Friday, June 01, 2007

CPM's politics of hatred

Be it Presidential polls, CPM is driven by hatred towards BJP. Its policy has always been "nothing to do with Hindus".

The Hindu : National : Basu against `communal party' candidate

He[Jyoti Basu] added: "The last time because of the Bharatiya Janata Party putting up a candidate for President we did not support him.


Anonymous said...

There is a more important reason for our comrades opposing Kalam's candidature: President Kalam was one of the leading brains behind our successful space and missile programmes. This means that we are catching up with the Western powers (not too bad, the comrades would say), but also with China (which is something our comrades can not digest).

Prudent Indian said...

These communists had fielded laxmi Sehgal against Kalam.

They wont support Kalam because BJP supported they will not support any thing BJP supports,stretching this logic further,in case a war breaks out with Pakistan,and BJP supports Indian army there fore these commies will support Pak.

Would some body tie their feet and throw then in bay of Bengal,for ever.Good Riddance.