Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Special Correspondent" makes an "error" to discredit BJP

As we have seen yesterday too, this reporter is deliberately mixing news with personal opinions and discrediting the BJP's views with counter interjections. But this "editorial error" below is shocking. This "error" communicates exactly the opposite of what Arun Shourie wanted to say in the pamphlet. I am inclined to believe it is deliberate as it fits into the theory of this "Special Correspondent".

The Hindu : National : BJP: It’s not mudslinging
The pamphlet quotes from a lengthy memorandum by the bank’s union suggesting that Ms. Patil was not on the board of directors or the chairperson when the bank was liquidated.

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Anonymous said...

give the special correspondent her daily orgasm :-)

but isn't it an improvement that the special correspondent is filing fictional reports without identifying self by name?