Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BJP, the RSS and the VHP ought to be wiped out from India

The editor thought this was worth publishing. This is the solution for jihadi terror!!! Goes nicely with the original editorial, doesn't it. How different is K. Mukunthan from the dysfunctional literate, N.Ram

The Hindu : Opinion / Letters to the Editor : On countering terror
Mr. Patil has condemned the terrorist attacks strongly in Parliament. What more could we ask for? The UPA government and its allies are secular. Terrorists have no religion as they kill Hindus, Muslims and Christians indiscriminately.

It is, therefore, only the communal outfits such as the BJP, the RSS and the VHP who ought to be wiped out from India. Politicians should wake up at least now.

K. Mukunthan,



Anonymous said...

Once the Editor-in-Chief shows the way, his minions want to excel the chief in his own antics. Then, this is what you get:


Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007

SIMI and the cult of the Kalashnikov

Praveen Swami

Don't be misled by the title or by the pseudo-investigative journalism. It all boils to, what else, blaming the Hindus, the country etc. for all the imaginary and imagined ills of the "minority".

See, how Chindu interprets minority discontent:

"SIMI's polemic appealed to the growing class of lower-middle class and middle-class urban men who felt cheated of their share of the growing economic opportunities opening up in India. Hit by communal bias and educational backwardness, this class of disenfranchised youth was drawn to SIMI’s attacks on Hindu polytheism and western decadence. The organisation's claims that there could be no justice for Muslims in any system other than a Shariah-based order resonated with communities battered by decades of communal violence, often backed by the Indian state."

Some Muslims find themselves backward. So, attack "Hindu polytheism"! Many Muslims don't go to school, because Hindus worship many gods!!

Finally find a nice scapegoat and finish the sermon:

"Fighting SIMI, it is clear, will take more than arrest warrants and intelligence work: a coherent strategy to clean up the toxic political landscape from which it arose is desperately needed."

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Patil has condemned the terrorist attacks strongly in Parliament. What more could we ask for?" Who wants Patil's lip service? Will his condemnation prevent further attacks? The centre had been "condemning" militancy in Kashmir for decades. Has the jihad stopped?

"The UPA government and its allies are secular.".. This secular government banned Da Vinci code and the party that heads this govt banned Satanic verses and Taslima's work. However, according to this "secular" govt, Ramayana is a fiction and Ram never existed. Mukundan's logic makes me puke -