Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ominous signs from Chindu

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Congress dreams
To say that the dynasty is the totem pole around which the Congress worships is to reiterate what every well-informed schoolchild in India knows. A key purpose of the just-concluded session of the All-India Congress Committee (AICC) was to introduce the heir apparent to a breathless, mostly sycophantic flock.
That Chindu forms a part of this breathlessly sycophantic flock is fairly well-known. It was acknowledged by the reader's editors some time back.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Perceptions and proportions
That was an omission; a commission that evoked readers' criticism was a Page 1, three-column story, "Rahul Gandhi to visit Amethi." (This was only in the early editions, and removed later.) Readers pointed out that Rahul Gandhi was one of 500 MPs; and MPs are supposed to visit their constituencies. What was so special about this one that it needed a front page announcement? That was the milder of the questions readers posed!
There are countless articles on Chindu, singing paeans for the dynasty like this one below:
The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Rahul Gandhi in Maya land?

And how can you ignore that invertebrate, ace-sycophant, Harish Khare.

But only Congresspersons of today are capable of missing the irony in the situation: that Mr. Gandhi should emphasise meritocracy in a party that is happiest led by the dynasty, and whose youth leaders are mostly children of Congress leaders.
The greater irony is the communists fighting for democracy. Or should we call it hypocrisy?
Mr. Gandhi would also do well to look at his own performance in the recent Assembly election in Uttar Pradesh where, with him leading, the Congress finished last — and with a tally lower than in 2002.

This is coming after praising to no end Gandhi's contribution in UP elections. Eloquent double-speak by the promiscuous mount road sermonizer. This sudden outburst against Congress suggests that Left's affair with Congress is turning sour.

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Anonymous said...

This is some kind of seasonal phobia, just like some folks getting affected during full moon nights. Sonia the great secularist, supreme sacrificer etc. etc., as long as she does not come in the way of the commies. Once she even contemplates to say something (even mildly offending) against the commies, the faithful Mount Road dog starts barking loud and ugly.