Friday, May 18, 2007

Ramayana is a fairy tale

Such articles invariably get space in The anti-Hindu. This article is a good indication of the hatred these communists have towards Hinduism. Disgusting.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Cultures & vultures: wake-up call from Vadodara

Isn't it strange that the fundoos are offended by Husain's surrealistic representation of Sita riding on Hanuman's tail, but can applaud the Alice in Wonderland fairytale the BJP's deputy leader in the Lok Sabha, Rajnath Singh, solemnly narrated in the Lok Sabha? The learned parliamentarian said that the solid underwater rocks in the Indian Ocean provided ample proof that the Ram Sethu bridge, over which Hanuman crossed from India to Lanka, was constructed by his army of brilliant monkey engineers, thousands of years ago during the Ramayana period.


Prudent Indian said...

lotus check your mail box tom.shall post u sate light photos of ramsetu just throw these on these bxxxx face.
Keep up the good work.

Prudent Indian said...

BTW,thanks for publishing that photograph,i did post a link with the due courtesy to you do tell me what response did u get.
Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

For our comrades, our Ithihasas and Puranas are nothing but "mythology". Has anyone ever heard our comrades or Comrade-in-Chief, ever question or make fun of how a virgin can give birth to a baby?!

White mythology is rated as proven history and even given a special adjective, "Biblical"!!

Anonymous said...

Please view and listen to the documentary evidences for Sethu bridge in the following link:

multisubj yb said...

According to Valmiki Ramayana, there is no indication of Rama crossing the river Godavari and other South Indian rivers like Krishna, Tungabhadra, Penna, Cauvery etc. If Sita was abducted at Panchavati on the bank of river Godavari, Hanuman and the Vanaras going South should have crossed all these rivers. Rama before meeting Sugriva should also have crossed some rivers. When Hanuman and other Vanaras came out of Svayamprabha's caves, she showed them Vindhya HIlls which are in MP/Maharashtra/Chattisgadh. Did Rama move north from Godavari? There are many gaps in Valmiki Ramayana which need careful investigation. Blind belief and craze is different from checking up of facts. Coming to a conclusion by seeing underwater photos resembling some sand dunes or stones is not reasonable.

AM I A HINDU? Best Seller said...

True, Ramayana and Mahabharta might have come from the minds of the authors such as sage Valmiki and sage Veda Vyasa.

So too Holy Bible and all other scriptures.

We have no idea about the date or month or year Jesus Christ was born, even though the world celebrate his birthday every year on December 25th.

That was the reason why Joseph Campbell wrote the book as well as TV documentary called "The Power of Myth." to inform the world, MYTH plays a very major role in our lives.

Ramayana is the story of Rama told by a crying bird to Valmiki. Sage Veda Vyasa wrote Mahabharta at the insistance of sage Narada.

A scripture is NOT less effective since it is a fairy tale.

Effectiveness of the scripture depends upon how much it will help in the day to day lives of millions of people.

In that respect Ramayana, Mahabharta, Holy Bible etc are doing great service to humanity.

They are indeed helping people every where to mature spiritually.

sonam nischal said...

I dont know if India has Ramayan or Mahabharat. I only know in spite of these great religions India has poverty, corruption, over population, terrorism, hot temperatures, lack of jobs, large quantities of people compressed in small areas etc etc. I also know countries who dont have Ramayan and Mahabharat are enjoying prosperity, cool temperatures, right quantity of population, less or no corruption, people helping others with no selfish motives. So I dont know if we should fight which is the greatest religion or not........Because people who dont know abt Ramayana are enjoying life better than us.