Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Don't blame China : CBCNN

CBCNN refused to inform its readers that an IAS officer from Arunachal Pradesh was refused visa by China. But it keeps talking elaborately about the peaceful intentions of China. This is why it is called the Chinese National Newspaper.

The Hindu : International / India & World : Don't bring differences to the fore: China

The Hindu : International / India & World : India and China to hold defence dialogue soon


Anonymous said...

The report confirms that the brand HMV still exists. Faithful and truly, Chindu is "His Master's Voice".

Prudent Indian said...

Devil'S Advocate OR Devil Advocates?
Tell me.

Anonymous said...

they published it(visa denied to arunachal officer) in a small column in the national news section. i read it abt 2 or 3 days back.