Thursday, June 28, 2007

Communist double-speak

The Hindu : National : Support to Shekhawat shows “utter bankruptcy” of the Opposition: Brinda
On the claim made by the UPA-Left Presidential nominee, Pratibha Patil, that she experienced “divine premonitions,” she said such views “should remain in the personal realm and should not influence public office.”

This luxury was not accorded to Shivraj Patil. Hypocrites, the communists.
What cost Shivraj Patil Prez post : President election, Pratibha Patil, Shivraj Patil, UPA : : CNN-IBN
Patil's devotion to controversial godman Sai Baba also reportedly came in the way. "Such open display of obeisance to a godman from a man who would be President is unacceptable," a Left leader has gone on record as saying.

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