Sunday, November 04, 2007

Independent foreign Policy - Commie Style

The Bong gang that creates a din whenever the centre inches towards the US and lectures on "independent foreign policy" has just given us an example of what that is.The Cabinet Secretariat asked the union ministers to stay away from a function organized to felicitate the Dalai Lama.According to it, being seen with the Dalai Lama is not 'in conformity with our foreign policy". So what is our "independent" foreign policy? Bark at the US , kneel before China.
The commies can shamelessly crawl at China's feet. Why should India follow suit?


Anonymous said...

The challenge of Nandigram

The allies of CPI(M) were more critical of that party than CHINDU. Actually, ganashakti may not do a better job than this.

Anonymous said...

The commies are getting a (heavy) dose of their own medicine and no wonder they find themselves in a fix. More than the "Challenge of Nandigram", the Chief seems to be desperately searching for the "Villains of Nandigram".

And he has a bagful: "The Central government, which depends on the Left for survival" ; the Governor, who "does not seem to have learnt any lessons" and who is "speaking out of line" ; the Maoists who "have resumed their armed campaign of terror" ; Mamata Banerjee "ever-willing to give chaos a chance" and who is "saying that her party would paralyse West Bengal indefinitely" etc. etc.

The poor Governor, who has been previously hailed by Chindu for his "secular" credentials, now takes a severe whipping by the Chief (more than half the editorial has been alloted to deride this Gandhi). And finally as a saving grace, the suggestion to CPM to "restrain its cadre from any campaign of reprisal".