Sunday, November 04, 2007

Giving the devil its due

On the one hand, the Communists publicly express their concerns for China,but on the other, maintain a deafening silence on critical national issues such as continuing massacres and the saga of violence being propagated by the naxalites and Maoists across an increasing red corridor within the country, or the ruthless crushing of peasants who are fighting to protect their rights and honour in Nandigram

The BJP president alleged that the so-called protectors of the masses, even after 30 years of textbook Marxist rule, which should had converted West Bengal into a “Marxist Paradise,” have converted it into a land of gross poverty and even unprecedented food riots.

I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief when I saw this report on - let me say it once- 'The Hindu'.
It is not often that this paper reports criticism against the left-more so if it happens to come from the right. Though it was relegated to the inner pages, I think the devil must be given its due.

The paper was also surprisingly balanced while reporting on Tehelka's recent expose on Modi. According to the paper it was an expose on Mr Modi's "alleged" involvement in the riots. Well done Hindu!! Way to go

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Anonymous said...

Good to see this report. However, a slight caution may be deemed necessary. Perhaps, the comrades at the HQ have not seen this report yet. So, we should keep our fingers crossed as there is always the possibility of a "clarification" being issued.