Thursday, November 30, 2006

Comprehensive coverage on Sachar report

Muslim deprivation widespread: Sachar Committee

Data from armed forces not used, says Sachar

Muslim areas lack basic amenities: report

Include specific Muslim groups among SCs: report

And all subtly indicating that muslims must get reservation.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

100 miners dead in 5 days in China

China jails mine bosses for blasts

Poor farmers from the central provinces, often working in sub-human and dangerous conditions in the death mines, are among the millions sacrificed for the Chinese "miracle". CBCNN works to bring this "miracle" to India for the sake of the poor, who will eventually be tied down to debt and brought to the altar of slavery.

Drumbeater drowns all with drool

Table Forest Rights Bill: Left

Communists take out another rally and the drumbeater CBCNN is salivating uncontrollably. Of course, there is Brinda Karat addressing the rally making it a landmark occassion. And here is some of her wisdom.

Ms. Karat said the Government's arguments were ridiculous. "They claim that no tribal people have moved to the forests after 1980. This is ridiculous when it is known that the forest cover has reduced and the people from these areas have been displaced. Lakhs of them have moved further back into the forests."
This leaves me confused. I deduced that people would have moved out of forests if forest cover has reduced and people were displaced. In any case, I cant see new people choosing to move to forests for living. And Ms.Karat says the government argument is "ridiculous". You have to give it to communism: it just eats away all logic and leaves a person brain dead.

UPA takes action and applauds itself; CBCNN celebrates

Congress, CPI (M) welcome cut in fuel prices

Makes me wonder why CBCNN is celebrating when UPA is applauding itself. Any occassion is suitable to promote CPI, according to CBCNN.

China's "phenomenally lavish" gifts to Indian leaders

While most of the gifts involve large sums of money and other incentives, leaders are also invited to China, ostensibly on lecture and "get acquainted" tours, and "treated like royalty there," the official said.

Now you know why so many correspondents from CBCNN get to visit China. And they pay back their dues by writing lavish praise about China. Have a look at this article by Harish Chandola, for example.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Paki support for Islamic terrorism in India

War and peace-making in Kashmir

Praveen Sami gives good information about Paki support for Islamic terrorism in India. But N.Ram will contradict any amount of evidence by saying that Pak only wants peace.

Chinese satellite failure concerns CBCNN

New Chinese satellite

Your regular dose of Xinhua nonsese: Some Chinese domestic broadcasting satellite failed.

Karat on Khairlangi killing once again

Atrocities on Dalits: Manmohan urged to convene meet

The reporter following Karat files another glorious chapter in the records of CBCNN.

Karat has been repeating the same stuff several times but CBCNN thinks it is newsworthy everytime. But Chinese envoy's claim of Arunachal Pradesh was not featured because it was not a new claim.

Left opposes FDI

Left parties oppose Wal-Mart entry

Communists ranting as usual and CBCNN meticulous in reporting about them, with a refined language.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Indian politics revolves around Karat: CBCNN

States must share burden on right to education: Arjun
Government going back on its commitment, alleges Brinda Karat Centre disregarding commitment: Brinda Karat
CBCNN's indulgence in nepotism.

Xinhua boss visits his branch office in Delhi

Journalists have to do what is legal: Xinhua chief

Tian Congmin, president of the Chinese Xinhua news agency, visited the New Delhi offices of The Hindu on Monday afternoon and interacted with journalists. The Hindu Editor-in-Chief N. Ram and New Delhi Chief of Bureau Harish Khare were present.

Mr. Tian, who is a member of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party since 1998, chairs the All-China Journalists Association.

Its year-end and time for appraisals. The boss has come down to assess the performance of the staff over the past year. CBCNN has done fairly well, following all the guidelines laid down by the Chinese Communist Party. N.Ram must be expecting a little more than 30 silver coins for his stupendous service to his fatherland. But Tian Congmin is likely to cut his pay because the cost of silver has risen substantially this year.

Indian security fears irrational and paranoid

Trading up the relationship

... the irrational fears of the Indian security establishment regarding participation of Chinese firms in sectors like telecom, infrastructure, and ports.

... the Prime Minister needs to assert his authority and nip these paranoid impulses in the bud.

CBCNN deliberately did not report that China made claims to Arunachal Pradesh. And now it is telling us that Indian security fears about China are irrational and paranoid.

The national security implications of opening a particular sector to foreign investment need to be assessed carefully. However, once a decision to open up is made, it is inappropriate to embargo firms from a country with which India is supposed to have a strategic and cooperative partnership.
This is just like "you are with us or against". Why cant India exercise its options on case-to-case basis, especially on important matters like national security. Obviously, CBCNN does not find it agreeable because such an approach is not favourable to China

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reader says CBCNN claims hollow

Causes, concerns and custom

Ramani P. Easwaran of Bangalore is judgmental.
Yeah, he is a moron and K.Narayanan is the smartest guy around.

To him, The Hindu's "claim that it is objective, fair and committed to journalistic ethics ... sounds hollow" when it does not report the Chinese Ambassador's assertion that Arunachal Pradesh is part of China, made in a TV interview. He anticipates my argument that it is a question of editorial judgment and pronounces mine to be a "rubberstamp role."

CBCNN loyalties on display.

The envoy's statement was reported by most newspapers and featured by some. The Hindu did not. It was a conscious editorial judgment, ("clouded by ideology" according to Easwaran) because it was not a new claim, I was told.
This must be the most ridiculous justification ever. It is not reported because it is not new.

It had been China's stand all along that it does not recognise the McMahon Line, and its maps show Arunachal Pradesh within its borders. But when External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee reacted to the envoy's comment by reiterating India's stand, The Hindu reported it in a one-para brief on Page 1 with related reports inside. The reader should have been told the context in which the remarks were made and educated on the background, which is a newspaper's role. That had to wait for some more days for Pallavi Aiyar's informative analysis on the editorial page.

Very poor attempt at covering up.

Mr. Easwaran had an obiter dictum: "You should convey to the management the readers' opinions and urge them to change according to the readers' taste ... your role is more to publish the errors and corrections that appear everyday." That daily effort is the visible part of my labours. What I do with readers' views is not, and cannot be, in the public view or hearing. They reach those whom they should reach. But ensuring or enforcing change — that is not my task!

Hyper-aggressive assault on BJP by CBCNN

BJP back to form

This editorial gives an idea about the depths to which CBCNN has plunged. CBCNN, devoid of any decency befitting a national newspaper, is scathing, contemptous and hyper-aggressive in attacking BJP. I was speechless after I read this editorial. I saw the heading and knew what to expect but the opening line left me in disbelief. To its credit, CBCNN maintained the tempo throughout the editorial.

the Bharatiya Janata Party is back in form, doing what it knows best to do — disrupt Parliament, invade the streets, and try to impose a divisive agenda by force.
CBCNN is so dismissive of the opposition party. I do not want to bring in what the communist parties do all the time. CBCNN is categorizing BJP as just a disruptive force and nothing else. And to say that "BJP is back to form" is to imply that any good deed done by BJP is a deviation and the norm is to bring about destruction. This is a shocker.

The party has assumed the garb of super-patriotism against opponents portrayed as enemies of the state
Just what you would expect from a Chinese patriot.

The two issues riased are serious concerns and the BJP as the opposition party has a right to voice its opinion.

Just as CBCNN believes death penalty must be abolished however "gruesome the crime", a sizeable section believes it is justified against certain acts of terror. CBCNN indluges in ad hominen attacks calling them "lynch mobs out to shorten a human life". BJP's democratic protests are given a demonic twist. CBCNN had adopted another strategy of justifying a wrong by pointing to other BJP's faults. In this case, the comparison is unwarranted as the circumstances are very different. But CBCNN deliberately indulges in this comparison to confuse and eventually try to justify a wrong.

On the Arunachal issue, CBCNN is calculated.
It may have been impolitic of Ambassador Sun Yuxi to restate a claim to the whole of the State ahead of President Hu Jintao's visit. Yet this has been China's stated position, clearly a bargaining point, for more than four decades.
CBCNN is ok if Sun Yuxi claimed a part of the state.
"clearly a bargaining point" : CBCNN is pushing hard to make it a bargaining point.

The BJP needs to be reminded that it was its own government that took the initiative for a peaceful resolution of the India-China boundary issue.
Peaceful resolution of border issue is very different from what CBCNN is gunning for: making Arunachal Pradesh a "bargaining" point. Bargain Arunachal with China for what? - a few silver coins? BJP asking China to recognize Arunachal as part of India is different from CBCNN selling it to China for a few silver coins.

Another point is the India-China border issue is about Aksai Chin and not just Arunachal.

Communists demand Capital

Left parties seek more funds

Let me say, another communist vanity talk filed pompusly in the pages of the yellow rag, CBCNN.

Communist hypocrisy on religion based reservations

Examine panel report: CPI

Communist party speaking and that too in favor of minorities. CBCNN just cannot be restrained.

Party national secretary D. Raja said the CPI always maintained that irrespective of religion, dalits should be provided reservation. As a matter of principle, we do not support the idea of giving reservation on the basis of religion."

Communists believe Dalits are not hindus.

And that communist hypocrisy again: we do not support reservations based on religion but we want reservations based on religion.

China endorses India's nuclear deal; CBCNN excited

China `endorsed' deal: Pranab

Short-sighted leaders. India is getting China's 'endorsement' of India-US nuclear deal in return for India's 'endorsement' of China-Pak nuclear deal. In effect, India is endorsing the nuclear proliferation network.

Mr. Mukherjee dismissed as "speculative" media reports that Mr. Hu, during his meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, indicated that China would support India's candidature for permanent membership in the U.N. Security Council.

China would support India's inclusion in Security council only on the condition that Pakistan be included.

When referred to China's intentions to form a military encirclement of India, he said: "Every country is entitled to prepare its defence preparedness as per its own threat perception.

External affairs minister is not denying that China is encircling India.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

On vacation

I am on vacation this week, with limited access to internet. I will be back next week.

Hu's visit is a big event for CBCNN and it must have come all out to trumpet its hero.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

We'll never allow India to beat us: China

We'll never allow India to beat us: China

China has always made its intentions clear. The Indian communists still believe and want to convince us that Chinese invasion of India is the greatest thing that could happen to India.

Making it work for Pak

Make the mechanism work

N.Ram once again comes out with an editorial asking India to fall in line with Pak's jihadi aspirations.

"anti-India militant groups" conduct terrorist attacks in India but CBCNN calls these groups "militant" and not "terrorist".

It is disappointing that the resolution of the Siachen and Sir Creek issues has been held up, with the Indian Army seeming to come in the way by citing a number of strategic reasons for not withdrawing from the glacier.

Once again, CBCNN blames India and questions the Indian Army's judgement in not withdrawing troops. The communist support for anti-national elements and the media's slandering of army is compounding the stress of Indian soldiers, pushing them to suicidal levels. The full-fledged suicide prevention programs of soldiers must include banning CBCNN.

Left rallies; CBCNN does not want to be left out

Left rally protests against Saddam's death penalty

Left stages another rally in West Bengal. CBCNN covers it dutifully.

CBCNN, known for its use of language, indulges in subtle indoctrination. Notice the stance of CBCNN conveyed indirectly in its yellow pages.

Pak Terrorism: India alleges Pak supports terrorism, subtly implying India's claim is baseless and without evidence.

Islamic terrorists: Careful use of language by CBCNN to suggest that Islamic terrorists are militants and just misguided youth.

America: Strong language condemning its moves as imperialism. In this article you can see CBCNN puts is explicitly that US invaded Iraq. I am not denying US invasion of Iraq, but only pointing to CBCNN's use of language. Pakistan's support for terrorism in India is well documented but CBCNN does not use a similar language to condemn Pak.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pak MP support LeT

MP flaunts links with Lashkar

A Pakistani parliamentarian has created a kerfuffle with his disclosure in the National Assembly of his membership with the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), often linked by India to terrorist attacks on its soil and a banned outfit in this country.

Linked by India and banned by India, the LeT must be a great organization but India is not supporting it, cries CBCNN. CBCNN continues to mislead its readers by suggesting that Paki links to terrorism has no proof and is just an allegation.

Continued coverage of Brinda Karat

CPI (M) wants time-bound probe

Just what you would expect from CBCNN when Karat is speaking - a comprehensive coverage.

Are communists opposing muslim reservations

Committed to quota: Congress

"The Congress believes in affirmative action for all religious and linguistic minorities. The Congress has provided for reservation for Muslims in Kerala and Karnataka in government employment on the grounds that they are a socially and educationally backward class. The Congress is committed to adopting this policy for socially and educationally backward sections among Muslims and other religious minorities on a national scale," the party manifesto for the 2004 Lok Sabha elections said.

Reading out a paragraph from it, party spokesperson Chaturvedi said the Congress would have been at liberty to deal with the issue had the party come to power on its own strength.

Congress would have implemented muslim reservations if not for communists. The communists always oppose progress, Chaturvedi laments.

Communist concerns about prices and not Chinese aggression

CPI (M) concern over rising prices

Hardly surprising that CPI(M) is talking eloquently about prices when China is making aggressive statements about Arunachal Pradesh. This being a CPI(M) event with Prakash Karat involved in it, CBCNN goes all out to capture every single sound and bellow it in our ears.

China's Arunachal claims

China calls for "compromises" on Arunachal Pradesh

China is trying to bully India and the left, including CBCNN, is supporting China.

Left gifts Arunachal to China

Why is JD(U) getting to voice its opinion in CBCNN

JD (U) opposes quota on religious grounds

When it comes to opposing minority interests, the traitor communists maintain silence steadfastly. CBCNN is forced to fill this space, which otherwise would have been allotted to some communist conference, with JD(U)'s opinion.

Ethics as practised by the communists and CBCNN.

Pallavi Aiyar's perception gap

Two rising powers and an awareness gap

Whats wrong with this bimbo? She assumes that because Chinese do now know anything about India, the Indians know nothing about China. How can any Indian forget the 1962 war, when China, the agressor, inflicted the only military defeat on India. When we have CBCNN inundating its readers with all its Xinhua nonsense, how can Indians afford to be ignorant of China. How can Indians remain ignorant when the Indian communists are endlessly singing paeans of China in the our ears.

CITU fights for IT unions; CBCNN fights for communist coverage

Union for IT sector in West Bengal

How long before IT runs for cover in West Bengal. The communists have turned it into Waste Bengal. But CBCNN wants to convince us that the communists have good intentions.

Karat agitates

Dalits' murder: AIDWA plans stir

Here is your daily karrot dose.

China claims Arunachal; the ever barking dogs are silent

China seeks to downplay envoy's comments

The communists are eager to express their opinion on any and every thing. But when China lays claim to Indian territority, the barking dogs are silent. This is the distorted view of Indian congress and communist parties - no sense of territorial integrity. BJP is the lone party to object to the Chinese claims. I'd rather prefer their militant nationalism, sometimes.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Left opposes ...

Pension: Left not for private players

Left does not want private players to manage pension funds but insists that the Chinese must manage Indian ports.

Death traps of Chinese mines

25 die in coalmine blast

Chinese mines have the worst safety records than anywhere else in the world.

The mount of Saint Thomas

Chennai’s Own Holocaust Deniers

CBCNN goes out of its way to deny the Chennai holocaust. documents its interactions with CBCNN on the legend of Saint Thomas. The communist rag makes no pretensions of its preferences.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jholawalla conference

Call to make South Asia a nuclear free zone

NGO cottage industry, another extension of the communists, organises a conference. CBCNN reporters, following their ethical compass, land up for the conference. CBCNN files a report as if it is a major national event. The communists see the coverage and assume they are prominent national figures. This is why the communists end up as self-delusional.

Another CPI forum; the ever-vigilant CBCNN covers it

Bardhan criticises Chidambaram

CBCNN is just doing its duty by reporting the statements of its party luminaries.

Today's communist nonsense

Left opposes imperialist globalisation
We already know what the communist manifesto is. But CBCNN wants to give the limelight to the communists. So this lame attempt to give coverage to a worthless communist seminar/party/whatever.

Jhollawallas indulging in their favourite pastime

Defeat Modi for the sake of democracy: Social Forum
The jhollawallas come out with false statements and indulge in deliberate misrepresentations. Have a look at

But CBCNN is quick to latch on to all this and give prominent coverage because this is in line with its political affiliations. So much for ethics.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Giving power to terrorists is progress

CBCNN is asking Indian government to share the power with the terrorist Maoists.
India, which has a Maoist insurgency of its own, can profitably study and learn from this courageous experiment in progress.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Presenting a rosy picture of Chinese imperialism

Preserving Tibetan culture

CBCNN is going to great lenghts to explain how China is preserving Tibetan culture. CBCNN silently applauded the Chinese invasion of Tibet and the subsequent genocide that was unleashed by China on Tibet.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Karat scores a double today

Both husband and wife - Prakash Karat and Brinda Karat - get to express their opinions on CBCNN today.

Karat: Centre must get verdict nullified

Brinda Karat seeks special economic package for Muslims

This is the advantage of having as a friend an editor-in-chief who is willing to sell off his mother for a silver coin.

Readers bombarded with communist views

Left condemns Saddam verdict
Here is sequence in which party reactions are presented:
Muslim board
More CPI(M)
All India Forward Bloc
More CPI
More CPI(ML)

CBCNN does not mention the reaction of any party belonging to NDA.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Second day of Saddam verdict: its still CPI's reactions

CPI: Centre's reaction mild

After capturing the reactions of Congress and Communist parties yesterday, CBCNN comes back today to repeat CPI's reaction to the Saddam verdict. Now, the readers know what every single person in the communist party thinks about the trial. Got to appreciate how CBCNN gives coverage to every single communist party.

Communist hypocrisy

Karat: Centre must get verdict nullified

The Iraqi communist party welcomes Saddam Hussein's death sentence but the Indian communist party is crying foul.
The Indian communist parties have one good thing -- they display extraordinary trans-territorial loyalty, not towards fellow communists but towards their illegal bed-partners -- the islamists.

Which is a communist party?

Karat: Centre must get verdict nullified

How do you know whether a party is communist or not? Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Prakash Karat comes to our rescue.

Mr. Karat said anybody could claim to be the communist party but he did not think a party that allied with the U.S. could claim to be a communist party.

And you are hearing this from Karat and on CBCNN. So this is as accurate you can get to define a communist party - anybody can claim to be a communist party as long as its not allied with the US.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

CBCNN takes the lead in pushing for muslim reservation

Coming to terms with India's missing Muslims
Why dont we start with reservations for muslims in CBCNN.

CPI bidding for Chinese interests

Nation-specific bar in new FDI policy opposed

CBCNN reports this as if CPI(M) is the opposition party. Disproportionate coverage of CPI utterings and events is CBCNN's "adherence to core values". "People's Democracy" articles are also deeply analysed and discussed in CBCNN.

Karat on Patriotism

Karat assails "alliance" with U.S.

Karat just cant take it when India is acting against Chinese national interests. He is one real patriot - not of India.

Communists trying to stay in limelight

Discuss Tarapore panel report: CPI (M)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

CPI contemplates; CBCNN reports

CPI(M) panel discusses uplift of minorities

The minorities sub-committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) considered a suggestion whether to ask the Planning Commission to make a sub-plan in the 11th Five Year Plan so that funds could be earmarked for the uplift of the minorities.

The communist party was considering a suggestion. Is it a newsworthy item?

The committee has party general secretary Prakash Karat as convener.
Firstly, this is a CPI(M) meeting and secondly Karat is involved. So, by CBCNN high standards, this becomes newsworthy and deserves a place in the national news.