Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fwd: The case of forged documents

According to Swapan Dasgupta: A reputed newspaper with Communist
sympathies has, in defiance of all journalistic norms, even published
a forged document, purporting to be a CID report, implicating the
Gujarat Home Minister Amit Shah.

Now here is what the "reputed newspaper with Communist sympathies" got
to say (in small print, of course):

The 24-page ``Facts of the Case'' was provided to our correspondent by
a privileged source within the Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday...

It is now clear, as the Gujarat Government's response published here
points out, that the 24-page document is not the Geetha Johri report.
The Hindu retracts its front-paged assertion that the Johri report
speaks of ``collusion of the State government'' and of the role of Mr.
Amit Shah, Minister of State for Home; and also that it recommends a
CBI enquiry. We deeply regret these serious errors in a story that
drew on documents we relied upon in good faith. We agree that we
should have verified the facts, especially those relating to the
provenance of ``Facts of the Case,'' before publishing the news

So, folks. It is not the mistake of the reporter (Neena Vyas) or
Comrade-in-Chief. We are led to believe that Chindu was so easily
fooled by a "privileged source within BJP".

A "reputed newspaper" on a self-appointed mission of non-stop daily
pontification and fighting "evil communal forces" (a la Don Quixote),
so easily fooled by a source from the enemy camp!

BTW, does Chindu also have "privileged sources" within other parties
like CPM, so that we can get to hear "Facts of the Case" from

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