Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CPM creates terror to expel Taslima

The Hindu : National : ‘Taslima must leave if her stay creates problems’
The ruling CPI(M) in West Bengal said on Wednesday that the controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen should “leave the State” if her stay disturbs the peace.

“I don’t want to speak elaborately on the role played by the Centre on Taslima Nasreen’s stay in West Bengal. But if her stay creates a problem for peace, she should leave the State,” CPI(M) State secretary Biman Bose told reporters.

Army moves in to quell CPM terror.
The Hindu : Front Page : Army moves into Kolkata to quell violence

Meanwhile, Buddhadeb blames Muslims for violence.
The Hindu : Front Page : Buddhadeb blames Minority Forum leadership

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Anonymous said...

What if ordinary folks say (to the commies), "leave the country as your presence here disturbs the peace."