Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nepotism in Chindu

All in the family.

The Hindu : Front Page : Vidya Ram tops class at Columbia University's journalism school

Ms. Ram is the daughter of N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief, The Hindu, who is an alumnus of the Columbia University journalism school.


Anonymous said...

i am so disgusted . as if she is the only girl in the whole world who has topped the class.

i know so many students in stanford/mit/cornell who have come first. why dont they put their photos in the paper ?

and worse she is going to be the future editor of the chindu.

Anonymous said...

It is all in the family! Readers would have noticed that the news item is not attributed to any news agency, not even to "our own special correspondant"! And then there is the obligatory visit to China: Ms. Ram plans to use her Pulitzer fellowship travelling to, and writing about, China.

This "story" finds place in the last page of the print edition.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising at all that she "topped". There's a dude called Sri Srinivasan at Columbia school of journalism. Coconut: brown outside, white inside. A good frined of The Chindu.