Thursday, June 28, 2007

My rant

I am beginning to think, what gives an editor the right to indulge in deliberate falsifications. While there are some kind of checks on the four pillars of our democracy, the fifth columnists get away with almost anything. Is there any way to rein them in.

I have been writing against this nonsense peddled as "ethical journalism" for almost an year now. I also know that a lot of people have been complaining about Chindu. The Chindu in turn knows it is not getting any popular. The question remains, why is it getting more belligerent. The bias is not subtle but visible even to a blind man. Worse, the bias has manifested into hatred, like most neo-semitic religions. This only portends disaster.

Some might think that a good way to deal with this propaganda machine is to hit where it hurts the most -- economically : stop subscribing to the Chindu. But I doubt that will make any difference considering that China is sitting on a 1.2 trillion war chest. Do we as a society allow ourselves and our future generations to be indoctrinated by an ideology that has wiped out a 100 million people from the face of this earth? And do we as a nation allow an extremist, violent cult -- which has been steadfast in opposing our national interests -- to dictate the course of this nation?

The communists have never been in a better position, what with sharing power with Congress, while raising a hue and cry against all and sundry. A good example is how they overpowered sustained campaigning against Nandigram pogrom with political din. The non-PM and his invertebrate government do not have any control on the communists and their mouthpieces. It is hard to imagine that this government would do anything to counter this "spin machine". I can only pray we are more careful while electing our governments.

As a society, we are letting ourselves to be dictated by the political non-issues. We are willing to fight for "backwardness" and the associated reservation "gains" but fail to acknowledge serious issues like basic necessities and infrastructure. It only shows how vulnerable we are to political machinations. We need a course correction.

Quite a few readers of Chindu say that they are disappointed with the excessive coverage of CPM but patronise Chindu for its "journalistic ethics". It left me speechless. Are we peoples afraid to confront a wrong, after all those centuries of subjugation? I think it is important that at an individual level we all speak up against these "propaganda machines". This also improves the collective consiensce of our society.

There is one language these bunch of "progressive intellectuals" understand very well - violence. It is a good deterrent. Look at how the Chindu crawls when asked to bend before the mohammadens.


Anonymous said...

Excellent is not the word Hf.
I have become a regular to your BLOG.You are able to bring out all our feelings which we were not able to express.
By reading your article this Mount Road Marx - N.Ram should hung his head in shame or we the readers should send him to his adopted country - CHINA.
Great Man at least you are there to rip this a......

Anonymous said...

If Chindu is subsidised from across the border we can not do much about it. But the idiots who still pay their money to chindu should consider stop doing that. Ofcourse, communists, missionaries, jihadists and rich shameless OBCs that want reservations might continue buying chindu because the Chindu represents their interests. For any one else to do that, they would have to be idiots of the highest order.

Anonymous said...


Completely agreee, the country is in the total grip of the left-liberals. Usually down south the argument goes that we can't buy TOI because of it's page 3 and allegedly "nonsense" news. I say I am okay with my kids seeing half naked pictures of celebrities and then reading the venom spewed by Chindu.

Truly appreciate your work. I have been daily visitor for months, but commenting for the 1st time.

Anonymous said...


In the previous post, I meant to say :-

I say I am okay with my kids seeing half naked pictures of celebrities, rather then reading the venom spewed by Chindu.

B Shantanu said...

I love your take on the news and its reporting...

...and I admire your tenacity. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Dude you rock. I have been a daily reader for months. I admire your work. You are doing a great job of educating people. But call me a pessimist but I don't see any way people and media and other Institutuions come out of the Leftist grip. We need a Ronald Regan revolution in India. Also we have to purge all our history books of this communist venom. We need a Talk radios like in US to educate people about evils of communism. May be this blog is a start. Anyway I salute for what all you doing

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

i agree that the solutions are not very obvious. the communists will survive, as they have done all along, even without any financial sources within the country. to use the communist jargon, we need an "armed revolution" against the vicious grip of the communists.