Wednesday, June 27, 2007

N.Ram's diatribe

We have known N.Ram's hate-filled agenda for long enough. So instead of debating this article, I shall list down the adjectives used by N.Ram against the BJP:

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : BJP’s bluster

the best spin machine in the political business
belligerent approach to the Presidential election
emerged from it even worse than expected
the party ran the most vainglorious campaign
instinctively aggressive BJP
The less said about the quality of the BJP’s presidential campaign, the better
The party has lurched from one unprincipled position to another
finally reverting shrilly to Mr. Shekhawat
This stratagem has failed ignominiously

And then, there are some misinterpretations tailored to his theory:
projecting an outright victory in the 2007 State contest but also claiming top honours in the 2009 general election
The basis of this confidence? Eight mayoral seats won earlier in a municipal election

This whole article only reminds me of the fall from the great editorial standards that were once the hallmark of this newspaper.

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