Sunday, November 26, 2006

China endorses India's nuclear deal; CBCNN excited

China `endorsed' deal: Pranab

Short-sighted leaders. India is getting China's 'endorsement' of India-US nuclear deal in return for India's 'endorsement' of China-Pak nuclear deal. In effect, India is endorsing the nuclear proliferation network.

Mr. Mukherjee dismissed as "speculative" media reports that Mr. Hu, during his meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, indicated that China would support India's candidature for permanent membership in the U.N. Security Council.

China would support India's inclusion in Security council only on the condition that Pakistan be included.

When referred to China's intentions to form a military encirclement of India, he said: "Every country is entitled to prepare its defence preparedness as per its own threat perception.

External affairs minister is not denying that China is encircling India.

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