Thursday, November 15, 2007

Alert: Press release in WB not covered in Chindu

Seasoned readers of Chindu are not surprised. It must be something that is not favourable to the communists.

600 Dalits, Muslims killed in Nandigram: Release
Over 600 Dalits and Muslims have been killed in Nandigram, most of them in the last week, claimed Dalit activist Dr Udit Raj, quoting a report from the West Bengal unit of the Indian Justice Party and the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations.

In a press release, Dr Udit Raj claimed this was the reason why the media and social activists were kept out of the area.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Chindu! Almost all the traditional drum beaters of the secular-intellectual variety (starting right from good old Justice Krisna Iyer down to the glamorous designer-sun glass types) seem to be ranged against the Bengal commie regime. The Editor in Chief should be feeling the heat, goin' up day by day, as after a while there won't be any more scape goats.