Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Two CPM reports on Dera

CPM issues a press release, which was duly reported in CBCNN. And then, CBCNN in turn filed a report using the press release to impress CPM. A case of " you scratch my back, I scratch yours"?

The Hindu : National : Bandh call unfortunate: CPI (M)

The Hindu : Front Page : Intervention by religious bodies worries CPI (M)

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Anonymous said...

Bandh call unfortunate: CPI (M).
"Such intervention by religious organisations has dangerous implications"-declares CPI (M).

The faithful drumbeater Chindu, duly repeats: Intervention by religious bodies worries CPI (M).

Funnily, all these sermons do not apply to Muslims. In Hyderabad, there was a bandh, after the bomb blasts in a mosque. Comrades seem to support this variety of minority protest and we have seen photographs in the papers showing comrades with a black band in the mouth!