Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chindu parades more intellectuals to support Nandigram holocaust

How much more Leftist can these "intellectuals" get?

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Chomsky and other intellectuals on Nandigram
The balance of forces in the world is such that it would be impetuous to split the Left. We are faced with a world power that has demolished one state (Iraq) and is now threatening another (Iran). This is not the time for division when the basis of division no longer appears to exist.

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Anonymous said...

"Chomsky and other intellectuals".

Funny to see a gradation even among these so called leftists and progressives!

Each one of the intellectuals has a book title tagged to his/her name. But, no word from them about the plight of Taslima Nasreen who is also a writer. She has been driven away to Rajasthan from the land of "intellectuals"! She has a double qualification-woman and writer and yet no support or sympathy for her. The reason is obvious. She writes against the mullas and highlights the plight of the Hindus in Bangladesh. So, disqualified and banished from commieland.