Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nandigram is state-sponsored pogrom like Gujarat: NHRC

By the same yardstick, Nandigram is state-sponsored pogrom just like Gujarat. NHRC confirms this. Can we now get Manmohan to call it a CPI(M) holocaust. Let us try Buddhadeb in Prague.

But look at how Chindu is supporting the perpetrators of Nandigram holocaust. The contrast in Chindu's treatment of Gujarat and Nandigram is so striking.

The Hindu : Front Page : Left resents NHRC Chairman’s remarks
Their objection was to certain observations reportedly made by the NHRC chief wherein he expressed concern over rights violations in Nandigram.

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Anonymous said...

"....certain observations reportedly made by the NHRC chief...". Clever reporting, as usual. So, it is not certain as yet whether the NHRC made these observations at all! Or, is Chindu giving the NHRC chief some space so that he could wriggle out at a later, convenient date when the secular camp finds a new, common enemy.