Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Don't blame China : CBCNN

CBCNN refused to inform its readers that an IAS officer from Arunachal Pradesh was refused visa by China. But it keeps talking elaborately about the peaceful intentions of China. This is why it is called the Chinese National Newspaper.

The Hindu : International / India & World : Don't bring differences to the fore: China

The Hindu : International / India & World : India and China to hold defence dialogue soon

Violent protestors "just demanding" : CBCNN

It is instructive to compare the coverage by CBCNN on Nandigram and this issue. Inspite of strong evidence of mishandling by CPM, CBCNN completely absolved  CPM and put the blame on "Opposition". In this case of reservation for Gujjars, the State leadership has little to do with it because the authority lies with the Center. But CBCNN goes beyond its journalistic stipulation and passes a verdict to "embarrass" BJP.

The Hindu : National : An embarrassment to BJP leadership

Tuesday's firing in Dausa, which claimed 13 lives, has caused an embarrassment to the Bharatiya Janata Party's leadership as the protesting Gujjars were just demanding implementation of a promise made during the 2003 Rajasthan Assembly elections.

The Hindu : National : An embarrassment to BJP leadership

Tuesday's firing in Dausa, which claimed 13 lives, has caused an embarrassment to the Bharatiya Janata Party's leadership as the protesting Gujjars were just demanding implementation of a promise made during the 2003 Rajasthan Assembly elections.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fwd: 'Revisiting Tienanmen' (Calcutta, June 3, 2007)

On June 4, 1989, hundreds of peaceful democracy activists were massacred
by the Chinese Government at Tienanmen, Beijing, China. The Tienanmen
Massacre became one of the most atrocious attack on democracy and human
rights in the modern era.

On June 3, 2007, Friends of Tibet (Calcutta) is organising an
interactive-session where we will revisit Tienanmen and the massacre of
that fateful day. The session will be followed by the screening of the
documentary film: "Tienanmen: Gateway to Heavenly Peace." Please join and
share your views with us.

Venue: Chitrakoot Art Gallery, 55 Gariahat Road (Near Ballygaunje Phari),
Calcutta 700 019, West Bengal. Date and time: June 3, 2007 at 4pm

To know more about the event, email:

Friends of Tibet, PO Box: 16674, Bombay 400050, India.
Friends of Tibet is a global movement to keep alive the issue of Tibet
through direct action. Our activities are aimed at ending China's
occupation of Tibet and the suffering of the Tibetan people. Friends of
Tibet supports the continued struggle of the Tibetan people for
independence. To know more, visit:

Brinda is the saviour and Chindu her worshipper

Sunday, May 27, 2007

How much of CPM can you take?

CPM is a powerful body : CBCNN

Call it self-praise.

The Hindu : Front Page : Achuthanandan, Pinarayi Vijayan suspended

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Saturday decided to suspend V.S. Achuthanandan and Pinarayi Vijayan from the membership of that powerful body.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Congress obligated to rule India : Khare

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : A party's need for renewal and three options

But a few days later party president Sonia Gandhi and her son and heir
apparent Rahul Gandhi were both reported to have attributed the
disappointing result to "organisational weaknesses." Rather obvious.

Khare blames it on "organisational weakness" and absolves the Dynasty. Khare is one helluva boot-licker.

The question is how does a 122-year-old organisation re-design itself?

Wrong. The question is why re-design a party which is well past its expiry date? I am not kidding. You can hear it from Khare himself. I have listed the Khare-isms below. The inferences are fairly obvious.

1. The Congress, despite all its democratic trappings, has become a closed
shop, with an unfair and undeserved advantage accruing to the
practitioners and beneficiaries of the status quo.

2. That promising initiative was killed slowly by the status quoist party
managers in collusion with the state leaders. Perhaps the prospect of a
truly open and genuine electoral process was too disquieting for
everyone at the top of the Congress hierarchy. i.e. Congress does not have open and genuine electoral process.

3. If a party does not keep itself consciously open to the new voices and
new forces, it courts stagnation and dysfunctionality. Somehow the
Congress has managed to achieve precisely this.

The Congress' signature tune has been its history and its claim to inclusiveness. However, the claim now holds only on paper;

5. But in practice the party has increasingly cultivated a massive internal organisational dishonesty

6. in district after district the Congress is presumed to have enrolled
many times more members than the votes it gets in an Assembly election. i.e. It is possible that the Congress members themselves don't vote for the party.

7. Congress has cultivated bogusness.

This cultivated bogusness suits everyone. Subversion begins at the AICC
level, and the name of the game becomes the manipulation of the roster
of Pradesh Returning Officer (PRO). And since everybody knows — from
the very top to the block level — that the electoral process had become
an elaborate charade, no leader is able to command genuine respect,
either of the party workers or of the average voter.

8. Even if it does not help the country, the dynasty must rule India, says Khare. Notwithstanding the disapproval of the proponents of middle
class-centric political correctness, the family option is not a totally
unhelpful strategy.

9. the Congress is no longer the omnipotent political force in the country

10. These other players have come to enjoy their autonomy and see no reason to pay any homage to a declining dynasty.

11. Ms. Gandhi has to overcome her present preference for compromise and
accommodation with the old, tired, and defeated "senior leaders" who
dominate the Cabinet and the Congress Working Committee.

12. It is time to bring about a different organisational culture, based on
capacity and performance instead of an excessive reliance on age,
seniority, and past services.

A geriatric overload is definitely hampering the party's electoral footwork.

14. It also prevents the party from rediscovering the usefulness of the accountability principle.

15. Nor does it allow an effective taming of egos and overweening
ambitions, invariably pursued at the expense of collective goals and

16. Sadly, the present Congress lacks even this minimum degree of ideological and personal coherence.

Karat this, Karat that

Makes me wonder if Karat is the only one who has any opinion in India. And this Karat seems to have an opinion on anything and everything in India. CBCNN has shown a penchant for promoting only its own.

The Hindu : Front Page : Karat: Centre did not heed counsel on prices

Another NGO report hits headlines on CBCNN

We have seen how all these NGOs with a political agenda churn out reports. CBCNN does not miss a single one of those.

The Hindu : Front Page : Justice eludes Gujarat victims: Amnesty
In its report for 2007 on `World human rights' released here on Wednesday, Amnesty said: "Justice continued to evade most victims and survivors of the 2002 violence in Gujarat, in which thousands of Muslims were attacked and more than 2,000 were killed.
Lies by repeated assertion. The communists propagated this myth of "thousands of muslims" and that number 2000 just got stuck. Now, Amnesty joins the fray.
On J&K, Amnesty said, "Politically motivated violence slightly decreased, but torture, deaths in custody, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial executions continued to be reported.

Surprisingly, in J&K, the Hindus do not deserve any mention. The police are blamed for custody deaths. Afterall, the terrorists are muslims.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Two CPM reports on Dera

CPM issues a press release, which was duly reported in CBCNN. And then, CBCNN in turn filed a report using the press release to impress CPM. A case of " you scratch my back, I scratch yours"?

The Hindu : National : Bandh call unfortunate: CPI (M)

The Hindu : Front Page : Intervention by religious bodies worries CPI (M)

CPM practising aparthied

CPM has invited, for talks on Nandigram, all parties including the insignificant ones like All India Forward Bloc, but excluded only BJP. A clear case of blind hatred over decency. CPM has demonstrated several times now that its political ambition is "defeat BJP".

The Hindu : National : BJP not invited for talks on Nandigram

All major political parties in West Bengal except the Bharatiya Janata Party have been invited to an all-party meeting here on Thursday to determine ways to restore peace at Nandigram.

CPM Press(Chindu) release

CPM issues a press release to the Chinese newspaper. Unfortunately, all these Chinese outposts are in India.

CPM indulges in its favourite past-time : BJP Bashing.

The Hindu : Front Page : Intervention by religious bodies worries CPI (M)

``It [the Akali Dal-BJP Government] must firmly discharge its constitutional obligations to maintain peace and protect the rights of all communities,'' the statement said.

China-India ties maturing: CBCNN

CBCNN hails the maturing ties between India and China. It refuses to mention any of the Chinese aggression on India.

The Hindu : Front Page : J.J. Singh visits China

Communists say no to SEZ

The same communists killed poor, unarmed farmers for the sake of SEZs in Bengal. The never-ending charade of communist vain talk...

The Hindu : Front Page : Left should review UPA performance: CPI

While farmers' suicides continued, the special economic zones (SEZs) allowed big businesses to grab land and indulge in real estate speculation. "While everyone agrees that industrialisation based on agricultural advance is necessary, SEZs are neither inevitable nor necessary as vehicles for industrial growth."

Monday, May 21, 2007

Fiction writers in CBCNN blame the police

The victim is a Muslim. So, the fiction writers at CBCNN are working overtime. Isn't it interesting to note that the father lists important reasons why his son won't target Mecca Masjid:

1. It is a Muslim place of worship

2. His father goes there for prayers.

The order in which they are listed is very instructive.

The Hindu : Front Page : `My son may be killed any time'

How can Shahed kill people of his religion?

It urged the Government to suspend DGP M.A. Basith for the "police
excesses" committed in the name of controlling the violence after the

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Leftist cries

Goes to show that the Left is a non-entity even when it is sharing power.

The Hindu : Front Page : Left wants new pension scheme put on hold

The leaders said they failed to understand how the Finance Minister had cleared this step when he was fully aware of "our strong and continuing objections."

Nepotism in Chindu

All in the family.

The Hindu : Front Page : Vidya Ram tops class at Columbia University's journalism school

Ms. Ram is the daughter of N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief, The Hindu, who is an alumnus of the Columbia University journalism school.

Friday, May 18, 2007

CBCNN hides China's aggression

More of that peaceful China stuff. It did not mention about China's encroachment of large parts in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Hindu : International / India & World : No confrontation with China, says Antony

Babri Masjid built over an Indic structure

So, we hear it from the communists. But the careful circumlocution is noteworthy.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Cultures & vultures: wake-up call from Vadodara

As with the early Christian churches in Europe, which were built over hundreds of pagan shrines of Sun worshippers, archaeological evidence shows that at the site where the Sangh Parivar demolished the Babri Masjid, there might have been a Buddhist stupa, which in turn was built over the sacred shrines of earlier ethnographic, indigenous, tribal, or proto-Indic communities.

Ramayana is a fairy tale

Such articles invariably get space in The anti-Hindu. This article is a good indication of the hatred these communists have towards Hinduism. Disgusting.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Cultures & vultures: wake-up call from Vadodara

Isn't it strange that the fundoos are offended by Husain's surrealistic representation of Sita riding on Hanuman's tail, but can applaud the Alice in Wonderland fairytale the BJP's deputy leader in the Lok Sabha, Rajnath Singh, solemnly narrated in the Lok Sabha? The learned parliamentarian said that the solid underwater rocks in the Indian Ocean provided ample proof that the Ram Sethu bridge, over which Hanuman crossed from India to Lanka, was constructed by his army of brilliant monkey engineers, thousands of years ago during the Ramayana period.

CBCNN campaigns for artistic freedom

Makes me wonder why protests in India against Danish cartoons did not deserve such condemnation. Why does CBCNN think artistic freedom is relevant only when the victim is Hindu?

The Hindu : International / India & World : Academics protest bid to muzzle artistic freedom

Why another report on same incident?

The contents are very similar between the two reports. Clearly Dr.Sen is no saint. He was cuddling up with the Maoists. CBCNN is fighting against law and order in the name of NGOs.

The Hindu : National : Activist groups condemn PUCL leader's arrest

The Hindu : National : Sen's arrest an example of repression by Chhattisgarh Government, says PUCL

Fighting against naxals is a dangerous trend: CBCNN

The Leftist NGOs are always ready to speak their mind against any opposition to naxal terrorism. CBCNN always gives prominent coverage to such lunatic fringe elements.

The Hindu : National : Sen's arrest an example of repression by Chhattisgarh Government, says PUCL

Alleging that fake encounters in the past two years have claimed the lives of 155 people in Chhattisgarh, members of the People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) on Thursday accused the State Government of subjecting Adivasis to atrocities under the garb of Salwa Judum — a people's movement against terrorism and naxalism initiated by the Government in June 2005.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blame it on Capitalism

Brinda Karat erroneously blames privatization for the current dismal food security scenario. This is just a case of using a pet theory to explain everything on earth.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Food economy under the UPA government

n contrast, the Central government is eroding the country's food security by dependence on wheat imports while weakening the PDS through a policy of creeping privatisation. The government has already indicated its decision to go in for imports this year, even as it wilfully weakens the procurement system through promotion of private procurement of foodgrains. This year too big companies such as ITC and Reliance and MNCs such as Cargill have cornered the wheat as they did last year.

For better understanding of how the UPA Government missed the bus, have a look at this article by TVR Shenoy on

India's stretches out its bowl again for daal-roti

On April 30, the Government of India finally found the time to issue a tender to import one million tonnes of wheat. This is the second year in a row that this happened. Following the experience of 2006, a truly prudent ministry would have moved long before. Now, I fear we are just a bit late.

The benchmark for commodities trading is set in Chicago. At the beginning of April, wheat was trading at US $4.12 a bushel. By April 30, when our economist prime mpinister and his crack team finally realised the danger, the price of wheat had risen to US $4.9555 a bushel.

In other words, the Indian taxpayer has already been hit for millions of dollars.

N.Ram blames Hindu groups for protests against Christ's penis

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Hurt sentiments and moral policing

The charge that Chandramohan's works offended Hindu and Christian religious sentiments makes no sense given the context in which the works were displayed.

under pressure from extreme right wing groups.

For a better perspective on the incident, here is from, exposing the duplicity of the Left and Chindu.

Among the earliest to protest was the pastor of the Methodist Church in Baroda, Reverend Emmanuel Kant. A group of irate Hindus, led by Niraj Jain, a BJP activist, also marched into the exhibition venue.
After persuasion from the police, the paintings and other works of "art" were taken down and locked up in a room. Despite the anger of Jain and his compatriots, there was no major violence, no damage to university property and Chandra Mohan's creations were left untouched. They are still safe in that room.
The matter would have ended there had not, on May 11, Pannikar triggered another fire. Acting unilaterally and going against the orders of his superiors, he organised an impromptu exhibition of nude paintings under the rubric of "medieval art" and "Indian culture". He refused written orders from the registrar to remove the paintings and insisted on displaying them through the night. This led to Pannikar's suspension.
...on March 2, 2006, the CPI participated with Muslim organisations in a massive rally in Mumbai, protesting against President George W Bush's arrival in India and the Danish cartoons.
A month later, on April 9, 2006, the Hindu approvingly quoted from a recent article in People's Democracy, the CPI(M)'s organ. "It said," reported the Hindu, "that after the Iran issue, the Danish newspaper cartoons on Prophet Mohammed became an international issue, with big protest rallies organised by Muslims in India from February 2006 ... There was genuine anger against the cartoons. All secular parties, including the Congress, had condemned them."

Christian aggression labelled Hindu fundamentalism by CBCNN

The Hindu : National : Vandalism in varsity condemned

that the attack on a graduate student of M.S. University in Vadodara
was the latest instance of attack on the public right of expression, a
number of artists, politicians and activists on Monday pledged their
support to all beleaguered artists targeted by members of the Sangh

The Hindu : National : "Clear attack on artistic freedom"

# Academic freedom is in peril
# Intolerance of Hindutva forces
What image are these guys protesting against? Lets have a look.

CBCNN is twisting the protest to blame it on Hindutva forces.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Readers question CBCNN's Anti-Hindu bias

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Concerns that go beyond a spellchecker's

... they(readers) are bound to ask questions, such as: "You have prominently published photographs and report on the attack on a Christian preacher in distant Jaipur ... A series of more heinous attacks were unleashed on innocent gurukkals (temple priests) in Tiruvarur in Tamil Nadu ... . Your newspaper probably found no news value in the incidents." (V. Anantharaman, Bangalore). All forms of religions or casteist intolerance need to be reported and criticised. Omitting some or selective reporting can lead to readers forming their own conclusions, which may not always be warranted.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fwd: N.Ram's version of "Freedom of expression"

Lessons in (pseudo)secularism:

Secularism 101

In his address to the rally, Narasimhan Ram, the editor in chief of
the English-language daily, The Hindu, said, "The cartoons are a
sacrilege under the name of freedom of expression."

Secularism 201

There is something terribly amiss about a social order that coerces a
law-abiding 91-year-old artist, India's most celebrated painter, into
leaving the country because of harassment by rank communalists and
moral vigilantes. Surprisingly, instead of upholding the fundamental
right to freedom of expression, some lower courts have been
extraordinarily tolerant in entertaining the vexatious complaints.

Those who successfully complete the above lessons in the course, are
eminently eligible for the award of the degree: B.S.(Secularism)

Lessons, coutesy:

Posted by Anonymous to The Chindu at May 11, 2007 2:46 PM

China blocking Brahmaputra waters good for India : CBCNN

CBCNN explains why electrification of every village in China is beneficial to India. CBCNN urges us to ignore the desertification of North India for the greater good. Hail China!!!

Btw, this article was about some new Ministry's website.

The Hindu : National : No cause for alarm over China's reported plans: Soz

Union Water Resources Minister Saifuddin Soz on Thursday said there was no cause for alarm over reports on China's plans to construct a dam on the Brahmaputra.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

CPI objects to stable political system

CPI opposes a stable, two-party system in the best interests of the country, China not India.

The Hindu : Front Page : CPI objects to Kalam's suggestion for two-party system

The President said: "Many challenges need to be responded to: the emergence of multi-party coalitions as a regular form of Government that need to rapidly evolve as a stable, two-party system ... "

Fwd: The case of forged documents

According to Swapan Dasgupta: A reputed newspaper with Communist
sympathies has, in defiance of all journalistic norms, even published
a forged document, purporting to be a CID report, implicating the
Gujarat Home Minister Amit Shah.

Now here is what the "reputed newspaper with Communist sympathies" got
to say (in small print, of course):

The 24-page ``Facts of the Case'' was provided to our correspondent by
a privileged source within the Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday...

It is now clear, as the Gujarat Government's response published here
points out, that the 24-page document is not the Geetha Johri report.
The Hindu retracts its front-paged assertion that the Johri report
speaks of ``collusion of the State government'' and of the role of Mr.
Amit Shah, Minister of State for Home; and also that it recommends a
CBI enquiry. We deeply regret these serious errors in a story that
drew on documents we relied upon in good faith. We agree that we
should have verified the facts, especially those relating to the
provenance of ``Facts of the Case,'' before publishing the news

So, folks. It is not the mistake of the reporter (Neena Vyas) or
Comrade-in-Chief. We are led to believe that Chindu was so easily
fooled by a "privileged source within BJP".

A "reputed newspaper" on a self-appointed mission of non-stop daily
pontification and fighting "evil communal forces" (a la Don Quixote),
so easily fooled by a source from the enemy camp!

BTW, does Chindu also have "privileged sources" within other parties
like CPM, so that we can get to hear "Facts of the Case" from

Posted by Anonymous to The Chindu at May 06, 2007 6:39 AM

Only British colonies can be modern

The "eminent historian", K.N.Panikkar comes out with a discovery that a country can be modern only if it had been ruled by the British.

While being a British colony is not dependence, embracing capitalism is dependence in the name of development.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Recalling the legacy of the 1857 Revolt

One thing is certain: it would have saved the country from the "benefits" of colonial modernity. Would it have led to the resurrection of the feudal order as Jawaharlal Nehru feared or would it have enabled an independent path of development towards modernity? No one can be certain. At any rate the anti-colonial legacy of the Revolt is worth recalling, as it was unmistakably a struggle for independence, when the country is steadily but surely slipping into dependence in the name of development.

A terrorist outfit's conference resolutions

The Hindu : National : DYFI for youth policy

The readers urge CBCNN to undertake a similar coverage of conferences
held by other terrorist outfits like LeT, Jaish-e-Mohammed, SFI, etc.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Normal service will resume from tomorrow

Sorry for the long absence. I have been traveling a lot and the internet connection was erratic. Hopefully, I will be able to continue the daily postings from tomorrow.