Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crazy about China

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Crazy about English in China
But despite the enormous effort this staggering figure represents, the country’s English skills or rather the lack of them remain an Achilles heel when it comes to China’s projection of itself as a major global player.

I sense an element of disappointment by Pallavi Aiyar and Chindu that the Chinese can not pick up English easily.
CBCNN goes wild cheering almost drowning out his next catchphrase. “I will make China better and stronger,” Mr. Li screams, “I will make Chinese people feel proud.”

Good job, CBCNN. This effort will be recognized in your next appraisal.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Li: "I will make China better and stronger. I will make Chinese people feel proud".

Substitute Advani/Vajpayee for Li and India for China. Chindu will immeidately scream, "jingoistic, right wing extremism, reactionary, revanchist" and what not.

Absolute loyalty for the adopted country seems to be the motto of Chindu.