Saturday, November 04, 2006

CBCNN takes the lead in pushing for muslim reservation

Coming to terms with India's missing Muslims
Why dont we start with reservations for muslims in CBCNN.


atanu said...

You are a jerk funded by the Hindu itself
you don't know what u write
there is no logic
better start blog against ndtv and cnn-ibn the 2 sister channels
don't waste time against 'chinese' shit
n ram is nice guy
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n ram is knows logic

Salauddeen said...

"This gross under-presence of Muslims in virtually every sector is presaged by substantial inequalities in education. Muslim enrolment and retention rates at the primary and secondary levels are lower than the national average and this further magnifies existing inequalities at the college level as well as in the labour market. "

In the UK all children are required to attend state maintained schools upto the age of 16. (People with money are free to opt for private schools. Over 95% of private school leavers are qualified to continue onto tertiary level education.)

The results for secondary level school-leavers in June 2006 for England have just been published.


Overall % qualified to continue onto tertiary level education:

all pupils in maintained schools: 56.9%

white pupils: 57.2%

Bangladeshi pupils: 56.2%

Pakistani pupils: 50.9%

Black African pupils: 50.3%

Black Caribbean pupils: 44.4%

On the subject of Indian pupils and others, let me quote directly from the report: "Other findings include:

Chinese, Mixed White and Asian and Indian pupils all performed considerably higher than the average for all pupils in maintained schools. For example, nearly 80% of Chinese pupils, over 70% of Indian pupils and over two thirds of Mixed White and Asian pupils achieved 5+ A*-C grades at GCSE and equivalent at the end of Key stage 4. Irish pupils have also achieved highly, with over 60% of pupils achieving 5+ A*- C at GCSE and equivalent. This compares with the average of 57% across all ethnic groups."

My point is that perhaps one should ask what is it about muslim culture that makes them fail.

Even Saudis worry about the failure of their education system that leaves their youth useless for gainful employment and causes all their Saudization efforts in the labour market to fail. Saudi industry functions on imported non-muslim labour!