ridiculous. "They claim that no tribal people have moved to the forests after 1980. This is ridiculous when it is known that the forest cover has reduced and the people from these areas have been displaced. Lakhs of them have moved further back into the forests."
This leaves me confused. I deduced that people would have moved out of forests if forest cover has reduced and people were displaced. In any case, I cant see new people choosing to move to forests for living. And Ms.Karat says the government argument is "ridiculous". You have to give it to communism: it just eats away all logic and leaves a person brain dead.

UPA takes action and applauds itself; CBCNN celebrates

Congress, CPI (M) welcome cut in fuel prices

Makes me wonder why CBCNN is celebrating when UPA is applauding itself. Any occassion is suitable to promote CPI, according to CBCNN.

China's "phenomenally lavish" gifts to Indian leaders

While most of the gifts involve large sums of money and other incentives, leaders are also invited to China, ostensibly on lecture and "get acquainted" tours, and "treated like royalty there," the official said.

Now you know why so many correspondents from CBCNN get to visit China. And they pay back their dues by writing lavish praise about China. Have a look at this article by Harish Chandola, for example.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Paki support for Islamic terrorism in India

War and peace-making in Kashmir

Praveen Sami gives good information about Paki support for Islamic terrorism in India. But N.Ram will contradict any amount of evidence by saying that Pak only wants peace.

Chinese satellite failure concerns CBCNN

New Chinese satellite

Your regular dose of Xinhua nonsese: Some Chinese domestic broadcasting satellite failed.

Karat on Khairlangi killing once again

Atrocities on Dalits: Manmohan urged to convene meet

The reporter following Karat files another glorious chapter in the records of CBCNN.

Karat has been repeating the same stuff several times but CBCNN thinks it is newsworthy everytime. But Chinese envoy's claim of Arunachal Pradesh was not featured because it was not a new claim.

Left opposes FDI

Left parties oppose Wal-Mart entry

Communists ranting as usual and CBCNN meticulous in reporting about them, with a refined language.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Indian politics revolves around Karat: CBCNN

States must share burden on right to education: Arjun
Government going back on its commitment, alleges Brinda Karat Centre disregarding commitment: Brinda Karat
CBCNN's indulgence in nepotism.

Xinhua boss visits his branch office in Delhi

Journalists have to do what is legal: Xinhua chief

Tian Congmin, president of the Chinese Xinhua news agency, visited the New Delhi offices of The Hindu on Monday afternoon and interacted with journalists. The Hindu Editor-in-Chief N. Ram and New Delhi Chief of Bureau Harish Khare were present.

Mr. Tian, who is a member of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party since 1998, chairs the All-China Journalists Association.

Its year-end and time for appraisals. The boss has come down to assess the performance of the staff over the past year. CBCNN has done fairly well, following all the guidelines laid down by the Chinese Communist Party. N.Ram must be expecting a little more than 30 silver coins for his stupendous service to his fatherland. But Tian Congmin is likely to cut his pay because the cost of silver has risen substantially this year.

Indian security fears irrational and paranoid

Trading up the relationship

... the irrational fears of the Indian security establishment regarding participation of Chinese firms in sectors like telecom, infrastructure, and ports.

... the Prime Minister needs to assert his authority and nip these paranoid impulses in the bud.

CBCNN deliberately did not report that China made claims to Arunachal Pradesh. And now it is telling us that Indian security fears about China are irrational and paranoid.

The national security implications of opening a particular sector to foreign investment need to be assessed carefully. However, once a decision to open up is made, it is inappropriate to embargo firms from a country with which India is supposed to have a strategic and cooperative partnership.
This is just like "you are with us or against". Why cant India exercise its options on case-to-case basis, especially on important matters like national security. Obviously, CBCNN does not find it agreeable because such an approach is not favourable to China

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reader says CBCNN claims hollow

Causes, concerns and custom

Ramani P. Easwaran of Bangalore is judgmental.
Yeah, he is a moron and K.Narayanan is the smartest guy around.

To him, The Hindu's "claim that it is objective, fair and committed to journalistic ethics ... sounds hollow" when it does not report the Chinese Ambassador's assertion that Arunachal Pradesh is part of China, made in a TV interview. He anticipates my argument that it is a question of editorial judgment and pronounces mine to be a "rubberstamp role."

CBCNN loyalties on display.

The envoy's statement was reported by most newspapers and featured by some. The Hindu did not. It was a conscious editorial judgment, ("clouded by ideology" according to Easwaran) because it was not a new claim, I was told.
This must be the most ridiculous justification ever. It is not reported because it is not new.

It had been China's stand all along that it does not recognise the McMahon Line, and its maps show Arunachal Pradesh within its borders. But when External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee reacted to the envoy's comment by reiterating India's stand, The Hindu reported it in a one-para brief on Page 1 with related reports inside. The reader should have been told the context in which the remarks were made and educated on the background, which is a newspaper's role. That had to wait for some more days for Pallavi Aiyar's informative analysis on the editorial page.

Very poor attempt at covering up.

Mr. Easwaran had an obiter dictum: "You should convey to the management the readers' opinions and urge them to change according to the readers' taste ... your role is more to publish the errors and corrections that appear everyday." That daily effort is the visible part of my labours. What I do with readers' views is not, and cannot be, in the public view or hearing. They reach those whom they should reach. But ensuring or enforcing change — that is not my task!

Hyper-aggressive assault on BJP by CBCNN

BJP back to form

This editorial gives an idea about the depths to which CBCNN has plunged. CBCNN, devoid of any decency befitting a national newspaper, is scathing, contemptous and hyper-aggressive in attacking BJP. I was speechless after I read this editorial. I saw the heading and knew what to expect but the opening line left me in disbelief. To its credit, CBCNN maintained the tempo throughout the editorial.

the Bharatiya Janata Party is back in form, doing what it knows best to do — disrupt Parliament, invade the streets, and try to impose a divisive agenda by force.
CBCNN is so dismissive of the opposition party. I do not want to bring in what the communist parties do all the time. CBCNN is categorizing BJP as just a disruptive force and nothing else. And to say that "BJP is back to form" is to imply that any good deed done by BJP is a deviation and the norm is to bring about destruction. This is a shocker.

The party has assumed the garb of super-patriotism against opponents portrayed as enemies of the state
Just what you would expect from a Chinese patriot.

The two issues riased are serious concerns and the BJP as the opposition party has a right to voice its opinion.

Just as CBCNN believes death penalty must be abolished however "gruesome the crime", a sizeable section believes it is justified against certain acts of terror. CBCNN indluges in ad hominen attacks calling them "lynch mobs out to shorten a human life". BJP's democratic protests are given a demonic twist. CBCNN had adopted another strategy of justifying a wrong by pointing to other BJP's faults. In this case, the comparison is unwarranted as the circumstances are very different. But CBCNN deliberately indulges in this comparison to confuse and eventually try to justify a wrong.

On the Arunachal issue, CBCNN is calculated.
It may have been impolitic of Ambassador Sun Yuxi to restate a claim to the whole of the State ahead of President Hu Jintao's visit. Yet this has been China's stated position, clearly a bargaining point, for more than four decades.
CBCNN is ok if Sun Yuxi claimed a part of the state.
"clearly a bargaining point" : CBCNN is pushing hard to make it a bargaining point.

The BJP needs to be reminded that it was its own government that took the initiative for a peaceful resolution of the India-China boundary issue.
Peaceful resolution of border issue is very different from what CBCNN is gunning for: making Arunachal Pradesh a "bargaining" point. Bargain Arunachal with China for what? - a few silver coins? BJP asking China to recognize Arunachal as part of India is different from CBCNN selling it to China for a few silver coins.

Another point is the India-China border issue is about Aksai Chin and not just Arunachal.

Communists demand Capital

Left parties seek more funds

Let me say, another communist vanity talk filed pompusly in the pages of the yellow rag, CBCNN.

Communist hypocrisy on religion based reservations

Examine panel report: CPI

Communist party speaking and that too in favor of minorities. CBCNN just cannot be restrained.

Party national secretary D. Raja said the CPI always maintained that irrespective of religion, dalits should be provided reservation. As a matter of principle, we do not support the idea of giving reservation on the basis of religion."

Communists believe Dalits are not hindus.

And that communist hypocrisy again: we do not support reservations based on religion but we want reservations based on religion.

China endorses India's nuclear deal; CBCNN excited

China `endorsed' deal: Pranab

Short-sighted leaders. India is getting China's 'endorsement' of India-US nuclear deal in return for India's 'endorsement' of China-Pak nuclear deal. In effect, India is endorsing the nuclear proliferation network.

Mr. Mukherjee dismissed as "speculative" media reports that Mr. Hu, during his meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, indicated that China would support India's candidature for permanent membership in the U.N. Security Council.

China would support India's inclusion in Security council only on the condition that Pakistan be included.

When referred to China's intentions to form a military encirclement of India, he said: "Every country is entitled to prepare its defence preparedness as per its own threat perception.

External affairs minister is not denying that China is encircling India.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

On vacation

I am on vacation this week, with limited access to internet. I will be back next week.

Hu's visit is a big event for CBCNN and it must have come all out to trumpet its hero.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

We'll never allow India to beat us: China

We'll never allow India to beat us: China

China has always made its intentions clear. The Indian communists still believe and want to convince us that Chinese invasion of India is the greatest thing that could happen to India.

Making it work for Pak

Make the mechanism work

N.Ram once again comes out with an editorial asking India to fall in line with Pak's jihadi aspirations.

"anti-India militant groups" conduct terrorist attacks in India but CBCNN calls these groups "militant" and not "terrorist".

It is disappointing that the resolution of the Siachen and Sir Creek issues has been held up, with the Indian Army seeming to come in the way by citing a number of strategic reasons for not withdrawing from the glacier.

Once again, CBCNN blames India and questions the Indian Army's judgement in not withdrawing troops. The communist support for anti-national elements and the media's slandering of army is compounding the stress of Indian soldiers, pushing them to suicidal levels. The full-fledged suicide prevention programs of soldiers must include banning CBCNN.

Left rallies; CBCNN does not want to be left out

Left rally protests against Saddam's death penalty

Left stages another rally in West Bengal. CBCNN covers it dutifully.

CBCNN, known for its use of language, indulges in subtle indoctrination. Notice the stance of CBCNN conveyed indirectly in its yellow pages.

Pak Terrorism: India alleges Pak supports terrorism, subtly implying India's claim is baseless and without evidence.

Islamic terrorists: Careful use of language by CBCNN to suggest that Islamic terrorists are militants and just misguided youth.

America: Strong language condemning its moves as imperialism. In this article you can see CBCNN puts is explicitly that US invaded Iraq. I am not denying US invasion of Iraq, but only pointing to CBCNN's use of language. Pakistan's support for terrorism in India is well documented but CBCNN does not use a similar language to condemn Pak.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pak MP support LeT

MP flaunts links with Lashkar

A Pakistani parliamentarian has created a kerfuffle with his disclosure in the National Assembly of his membership with the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), often linked by India to terrorist attacks on its soil and a banned outfit in this country.

Linked by India and banned by India, the LeT must be a great organization but India is not supporting it, cries CBCNN. CBCNN continues to mislead its readers by suggesting that Paki links to terrorism has no proof and is just an allegation.

Continued coverage of Brinda Karat

CPI (M) wants time-bound probe

Just what you would expect from CBCNN when Karat is speaking - a comprehensive coverage.

Are communists opposing muslim reservations

Committed to quota: Congress

"The Congress believes in affirmative action for all religious and linguistic minorities. The Congress has provided for reservation for Muslims in Kerala and Karnataka in government employment on the grounds that they are a socially and educationally backward class. The Congress is committed to adopting this policy for socially and educationally backward sections among Muslims and other religious minorities on a national scale," the party manifesto for the 2004 Lok Sabha elections said.

Reading out a paragraph from it, party spokesperson Chaturvedi said the Congress would have been at liberty to deal with the issue had the party come to power on its own strength.

Congress would have implemented muslim reservations if not for communists. The communists always oppose progress, Chaturvedi laments.

Communist concerns about prices and not Chinese aggression

CPI (M) concern over rising prices

Hardly surprising that CPI(M) is talking eloquently about prices when China is making aggressive statements about Arunachal Pradesh. This being a CPI(M) event with Prakash Karat involved in it, CBCNN goes all out to capture every single sound and bellow it in our ears.

China's Arunachal claims

China calls for "compromises" on Arunachal Pradesh

China is trying to bully India and the left, including CBCNN, is supporting China.

Left gifts Arunachal to China

Why is JD(U) getting to voice its opinion in CBCNN

JD (U) opposes quota on religious grounds

When it comes to opposing minority interests, the traitor communists maintain silence steadfastly. CBCNN is forced to fill this space, which otherwise would have been allotted to some communist conference, with JD(U)'s opinion.

Ethics as practised by the communists and CBCNN.

Pallavi Aiyar's perception gap

Two rising powers and an awareness gap

Whats wrong with this bimbo? She assumes that because Chinese do now know anything about India, the Indians know nothing about China. How can any Indian forget the 1962 war, when China, the agressor, inflicted the only military defeat on India. When we have CBCNN inundating its readers with all its Xinhua nonsense, how can Indians afford to be ignorant of China. How can Indians remain ignorant when the Indian communists are endlessly singing paeans of China in the our ears.

CITU fights for IT unions; CBCNN fights for communist coverage

Union for IT sector in West Bengal

How long before IT runs for cover in West Bengal. The communists have turned it into Waste Bengal. But CBCNN wants to convince us that the communists have good intentions.

Karat agitates

Dalits' murder: AIDWA plans stir

Here is your daily karrot dose.

China claims Arunachal; the ever barking dogs are silent

China seeks to downplay envoy's comments

The communists are eager to express their opinion on any and every thing. But when China lays claim to Indian territority, the barking dogs are silent. This is the distorted view of Indian congress and communist parties - no sense of territorial integrity. BJP is the lone party to object to the Chinese claims. I'd rather prefer their militant nationalism, sometimes.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Left opposes ...

Pension: Left not for private players

Left does not want private players to manage pension funds but insists that the Chinese must manage Indian ports.

Death traps of Chinese mines

25 die in coalmine blast

Chinese mines have the worst safety records than anywhere else in the world.

The mount of Saint Thomas

Chennai’s Own Holocaust Deniers

CBCNN goes out of its way to deny the Chennai holocaust. documents its interactions with CBCNN on the legend of Saint Thomas. The communist rag makes no pretensions of its preferences.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jholawalla conference

Call to make South Asia a nuclear free zone

NGO cottage industry, another extension of the communists, organises a conference. CBCNN reporters, following their ethical compass, land up for the conference. CBCNN files a report as if it is a major national event. The communists see the coverage and assume they are prominent national figures. This is why the communists end up as self-delusional.

Another CPI forum; the ever-vigilant CBCNN covers it

Bardhan criticises Chidambaram

CBCNN is just doing its duty by reporting the statements of its party luminaries.

Today's communist nonsense

Left opposes imperialist globalisation
We already know what the communist manifesto is. But CBCNN wants to give the limelight to the communists. So this lame attempt to give coverage to a worthless communist seminar/party/whatever.

Jhollawallas indulging in their favourite pastime

Defeat Modi for the sake of democracy: Social Forum
The jhollawallas come out with false statements and indulge in deliberate misrepresentations. Have a look at

But CBCNN is quick to latch on to all this and give prominent coverage because this is in line with its political affiliations. So much for ethics.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Giving power to terrorists is progress

CBCNN is asking Indian government to share the power with the terrorist Maoists.
India, which has a Maoist insurgency of its own, can profitably study and learn from this courageous experiment in progress.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Presenting a rosy picture of Chinese imperialism

Preserving Tibetan culture

CBCNN is going to great lenghts to explain how China is preserving Tibetan culture. CBCNN silently applauded the Chinese invasion of Tibet and the subsequent genocide that was unleashed by China on Tibet.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Karat scores a double today

Both husband and wife - Prakash Karat and Brinda Karat - get to express their opinions on CBCNN today.

Karat: Centre must get verdict nullified

Brinda Karat seeks special economic package for Muslims

This is the advantage of having as a friend an editor-in-chief who is willing to sell off his mother for a silver coin.

Readers bombarded with communist views

Left condemns Saddam verdict
Here is sequence in which party reactions are presented:
Muslim board
More CPI(M)
All India Forward Bloc
More CPI
More CPI(ML)

CBCNN does not mention the reaction of any party belonging to NDA.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Second day of Saddam verdict: its still CPI's reactions

CPI: Centre's reaction mild

After capturing the reactions of Congress and Communist parties yesterday, CBCNN comes back today to repeat CPI's reaction to the Saddam verdict. Now, the readers know what every single person in the communist party thinks about the trial. Got to appreciate how CBCNN gives coverage to every single communist party.

Communist hypocrisy

Karat: Centre must get verdict nullified

The Iraqi communist party welcomes Saddam Hussein's death sentence but the Indian communist party is crying foul.
The Indian communist parties have one good thing -- they display extraordinary trans-territorial loyalty, not towards fellow communists but towards their illegal bed-partners -- the islamists.

Which is a communist party?

Karat: Centre must get verdict nullified

How do you know whether a party is communist or not? Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Prakash Karat comes to our rescue.

Mr. Karat said anybody could claim to be the communist party but he did not think a party that allied with the U.S. could claim to be a communist party.

And you are hearing this from Karat and on CBCNN. So this is as accurate you can get to define a communist party - anybody can claim to be a communist party as long as its not allied with the US.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

CBCNN takes the lead in pushing for muslim reservation

Coming to terms with India's missing Muslims
Why dont we start with reservations for muslims in CBCNN.

CPI bidding for Chinese interests

Nation-specific bar in new FDI policy opposed

CBCNN reports this as if CPI(M) is the opposition party. Disproportionate coverage of CPI utterings and events is CBCNN's "adherence to core values". "People's Democracy" articles are also deeply analysed and discussed in CBCNN.

Karat on Patriotism

Karat assails "alliance" with U.S.

Karat just cant take it when India is acting against Chinese national interests. He is one real patriot - not of India.

Communists trying to stay in limelight

Discuss Tarapore panel report: CPI (M)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

CPI contemplates; CBCNN reports

CPI(M) panel discusses uplift of minorities

The minorities sub-committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) considered a suggestion whether to ask the Planning Commission to make a sub-plan in the 11th Five Year Plan so that funds could be earmarked for the uplift of the minorities.

The communist party was considering a suggestion. Is it a newsworthy item?

The committee has party general secretary Prakash Karat as convener.
Firstly, this is a CPI(M) meeting and secondly Karat is involved. So, by CBCNN high standards, this becomes newsworthy and deserves a place in the national news.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When CPI organises a meeting, it becomes a national event for CBCNN

People have a big role, say Pakistan politicians

Jammu and Kashmir CPI (M) MLA Mohammed Yusuf Tarigami organised a meeting for the communists to meet parliamentarians from Pakistan. Our comrades are, as usual, getting cosy with our enemies. Pakistan is autocratic and the parliamentarians are largely irrelevant. Not for the Indian communists, and by extension to CBCNN. It is hilarious to watch the megalomania of the communists mooching in the wilderness of irrelevance.

Its Karat time again

Planning Commission and poverty estimates

Brinda Karat is the wife of Prakash Karat, who is a good friend of N.Ram. Karats invariably get a lot of space on the pages of CBCNN.

In this lengthy article, Brinda Karat rips apart the poverty estimates as "utterly irrational, unscientific, and unjust". No alternatives provided. Just identifying flaws and magnifying them. It must be so easy being a communist in India. No responsiblity or accountability. Just go around whipping others and blabber a lot. The subservient media will keep the halo around the communists shining.

A rare note of appreciation for the police

Challenge and response
N.Ram is actually appreciating India's security forces and he uses "Islamist terrorist" to describe the assailants. A rare editorial, indeed. I wonder how long before N.Ram returns to his normal self.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Scholarships for Pakistani students

Given CBCNN's slant to support Pakistan, it is not surprising that this article appeared in this paper.

The author says that giving scholarships to Pakistani students will help improve relations between the two countries. Inspite of all the good-will measures extended by India, Pakistan has not taken the first step by stopping cross-border terrorism. So why another goodwill geusture?
It is obvious that the only benefeciary of extending scholarships to Paki students would be Pakistan. Some of these "students" will come on an all expenses paid trip to India to establish terror cells. Remember, some of the visitors who came to India to watch the India-Pak cricket match - another goodwill gesture - disappeared mysteriously into the vastness of India.
And what has this people to people contact enabled. What do Pakistani nationals do in India. CBCNN gives us a few hints.

Such a gesture should not be contingent on Pakistan reciprocating. It would, however, become inevitable for Pakistan to allow Indian students too to come study in Pakistan. This would be particularly appropriate in areas such as anthropology and archaeology ...

The author is asking for unilateral action. I wonder, even if Pakistan extended scholarship, who in India would be interested in going and studying there. Indeed, Pakistan has got wonderful archealogical sites but not institutes. There is one area in which Pak specialises and students from all over the world go there to study - International Terrorism.

Democracy: Congress-style

Time to tune up the Congress machine
In true Congress tradition, her(Sonia Gandhi's) pronouncement became the official policy
CBCNN keeps repeating Manmohan's integrity and honesty. But it makes no difference to how Congress party is run because the official policy is determined by the bar maid's pronouncements.

Basu in favour of inviting Hu Jintao

Jyoti Basu is in favour of Chinese President Hu Jintao being invited to address a joint session of Parliament.

Drawing a distinction between his wanting the Chinese President to address the joint session of Parliament and the opposition of the Left parties to a proposal to invite United States President, George Bush, to do the same when the latter had visited the country in March, Mr. Basu said, "We see China in one way, the other [the U.S.] in another."

The communists, the traitors that they are, will welcome the Chinese troops invading India with garlands. They also oppose any economic and technological cooperation with US as it is beneficial to India.

CPI (M) to take stock of its shortcomings

There really are a lot too many shortcomings, if you ask me. Let me start with patriotism.

CBCNN carries intricate details of the mid-term review process of CPI, with the assumption that its readers are active badge-holders of the communist party. Other national newspapers did not even bother to mention this non-event.

Barking dog of Indian politics

UPA policies benefiting few, says Dasgupta

CPI comes out with yet another set of pompous statements and CBCNN just can not afford to miss out on splashing and flashing it.

Asked about the continuance of Left support to the UPA Government, he said the CPI was exploring the possibility of extracting concessions from the ruling alliance for the people through the proposed agitation. "If the Government still fails to deliver, the Left Front will have to take a harsh decision."

CPI has all along been influencing economic and foriegn policies by virtue of their access to power. So what is the need for an agitation that cripples the economy. Did CPI explore the possibility of extracting concessions through negotiations to now pursue the agitation course.
Yeah, we are all dying to see the "harsh decision", comrade. A barking dog never bites.

Natwar Singh hits back at Sonia

"Everything that the Government did against me was on Sonia's direction. I will not blame (Prime Minister) Manmohan Singh,'' a release issued by the channel(Star news) said.

Natwar Singh reiterates that the real PM is Sonia and Manmohan is just a "Sikhandi".

He also said: ``Those who are born on Indian soil only will understand the country's ethos and culture. Others will not.''
Natwar Singh becomes a Hindutva fundementalist.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fundementalists calling Diwali a religious festival

Be lenient to Indian students, Australia urged

Mr. Ravi said Diwali was recognised abroad as a pan-Indian national festival. But he was dismayed at the "fundamentalist" attitude of some ethnic Indians in Australia who looked at this "festival of colour and lights" through a religious prism. He was, however, happy that people from different faiths were present at the Diwali celebrations in Australia and New Zealand.

Vayalar Ravi is the minister of Indian overseas affairs. His wife is Mercy, a Christian. He is known to have filed a case against Guruvayoor temple.

CBCNN, like Vayalar Ravi, is known to display similar disregard to Hindu religion, customs and symbols. All good things in Hinduism are treated as Indian - an act of cultural appropriation practised by the minorities, and all bad things in India are blamed on Hinduism - an act of cultural terrorism by the 'secularists'.

"People's Democracy" or CBCNN? Its all the same

Apt juncture to assess foreign policy: Karat

... Mr. Karat said in the latest issue of party organ `People's Democracy.'

Not much difference between reading "People's Democracy" and CBCNN, because CBCNN maintains high standards, ethics, integrity, etc. to ensure it mirrors the views expressed in "People's Democracy".

... the NAM Summit in Havana showed that India could play an important and constructive role in advancing the platform of defence of national sovereignty against hegemonic trends

As Sabha pointed out here, NAM is irrelevant. Comrade Karat is just going through the motions of vomiting some nonsense. CBCNN is meticulously swallowing it all and regurgitating on its readers.

Another area of potential was trilateral cooperation between Russia, China and India.
And China is waging water wars on India.

Soul of N.Ram - intellectual dishonesty

For successful journalism, with a soul

NRam expresses serious concerns about "a new kind of demand being made for manipulating news, analysis and opinion to suit the owners' financial and political interests".

Meanwhile, CBCNN gives prominent coverage to Prakash Karat, parrots CPI's statements and dutifully publishes Xinhua nonsense .

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some forum established in China and some delegates attending the conference

Anti-graft forum
Yet another irrelevant article.

Microcredit in China virtually nonexistent

When a little money goes a long way - Pallavi Aiyar

In China, where the rural population stands at a weighty 700 million, only some 100,000 people have borrowed from microcredit institutions.

China's breakneck economic growth has led to a sharp income gap between rural and urban areas transforming one of the world's most equal, albeit poor societies, into one with a gini-coefficient (a commonly used statistical measure of income inequality) worse even than that of India.
Comrade Pallavi Aiyar is evidently upset that China is lagging behind India in this key indicator.

China's rural population is 700 million and the migrant floating population is estimated at 200 million.

On Chinese Banking:
Chinese banking continues to be dominated by large, inefficiently managed state-owned banks, beset with non-performing loans.

In China it remains extremely difficult for private enterprises to get access to credit. Bank loans still go overwhelmingly to state corporations and nearly three-fourths of the private sector has to depend on "shadow banks" for credit.

40 per cent of state-owned companies are losing money.