Saturday, June 16, 2007

A pliant media

The communist CBCNN gives prominent coverage to any criticism of BJP. Here the entire text is presented verbatim.

The Hindu : Front Page : NDA won't back Pratibha

Criticising the BJP, ...


Anonymous said...

It is really funny how the left media, particularly Chindu, beat the drum. The Congress party (supposedly the senior coalition partner) kept on proposing names and the commies kept on rejecting. Finally, out of desperation, they find a person, who happens to be a lady (who is also acceptable to the commies and DMK). Suddenly, pseudo-progressives start shouting women emancipation etc. and those who don't go by this stupid propaganda are branded as right-wing reactionaries!

During the last presidential election, commies set up a lady candidate (just to play against BJP) who was not supported by mataji superior!!

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting indictment of the commies:

"The left parties attitude towards shivraj patil is absurd
Religion is a personal matter for Patil or infact for every one. Why left parties are worried about patil personal beliefs. Why not they say to some one who goes to church or mosque? As long as Left parties are alive in india, india will never prosper".

Prudent Indian said...

Commies will have to eat back their words.mind it they kept on "saying" a political heavyweight,isn't it?.And PP is any thing but a political heavyweight.
And the second thing about cutting down Shiv Raj (Walking Zombie) Patil to size,here too they are wrong as Pratibha Patil is his choice's not Sonia's of course she is just as pliant as this Walking Zombie would have been.

So left is now just putting up a brave front.They are the big losers.

Ans as for He Patil Or She Patil,well both are His Master's Voice.
Check my this post published on Thursday night.

Anonymous said...

News in Hindu:

Same news in NYTimes: