Friday, November 30, 2007

Media analysis by Arvind Neela

Good and comprehensive analysis by Arvind on Chindu's bias in reporting Hindu protest in Malaysia.

அகப்பயணம்: Bias and facts suppression in 'The Hindu' reporting: A media analysis
Bias and facts suppression in 'The Hindu' reporting: A media analysis

Chindu rejoices the largesse to minorities

The Hindu : National : Scholarships for students from minority communities
It will involve an expenditure of Rs. 1,530 crore during the 11th Plan.
This is the third such scheme announced this year for the educational uplift of minorities.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fwd: SIMI and the cult of the Kalashnikov

good analysis. to the anonymous person who posted this comment, i
request you to consider joining this blog and contribute.

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Once the Editor-in-Chief shows the way, his minions want to excel the
chief in his own antics. Then, this is what you get:

Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007

SIMI and the cult of the Kalashnikov

Praveen Swami

Don't be misled by the title or by the pseudo-investigative
journalism. It all boils to, what else, blaming the Hindus, the
country etc. for all the imaginary and imagined ills of the

See, how Chindu interprets minority discontent:

"SIMI's polemic appealed to the growing class of lower-middle classand middle-class urban men who felt cheated of their share of thegrowing economic opportunities opening up in India. Hit by communalbias and educational backwardness, this class of disenfranchised youthwas drawn to SIMI's attacks on Hindu polytheism and western decadence.The organisation's claims that there could be no justice for Muslimsin any system other than a Shariah-based order resonated withcommunities battered by decades of communal violence, often backed bythe Indian state."

Some Muslims find themselves backward. So, attack "Hindu polytheism"!
Many Muslims don't go to school, because Hindus worship many gods!!

Finally find a nice scapegoat and finish the sermon:

"Fighting SIMI, it is clear, will take more than arrest warrants andintelligence work: a coherent strategy to clean up the toxic politicallandscape from which it arose is desperately needed."

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fwd: CPM leaders visit Nandigram for the first time in 11 months

the CPM neros were playing fiddle while the CPM cadre was indulging in
the Nandigram holocaust.


"For the first time in the last eleven months, West Bengal CPI-M
leaders on Tuesday visited Nandigram "

Posted by socal to The Chindu at November 27, 2007 10:36 AM

Anti-imperialist opposes WB govt's oppression

Every one, except Chindu and the hard-core CPM cadre are condemning CPM's holocaust in Nandigram. Try Buddhadeb and N.Ram in Prague, anyone?

The Hindu : National : Rally against U.S.’ ‘imperialist policies’
On Nandigram, Mr. Clark said the “brutal aggression by the government” was a great tragedy.

BJP, the RSS and the VHP ought to be wiped out from India

The editor thought this was worth publishing. This is the solution for jihadi terror!!! Goes nicely with the original editorial, doesn't it. How different is K. Mukunthan from the dysfunctional literate, N.Ram

The Hindu : Opinion / Letters to the Editor : On countering terror
Mr. Patil has condemned the terrorist attacks strongly in Parliament. What more could we ask for? The UPA government and its allies are secular. Terrorists have no religion as they kill Hindus, Muslims and Christians indiscriminately.

It is, therefore, only the communal outfits such as the BJP, the RSS and the VHP who ought to be wiped out from India. Politicians should wake up at least now.

K. Mukunthan,


Communist lies exposed

These are the super-secular communists. And they call Waste Bengal the communist peace paradise.

The Hindu : Front Page : Taslima blames it on Kolkata police
On the remark by police authorities that she had left Kolkata of her own volition, Ms. Nasreen said: “I deny that flatly. I have been driven out of the State after withstanding three months of mental pressure from certain police officials. Finally I was advised to go to Jaipur at the instance of someone trusted to them [the police] and much against my wishes.”

Courts work on allegations: Chindu

CPM leaders "allegedly" made comments. Chindu, so habitually used to qualifying anything against the CPM with "alleged" has done the same here, suggesting that the court is issuing criminal notices based on allegations. Criminal case must be launched against Chindu for contempt of law.

The Hindu : Front Page : Contempt notice to Biman Bose
The Calcutta High Court on Tuesday issued a criminal contempt notice to three CPI(M) leaders, including Left Front Chairman Biman Bose, for their alleged comments against its order on the March 14 police firing at Nandigram.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

To stop jihad, arrest Hindus : N.Ram

I am not kidding. This is exactly the solution N.Ram has offered in this editorial.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Political will to counter terror
For the first time, though, an Islamist terror group operating in India has issued a manifesto seeking to explain its actions. In an e-mail despatched to television stations, the perpetrators of the bombings said their acts were intended to avenge communal pogroms against Muslims. However, the e-mail m ade clear, propelling the pace of justice against their perpetrators was not the bombings’ intent. Justice, it claimed, “could be only possible in Islamic rule, which could be achieved by only one path: jihad.”

The Islamist terror group categorically states that the "pogrom" against Muslims is a petty grievance, the real motive being enforcing Islamic rule in "secular" India.

Problem : Enforcing Islamic rule in India through jihadi terror
The Hindu has long pointed to the growing pace of recruitment by Islamist terror groups after the 2002 communal pogrom in Gujarat.

"I told you, it all started with pogrom in Gujarat", goes N.Ram. The burning alive of 58 karsevaks, that started it all, you ask. How dare you question, you Hindu, communal, low-life. Have you not heard of spontaneous combustion?

Problem : Enforcing Islamic rule in India through jihadi terror Muslim anger
Capitalising on the legitimate anger Muslims feel about the atrocities inflicted upon them...

N.Ram has now given his stamp of "paternal" authority and the "bastard" anger of muslims is now a "legitimate" offspring.

Problem : Enforcing Islamic rule in India through jihadi terror, Muslim anger Legitimate anger of muslims

Most of the suspects involved in terror strikes since the 1993 Mumbai serial bombings have been Indian nationals, drawn to the ranks of Islamist groups based in Pakistan and Bangladesh in the hope of avenging communal violence.

The serious threat by Islamists of imposing Islamic rule in India using jihadi terror has been replaced by addressing "legitimate" muslim anger.

Problem : Enforcing Islamic rule in India through jihadi terror, Muslim anger, Legitimate anger of muslims Legitimate anger of Indian muslims
The real question is just why politicians have shown so little interest in bringing about changes all claim to agree are needed. Behind their apathy lies a wider political problem.

N.Ram, with his reductionist, (alert: oxymoron) communist logic, has identified the jihadi terrorism as a political problem.

Problem : Enforcing Islamic rule in India through jihadi terror, Muslim anger, Legitimate anger of muslims, Legitimate anger of Indian muslims Political problem
Governments in States like Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh have been criticised, with some justification, for their long-standing unwillingness to combat Islamists — a failure that is, in turn, a function of the allegiance major parties have developed with Muslim communal blocs. However, this criticism misses the point.
That politicians fail to act against Islamic violence for the fear of losing the well-consolidated muslim vote bank is a well established fact. This calls for some "communist magic".

Problem : Enforcing Islamic rule in India through jihadi terror, Muslim anger, Legitimate anger of muslims, Legitimate anger of Indian muslims, Political problem Muslim vote bank

Across India, governments have demonstrated a remarkable unwillingness to confront any form of communalism, be it Hindu, Sikh, or Christian in its colours. India’s decades-old failure to act against perpetrators of communal violence gifted legitimacy to religious fundamentalists among the victims, and power to their counterparts among the perpetrators. As one fanaticism flowered, it inevitably fed the fears that fuelled the growth of others.

Another tangential argument. It is now back to legitimate anger of muslim victims. This is a direct result of Hindu, Sikh and Christian communalism.

Problem : Enforcing Islamic rule in India through jihadi terror, Muslim anger, Legitimate
anger of muslims, Legitimate anger of Indian muslims, Political problem, Muslim vote bank
Politician support to Hindu, Sikh and Christian communalism
Most political parties developed opportunistic relationships with the
growing religious right-wing, offering protection from the law in
return for votes.
Here it comes. Caste has been abandoned. Politicians appeal to all the Hindus based on communal grounds. The fundamentalists that they are, they vote en-masse to any politician who panders to their bigoted right-wing view. The politicians return the favor by supporting the communalism of Hindus.

Problem : Enforcing Islamic rule in India through jihadi terror, Muslim anger, Legitimate
anger of muslims, Legitimate anger of Indian muslims, Political problem, Muslim vote bank, Politician support to Hindu, Sikh and Christian communalism
Political support to Hindu communalism

A credible criminal justice system will do more to contain Islamist
terror groups than any number of policemen. But unless politicians
across the ideological spectrum find the will for a meaningful
consensus on upholding India’s secular values, the reforms we so
desperately need are unlikely to be ever put in place.
The threat to India's secular values is the growing right-wing. All the politicians must come together to address the problem of Islamist terror by strengthening the criminal system to prosecute the Hindus and pardon the Muslims.

Problem : Enforcing Islamic rule in India through jihadi terror, Muslim anger, Legitimate
anger of muslims, Legitimate anger of Indian muslims, Political problem, Muslim vote bank, Politician support to Hindu, Sikh and Christian communalism, Political support to Hindu communalism
Criminal system to prosecute Hindus
Islamists have issued their manifesto for war. India’s politicians now
need to put together their own manifesto for rebuilding peace.

: Enforcing Islamic rule in India through jihadi terror, Muslim anger, Legitimate
anger of muslims, Legitimate anger of Indian muslims, Political
problem, Muslim vote bank, Politician support to Hindu, Sikh and
Christian communalism, Political support to Hindu communalism
Criminal system to prosecute Hindus

Solution : Arrest the Hindus immediately

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Critisizing Muslim God is a sin

Criticizing Hindu God or denying the existence of Ram is fine criticizing Muslim God is not. The first is "secular" act, while the later is "communal". Chindu adheres to the highest "secular" standards.

The Hindu : National : Taslima should apologise, says Farooq Abdullah
Controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen should apologise for “criticising God” or else she will not have a “place to hide,” National Conference patron Farooq Abdullah said here on Saturday.

“She has been turned out of her country. If she wants to stay here, she
must say she is sorry,” the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister
told reporters.

Pointing to violence in Kolkata, he contended that there was a
possibility of a flare-up in other parts of the country. “She will not
have a place to hide. Kolkata flared up. The same happened in
Hyderabad. And what if that happens in other parts of the country where
she goes,” he asked.

Dr. Abdullah steered clear of demands that Ms. Nasreen be sent back
to her native country. “I am not an authority to decide on whether
asylum should be given to her or not. But as long as she is here, she
needs to respect religion. Criticising God is a sin.”

Asked about the issue of right to expression, Dr. Abdullah said:
“She must not play with religion because not only will she have to pay
the price, but so will the country.”

Friday, November 23, 2007

CPM an affront to India's pluraist, secular culture: UNESCO Ambassador

Naxal "super-secular" Ram will come out with an editorial criticizing UNESCO Ambassador as speaking beyond his capacity. He will then find an excuse to link this to the belligerence of BJP!!!

The Hindu : National : “An affront to India’s pluralist, secular culture”
“The decision of the CPI(M)-led Left Front Government to expel Taslima from West Bengal (which she calls her second home) is an affront to India’s pluralist, secular culture and traditional multiculturism. It is all the more shocking if it is true that the decision was taken in consultation with the Central Government, which also claims to be secular.


Suddenly, the number of people killed in Gujarat has become 2500. How convenient. And it is being termed "Genocide" and not "pogrom" anymore.

The Hindu : Front Page : Don’t compare Godhra to Nandigram: Yechury
This was nothing but trivialising the serious issue of state-sponsored genocide in Gujarat, in which more than 2,500 people were killed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fwd: CPC resolution full text in The Chindu!

Exclusively on the Chennai-Based Chinese National Newspaper:

Full text of Resolution of the Seventeenth National Congress of the
Communist Party of China on the Report of its Sixteenth Central
Committee adopted at the Seventeenth National Congress of the
Communist Party of China on October 21, 2007

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From: thejas

Shame shame Chindu! but congrats, for proving again that your are
Chindu and not Hindu !!

Chindu parades more intellectuals to support Nandigram holocaust

How much more Leftist can these "intellectuals" get?

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Chomsky and other intellectuals on Nandigram
The balance of forces in the world is such that it would be impetuous to split the Left. We are faced with a world power that has demolished one state (Iraq) and is now threatening another (Iran). This is not the time for division when the basis of division no longer appears to exist.

Chindu wants India to arm Pakistan

Chindu has been consistent in its stance that India should help Pakistan in every possible way. After all, N.Rogue is only trying to keep his word to Musharraf. We communal Indians always knew Pakistan would do with its "aid" money.

The Hindu : International / India & World : ‘Pakistan used U.S. aid to arm itself against India’
Pakistan has used a significant portion of the U.S. aid since September 11 attack to arm itself for a confrontation with India instead of conducting war on terrorism, according to a strategic think tank.

Most of the $10 billion aid is supposed to compensate the Pakistani government for sending its soldiers to the Northwest Frontier Province and providing support to the United States war in Afghanistan.

However, the money has been used for procuring high-tech weaponry to arm the military, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has said.

CPM creates terror to expel Taslima

The Hindu : National : ‘Taslima must leave if her stay creates problems’
The ruling CPI(M) in West Bengal said on Wednesday that the controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen should “leave the State” if her stay disturbs the peace.

“I don’t want to speak elaborately on the role played by the Centre on Taslima Nasreen’s stay in West Bengal. But if her stay creates a problem for peace, she should leave the State,” CPI(M) State secretary Biman Bose told reporters.

Army moves in to quell CPM terror.
The Hindu : Front Page : Army moves into Kolkata to quell violence

Meanwhile, Buddhadeb blames Muslims for violence.
The Hindu : Front Page : Buddhadeb blames Minority Forum leadership

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Maoist presence only a bogey: Medha

Medha Patkar, touted as the supreme secularist during Gujarat riots, has physically reviewed the situation in Nandigram. She confirms our strong suspicion that BUPC is not a TMC or Maoist outfit as consistently projected by Chindu.

The Hindu : National : Maoist presence only a bogey: Medha
Ms. Patkar, part of a people’s delegation that visited Nandigram, told journalists here that the bogey of a Maoist presence was being raised to justify the “subjugation of rebellious villages in the area.”

Releasing a report of the team to the media here, she, along with
journalist Sumit Chakravarty, said they did not find physical evidence
to back the accusations. “In Sonachura we talked to at least 150 to 200
people, both from the CPI(M) and the Bhumi Uchched Pratirodh
Committee(BUPC). Not one of them mentioned armed resistance by the

She said it was clear that no matter how it was projected, this was
not a Trinamool Congress versus CPI(M) fight. “The BUPC is not a TMC
outfit. Nor is it a Maoist outfit. So this is not a Left versus
ultra-Left issue. The BUPC consists of angry villagers from Nandigram
who have rebelled against CPI(M)’s oppressive ways and its bullying
tactics to take away their land [for Special Economic Zone

Nandigram is state-sponsored pogrom like Gujarat: NHRC

By the same yardstick, Nandigram is state-sponsored pogrom just like Gujarat. NHRC confirms this. Can we now get Manmohan to call it a CPI(M) holocaust. Let us try Buddhadeb in Prague.

But look at how Chindu is supporting the perpetrators of Nandigram holocaust. The contrast in Chindu's treatment of Gujarat and Nandigram is so striking.

The Hindu : Front Page : Left resents NHRC Chairman’s remarks
Their objection was to certain observations reportedly made by the NHRC chief wherein he expressed concern over rights violations in Nandigram.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ominous signs from Chindu

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Congress dreams
To say that the dynasty is the totem pole around which the Congress worships is to reiterate what every well-informed schoolchild in India knows. A key purpose of the just-concluded session of the All-India Congress Committee (AICC) was to introduce the heir apparent to a breathless, mostly sycophantic flock.
That Chindu forms a part of this breathlessly sycophantic flock is fairly well-known. It was acknowledged by the reader's editors some time back.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Perceptions and proportions
That was an omission; a commission that evoked readers' criticism was a Page 1, three-column story, "Rahul Gandhi to visit Amethi." (This was only in the early editions, and removed later.) Readers pointed out that Rahul Gandhi was one of 500 MPs; and MPs are supposed to visit their constituencies. What was so special about this one that it needed a front page announcement? That was the milder of the questions readers posed!
There are countless articles on Chindu, singing paeans for the dynasty like this one below:
The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Rahul Gandhi in Maya land?

And how can you ignore that invertebrate, ace-sycophant, Harish Khare.

But only Congresspersons of today are capable of missing the irony in the situation: that Mr. Gandhi should emphasise meritocracy in a party that is happiest led by the dynasty, and whose youth leaders are mostly children of Congress leaders.
The greater irony is the communists fighting for democracy. Or should we call it hypocrisy?
Mr. Gandhi would also do well to look at his own performance in the recent Assembly election in Uttar Pradesh where, with him leading, the Congress finished last — and with a tally lower than in 2002.

This is coming after praising to no end Gandhi's contribution in UP elections. Eloquent double-speak by the promiscuous mount road sermonizer. This sudden outburst against Congress suggests that Left's affair with Congress is turning sour.

Nandigram mess

Did Chindu ever bother to remind its readers about the number of Hindus who died in Gujarat? In Nandigram , it wants its readers to believe that CPI(M) is a victim and not a perpetrator.
While writing on the Dalai Lama N Ram wrote

While the Tibetan Buddhist doctrine of reincarnation belongs to the
mystical-religious realm and asks a lot from 21st century believers, the Dalai
Lama's approach even to rebirth is decidedly ideological-political

This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.May be Mr Ram and his cohorts assume that 21st century believers will have an insatiable appetite for commie crap.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nandigram challenge

Thankfully, a reader has summarized Chindu's stance on Nandigram. What does it take for a newspaper, inspite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, to perpetrate such deception on its readers? A few paise out of the 1.1 trillion.

The Hindu : Opinion / Letters to the Editor : Nandigram challenge
The editorial “The challenge of Nandigram” (Nov. 12) stood out for its courage, clarity and purpose. While most of the mainstream media preferred to go with the tide, singing and dancing to the tune of the very perpetrators of the Nandigram tragedy, The Hindu took an ethical stand.

Had it not been for The Hindu, I would not have known that thousands of Left Front sympathisers were living in relief camps for months after fleeing the region following attacks on their families and livelihood by the Trinamool Congress-led BUPC; that the democratic institutions had not been allowed to function; that 15,000 children were prevented from taking pulse polio doses; that the Union Home Minister took over 15 days to send the CRPF; that there was no cause for violence after the West Bengal Chief Minister announced in February that there would be no chemical hub; that the Governor forgot his constitutional obligation; and that I had for some time been naively following the media, forgetting the maxim — read between the lines.

"Chindu cannot serve India"

We knew it all along that Chindu cannot serve India. It is fit only for China. You can hear the same from Harold Evans.

The Hindu : Front Page : Foreign ownership of media not desirable in India: Harold Evans
celebrated British journalist Sir Harold Evans on Thursday said foreign ownership of the media would not serve a complex and sensitive society like India.

Ethical journalism at display

So many "eminent" persons quoted verbatim. Isn't it surprising that none of them mentioned any political party? Or did they indeed blame one particular party wielding substantial power and Chindu chose to ignore it?

The Hindu : Front Page : “We must stop this infighting, this rivalry”

Another day, another peace rally

...but no mention of CPM atrocities.

The Hindu : Front Page : Peace rally in Kolkata

Alert: Press release in WB not covered in Chindu

Seasoned readers of Chindu are not surprised. It must be something that is not favourable to the communists.

600 Dalits, Muslims killed in Nandigram: Release
Over 600 Dalits and Muslims have been killed in Nandigram, most of them in the last week, claimed Dalit activist Dr Udit Raj, quoting a report from the West Bengal unit of the Indian Justice Party and the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations.

In a press release, Dr Udit Raj claimed this was the reason why the media and social activists were kept out of the area.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fwd: TOI in Chennai

the red brigade, which is already getting some beating from deccan
chronicle, will turn more red with this news. the commies will
collectively commiserate this as a communal consipracy.


TOI planning launch in Chennai! Jolt to "the chindu" ?

Best Regards,

Fwd: The challenge of Nandigram

n.ram twisting in his knickers is hilarious. chindu has suppressed the
hooliganism of the red raiders. and no mention of that secular darling
medha patkar being beaten up by the super-secular red raiders. have a
look at this picture showing the red raiders on their war path.


The allies of CPI(M) were more critical of that party than CHINDU.
Actually, ganashakti may not do a better job than this.

The commies are getting a (heavy) dose of their own medicine and no
wonder they find themselves in a fix. More than the "Challenge of
Nandigram", the Chief seems to be desperately searching for the
"Villains of Nandigram".

And he has a bagful: "The Central government, which depends on the
Left for survival" ; the Governor, who "does not seem to have learnt
any lessons" and who is "speaking out of line" ; the Maoists who "have
resumed their armed campaign of terror" ; Mamata Banerjee
"ever-willing to give chaos a chance" and who is "saying that her
party would paralyse West Bengal indefinitely" etc. etc.

The poor Governor, who has been previously hailed by Chindu for his
"secular" credentials, now takes a severe whipping by the Chief (more
than half the editorial has been alloted to deride this Gandhi). And
finally as a saving grace, the suggestion to CPM to "restrain its
cadre from any campaign of reprisal".

Posted by Anonymous to The Chindu at November 11, 2007 10:20 PM

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Independent foreign Policy - Commie Style

The Bong gang that creates a din whenever the centre inches towards the US and lectures on "independent foreign policy" has just given us an example of what that is.The Cabinet Secretariat asked the union ministers to stay away from a function organized to felicitate the Dalai Lama.According to it, being seen with the Dalai Lama is not 'in conformity with our foreign policy". So what is our "independent" foreign policy? Bark at the US , kneel before China.
The commies can shamelessly crawl at China's feet. Why should India follow suit?

Karunanidhi's LTTE links

Where in the world will you see a Chief Minister weeping for a leader of a terrorist organisation that assassinated a Prime Minister ? It is a cruel irony that the widow of the slain PM has no qualms in joining hands with those who have never hidden their support for her husband's killers.

Karunanidhi was effusive in his praise for Tamil Selvan. I wonder whether he would pen such a passionate poem for the Indian army men. In any case, they care less!!.

In a poem, Mr. Karunanidhi described him as a man with an ever-smiling face but a heart that could annihilate the opposition.......he etched his name in the hearts of all Tamils, irrespective of where they lived...


Giving the devil its due

On the one hand, the Communists publicly express their concerns for China,but on the other, maintain a deafening silence on critical national issues such as continuing massacres and the saga of violence being propagated by the naxalites and Maoists across an increasing red corridor within the country, or the ruthless crushing of peasants who are fighting to protect their rights and honour in Nandigram

The BJP president alleged that the so-called protectors of the masses, even after 30 years of textbook Marxist rule, which should had converted West Bengal into a “Marxist Paradise,” have converted it into a land of gross poverty and even unprecedented food riots.

I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief when I saw this report on - let me say it once- 'The Hindu'.
It is not often that this paper reports criticism against the left-more so if it happens to come from the right. Though it was relegated to the inner pages, I think the devil must be given its due.

The paper was also surprisingly balanced while reporting on Tehelka's recent expose on Modi. According to the paper it was an expose on Mr Modi's "alleged" involvement in the riots. Well done Hindu!! Way to go