Monday, June 25, 2007

Unnamed BJP sources praise Congress

Anonymous senior leaders of BJP came to CBCNN headquarters in Chennai and confessed that Congress is the only hope for the women of India. This sounds more like wishful thinking than news reporting. The pattern is fairly obvious to anyone who has read CBCNN for long: BJP articles are filled with anonymous sources or reporter's opinions.

The Hindu : Front Page : 33% BJP posts for women

Senior party leaders said the Congress had a woman president in Sonia Gandhi. In post-Independence India, Indira Gandhi was party president and Prime Minister. Now, the Congress had taken the lead in attempting to give India its first woman President.


Anonymous said...

What the unnamed sources failed to say was that it is the Gandhi(Nehru) women who control the party and decide who should be the head of the party, PM, President and so on. Besides, people have also seen how another Gandhi(Nehru)woman, Maneka Gandhi was shown the exit door by Indira Gandhi, so as to promote her direct family interests. A good example of woman dis-empowerment!

Anonymous said...

Here is something for the Mount Road Marxists to ponder over: "Since the media has been clamouring for the 33% reservation, how about the media setting an example and implementing them in their industry? The Super secular Hindu is in the forefront demanding reservation for women. But Malini Parthasarathy was cut to size when NRam took over as Editor in Chief. She was thought as becoming too influential and was cut to size. How many top executives in the Hindu are women?"

A reader's comment in "Outlook".

Anonymous said...

Does neena vyas get all of her orgasms entirely out of writing such stuff in articles on BJP? then those days when she does not get to do this must be pretty miserable for her..