Sunday, April 29, 2007

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I am travelling. I have limited access to internet. So the posts will not be as frequent for the next one week.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Fwd: Hindu loses 14% readership

According to this report

The Hindu has lost readership by a whopping 14%. I think readers are
deserting the paper disgusted by its propaganda and communist

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Khare wants UPA to be salvaged

For lack of time, I am not getting into the Khare-ish contradictions of the article. Khare is peculiar in CBCNN because he supports Congress and the dynasty over the communists. In this article he is whipping the dead horse.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Can the UPA project be salvaged?

Communist's democratic talk

I thought the below is the essence of democracy. What about the communist central planning strategy for building a Chinese paradise at the cost of sacrificing a few million poor.

The Hindu : National : Industries only with people's consent: Buddhadeb

West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said on Tuesday that though industrialisation was imperative for growth, the Government would not force it on the people. Industries would be set up only with their consent; not with bullets having to be fired by the police, he said

CBCNN protects the dynasty, blames party workers

Rahul Gandhi failed to attract any crowd. But CBCNN cleverly blames the party workers, and shields the dynasty. CBCNN gives all credit to any success to the dynasty. Communists are baptized in sycophancy.

The Hindu : National : Groupism mars Rahul's road show

However, the turnout at the election meeting at Nadan Mahal Park in the Old City turned out to be a huge embarrassment for the Congress. Only a few hundred people, mostly Congress workers, were present to hear him[Rahul Gandhi].

CBCNN drums up support for Congress

While Congress is worried if it will be able to recover its deposit, CBCNN goes around singing paeans for Congress. I am just as eager to listen to what BJP thinks about the situation in UP. I cant hope to get that on CBCNN.

The Hindu : National : `Congress will have a say in governing equation in U.P.'

Banking on the "untouchability" factor that may prevent various political combinations from materialising in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress on Tuesday said it would have a say in the governing equation in the State.

According to Mr. Dwivedi, the Congress had substantially succeeded in
setting the agenda for electoral discourse in Uttar Pradesh by adding
an ideological dimension to it.

No talk of "Let the law takes it own course" by CBCNN

The person in question is a Muslim. So the law suddenly turns out to be a miscarriage.

The Hindu : International / India & World : Afzal Guru: British rights activists' plea to Kalam

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fwd: A mouthful for Indian Olympic Association

How much does India have to learn from China and it looks like
infinite! And how proud can Chindu be when it comes to admiring its
adopted parent!!

Here is a mouthful for the Indian Olympic Association (IOA).

"Getting priorities wrong"

......The IOA only needs to look at China and its balanced and highly
successful path of sports development. China had its first Asian Games
as late as 1990 but its successful bid for the 2008 Olympics and the
2010 Asian Games reflect its rapid rise to the status of the No. 2
sports power in the world. There is a moral in this for the IOA.......

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CPM demands reservation

As we have demonstrated several times in the past, CBCNN follows a template when it comes to reporting parties' opinions on a matter. It starts with CPI(M), followed by CPI and other Left parties. This is then followed by any other parties, Congress and finally BJP.

The Hindu : Front Page : Evolve suitable response in Parliament: CPI (M)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Congress abetting a pogrom - a part of its culture

The perpetrator of Sikh pogrom now supports CPI(M) in the Nandigram pogrom. CBCNN is trying to label Mamta a naxalite/terrorist because she is exposing the truth about CPM.

The Hindu : National : Congress offers joint front to Trinamool

The Congress was abetting the CPI(M) in playing down the "genocide at Nandigram" because it depended on the latter's support to run the Government at the Centre, she added.

Barking dog of Indian politics

Contrast these two articles on the same day, from the same party. That is why CPM is called the barking dog of Indian politics.

The Hindu : National : Don't take Left support for granted: CPI (M)

The Hindu : National : We will not rock the boat: Basu

CPM's agenda - Defeat BJP

How can a political party display such single-minded hatred? Such hatred is what makes the communists  a danger to the mankind. CBCNN extends this hatred to RSS, VHP and all Hindus. That is why it is also called the Anti-Hindu.

The Hindu : National : Don't take Left support for granted: CPI (M)

"It is precisely because the BJP is benefiting from the Congress stance and the Government's policies that the CPI (M) firmly opposes all those political and economic measures which create the ground for the communal forces to feed on popular discontent.

Friday, April 20, 2007

N.Ram latches onto Khatara

After the CD episode, N.Ram inundates its readers with Khatara.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Katara's human cargo

the behaviour of the BJP legislator from Gujarat who is associated with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, is a disgrace to Parliament.
RSS and the Hindu community at large have been surprisingly omitted by N.Ram from the list.

Here are a few articles on the same issue:

The Hindu : Front Page : Katara case handed over to Crime Branch

The Hindu : National : Babubhai Katara also faces poll-related case

The Hindu : National : Disgraceful episode: CPI (M)

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Katara's human cargo
Comprehensive coverage according to the policies of convenience. On the contrary, Nandigram pogrom will be projected as a failure by Trinamool and BJP to attend CPM's all-party meetings.

CPM celebrates

Left speechless after Rahul Gandhi's insolence, CPM comes out all guns blazing when another moron, this time from BJP, got caught.

The Hindu : National : Disgraceful episode: CPI (M)

The Left parties on Thursday demanded stringent action against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Babubhai Katara following his arrest in an attempt to smuggle out a woman and a boy to Canada.

Nandigram never occured, cries CBCNN

The Hindu : National : All-party meet on Nandigram on April 22

the West Bengal Government has arranged for yet another all-party meeting there on April 22.
The operating word being "yet another".

Large parts of Nandigram remain inaccessible to the police and the local administration

Truth by repeated assertion. That age-old communist way of manufacturing "authentic" history.

The last all-party meeting, convened on April 3 by the local
authorities, was boycotted by the Trinamool Congress-led Bhoomi Ucchded
Pratirodh Committee. Representatives of the Bharatiya Janata Party
ransacked the venue of the meeting

Put all blame on the opposition, no matter what.

Security of Hindu girls is no concern : Karat

Security of Hindu girls is not a concern for Brinda because she is no Hindu. One becomes a communist only by rejecting Hinduism and embracing Islam and Christianity.

The Hindu : National : Probe activities of communal outfits: CPI(M)

communal forces in different States, particularly where the BJP is in office, are trying to whip up communal passions in the name of security of Hindu girls.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Congress sycophant's verbal diarrhea against BJP

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : The fringe and the mainstream

Vidya Subrahmaniam wrote that amazing article on TOI about how Gandhi detergent washes away caste-India

Meanwhile Rahul Gandhi is taken to cleaning by the caste-Indians for his political "faux paus" - as CBCNN would like to call it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

CBCNN hails Rahul Gandhi as 'secular' leader

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Politics of immaturity

Whatever the merits of his[Rahul Gandhi's] Babri remarks, they at least cast him in the mould of a secular leader.

Monday, April 16, 2007

N.Ram declares Gujarat as the test case for Secularism

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Do the right thing
Five years after the pogrom

The self-appointed judge delivers the verdict. While Nandigram is termed liberation, Gujarat is called pogrom. Surprisingly, no tears are shed for Godhra victims.

While the monetary compensation for death and injury is better than what the Sikh victims of the 1984 massacres were able to win for themselves after years of struggle,...

Why isn't Chindu fighting for the cause of Sikh victims

In Assam, thousands of citizens from different ethnic groups such as the Santhals of Kokrajhar have been living in makeshift relief camps for nearly a decade following incidents of mass violence.
or the Santhals
... tens of thousands of Kashmiri Pandit families driven out of their homes in the Kashmir Valley by terrorist violence in the early 1990s continue to languish in temporary camps in Jammu and Delhi.
or the Kashmiri Pandits? They only get a passing mention. Why is Chindu limited to Gujarat Muslims? How about victims of Nandigram pogrom?
A well-designed package aimed at long-term rehabilitation of the displaced families can easily be implemented for an outlay of Rs.200 crore to Rs.250 crore.
N.Ram is now formulating public policy. Call it editorial license.
The Gujarat package could then serve as a model for the formulation of an India-wide policy for IDPs.

Why choose Gujarat as the model for rehabilitation? Why not start with any of the other victims? The Kashmiri Pandits have been suffering for longer and their numbers are larger? Why Gujarat muslims?
including the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance regime — have done precious little for their proper rehabilitation.

Subtle insinuations against the BJP. Not a word against the real culprits - Congress and Communists.
Most recently, tens of thousands of people have been turned into IDPs by the Chhattisgarh government's anti-Maoist Salwa Judum vigilante campaign.

This must enter N.Ram's "Hall of Fame". He chastises the Chattisgarh Government for its campaign against Maoists.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

CPIML NGO fights for a terrorist

Yet another violent CPIML outfit posing as an NGO and fighting for the release of a terrorist. The Chindu gladly supports the cause.

Have a look at the website of this NGO. Its objectives are quite clear from the causes it supports:

Stem the flow of funds raised in Britain for fascist Hindutva organisations in India

Support Muslims

Support CPIML

The Hindu : International / India & World : Afzal case for European Parliament

Basu barks again

As the old saying goes, barking dogs never bite.

The Hindu : National : CMP not being followed: Basu

The question of reconsidering ties with the UPA, however, had not arisen as yet, Mr. Basu said.

CBCNN lauds Karat

Communists - they are all the same. Blood suckers

The Hindu : National : Karat lauds role of P.C. Joshi

Prakash Karat said: "Regardless of which stream of the Communist movement we belong to, we look upon him as one of our leaders."

Oh, those "eminent" communist historians, who believe there is absolutely nothing worthy of mention in the Hindu history and who never lose an opportunity to undermine the great Indian heritage. We now hear a communist saying this:

Mr. Bardhan said it was Joshi who challenged the colonial view of the `revolt of 1857' and called it a national movement which had since been acknowledged by historians as the First War of Indian Independence.

Is there any end to this charade?

Friday, April 13, 2007

UPA wants menstrual history of female civil servants

Would this outrageous demand by the UPA have been reported in CBCNN if Karat did not make a petition, I wonder. Why no moral outrage by N.Ram, why no condemning editorial? In fact, CBCNN did not even report it yesterday, while Guardian, the British newspaper, devoted an entire article to it. Imagine the outcry if BJP had done this. CBCNN does not exhibit a slant but blind prejudice. It is a propaganda machine. And, as with the communists, it does all this while pontificating on ethics.

The Hindu : National : Brinda Karat seeks Manmohan's intervention

In her memorandum, Ms. Karat said the form seeking intimate details was "reflective of a high degree of insensitivity towards female officers on the part of the authorities responsible for this form."

Also, she pointed out that such details — including detailed menstrual history and date of last confinement — were not at all required for their job profile.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fwd: Comment on Judiciary abusing power : Khare.

good comment.
This kind of pontificating and exhibiting "holier than thou" attitude
is typical of arm chair comrades and AC room intellectuals. We know
that a few years ago, when the Chennai city cops came knocking on the
doors at the CBCNN Head Quarters, comrade-in-chief had to plead with
the very same Supreme Court to rescue his folks from the strong arm
tactics of the then CM (it is a different point altogether that Chindu
due to some mysterious reasons became suppliant to the very same CM
villiefied very much by Chindu earlier).

The Supreme Court granted immediate relief and saved the Chindu family
members and servants from being reluctant state guests of TN. The
Supreme Court could have very well excused itself by saying that a
democratically elected govt. and an elected assembly speaker wanted
the Chindu folks to spend a few days in the govt. guest house and the
judges would not like to come in the way of this privilege extended to

Hypocrisy, thy name is Chindu!

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Judiciary abusing power : Khare

Firstly, can Khare be sued for contempt of court?

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Who will produce judicial enlightenment?

This is exactly the kind of Media Activism that David Frawley was complaining about.

The new Chief Justice will do democratic India a much-needed service if he were to bring to bear his moral and intellectual values to define and constrain his brother judges' functioning. Judiciary must re-align itself with Indian society and its existential pains.
Khare lectures to the Judiciary. But he has also pointed out why an independent judiciary must proactively protect the citizens - because the state abuses its power. And in India the state abuse is even more evident, say in vote-bank politics.

In any democratic political system, the citizen must feel that he or
she has the ultimate protection of an independent judiciary against the
state, always prone to trample upon the individual's political and
civil rights.

So, the rest of Khare's article, blaming the judiciary is irrelevant. He should, instead, have lectured to the state against abuse of power. Why is Khare questioning the judiciary instead of the state?

It is therefore crucial for all judges to remain vigilantly alive to
the truth that the potentially awesome breath of judicial POWER is
matched by the real depth of judicial RESPONSIBILITY.

But Khare has never displayed an ability to present a logical argument, or refrain from personal prejudices.

The Devil is America : CBCNN

Three articles projecting America as the "evil" aggressor. It is time we embraced China, CBCNN suggests.

The Hindu : International : "CIA-inflicted" wounds shown

Iranian state television showed hospital images on Wednesday of the Iranian diplomat who has accused the CIA of torturing him during his detention in Iraq.

The Hindu : International : Guantanamo inmates on mass hunger strike

Inmates at Guantanamo Bay have embarked on a mass hunger strike in protest at the isolation and harsh conditions of a new maximum security unit, detenu lawyers and military officials have said.

The Hindu : International : Russia preparing military response to U.S. missile plan

Accuses Washington of deception on European bases

CBCNN in self-congratulatory mode

But the paeans for China never end. To be fair to Pallavi Aiyar, she has probably one written one or two balanced articles inspite of her disposition to please her bosses. But giving her an award is travesty. Have a look at her past posts and you can see her strong inclination to paint a communist paradise of China.

The Hindu : National : Prem Bhatia award for Pallavi Aiyar

Ms. Aiyar has been recognised for her consistently insightful coverage of China's transformation from a poor agrarian society into the world's fourth largest economy.

One-sided reporting

You very often hear on CBCNN the Congress criticizing BJP but rarely do you hear BJP's opinions. A classic case of yellow journalism.

The Hindu : National : Congress criticises BJP's tactics

A comrade exposes his cadre

Some pretty damning information on CPM is available in this article. Nandigram is not the first time CPM has implemented a pogrom. :: Party games

The story of Alipurduar goes back to January 10 1987, twenty years before Nandigram. On that day, UTJAS had organised a rally of what they estimated to be about 50,000 people in Alipurduar, the headquarters of Cooch Behar district. As the rally started, they noticed something unusual: The police was nowhere in sight. Soon the rallyists found themselves surrounded by and under attack from the armed cadre of the CPM. The rally was dispersed as unarmed protesters were beaten and chased. The police surfaced, only to arrest the victims, once the party cadre had finished their job.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fwd: Reporting News or Playing Politics?

Reporting News or Playing Politics?

Author: David Frawley
Publication: Organiser
Date: January 26, 2003
Introduction: During the recent Gujarat elections, the media went so
far as to print the type of election results it wanted to see as the
likely outcome, though voters proved it to be totally wrong.

Reading the English language press of India, particularly the
editorial pages, it appears that the media considers itself to be the
supreme authority in the land. The English press of India goes far
beyond what its counterparts do in America, UK or other Western
countries in trying to influence its readers or shape government

The English media dictates against the government as if it should be
the real political decision-making body in the country. It deems
itself capable of taking the place of legal institutions as well,
printing its allegations as truth even if these have never been
entered into much less proved in any court of law. It has vested
itself with an almost religious authority to determine what is right
and wrong, good and evil, and who in the country should be honored or
punished. Like an almost theocratic institution, it does not tolerate
dissent or allow its dogmas to be questioned. In the name of editorial
policy, it pontificates, promoting slogans, denigrations and articles
of faith in the guise of critical policy review.

The media doesn't aim at reporting the news; it tries to create the
news, imposing its view of the news upon everyone as the final truth.
The media doesn't objectively cover elections, it tries to influence
voters to vote in a specific manner, demonizing those it disagrees
with and excusing those it supports, however bad or incompetent their
behavior. We saw this particularly during the recent Gujarat elections
in which the media went so far as to print the type of election
results it wanted to see as the likely outcome, though voters proved
it to be totally wrong.

Where is the Media's Mandate?

The question therefore arises as to what affords the media such a
sweeping authority that can override legitimately elected and
appointed bodies? What sort of mandate has the media been given to
justify its actions? Clearly the media has never been elected to any
political post and does not undergo any scrutiny like that of
candidates in an election. It does not represent any appointed post in
the government. It has no accountability to any outside agency. The
media's authority is largely self-appointed and, not surprisingly,

The sources behind the media's operation and where they get their
money is also not revealed. We are not informed as to how prominent
reporters and editorial writers derive their income, including how
much may come from outside sources. But clearly they are getting a lot
of money from somewhere that they are not in any hurry to disclose.
Though the media likes to expose the improprieties, financial, sexual
and otherwise, of those its dislikes, which it often exaggerates, if
not invents, if you examine how the media people live, you certainly
wouldn't want them as., role models for your children!

Nor are we certain who the media really represents. Certain groups,
not only inside but also outside India, are using this English media
as a vested interest to promote their own agenda, which is generally
anti-Hindu and often appears to be anti-India as well.

The Media Propaganda Machine

A section o the Indian media often appears more as a propaganda
machine than an objective news agency. In this regard the large
section of English media of India is much like the old state
propaganda machines of communist countries. This is an important clue
for understanding its operation. The English media of India largely
represents a holdover from the Congress era in which it was a state
run propaganda center for the Congress government that was far left in
its orientation. We can perhaps at understand its actions today as a
state run propaganda machine that has continued in power after the
decline of the party that created it. Its prime motive has now become
to reestablish that old state and former ruling party.

The media remains largely a Congress run propaganda machine. As the
Congress has not been able to win elections, it has emphasised its
media wing even more strongly to try to compensate for its failures in
the electoral arena. Yet as the Congress Party itself has often
failed, the media has taken to supporting other leftist groups inside
and outside the country in hope of gaining power. That is why they try
to, make heroes of figures like Laloo Prasad Yadav or Jyoti Basu as
another vehicle for their Marxist views.

Most of the main writers in the media are of the far left and many
remain card-carrying communists, a strange anachronism after communism
has been rejected worldwide, particularly for those claiming to be
progressive! Their leftist and communist sympathies go back decades to
the periods of Nehru and Indira Gandhi who favored them. They are a
Westernised elite but of the old left persuasion that finds their
heroes in Yasser Arafat and Fidel Castro, and still emulate even
Stalin and Mao. As the media is the last citadel of power for far left
groups in India, it is not one that they will give up easily.

The Danger of Hindu Fascism

Similarly, the claims of the English media that Hindu groups and
parties like BJP, RSS and VHP are fascists are the claims of a leftist
and communist propaganda machine going back over fifty years. The
English language media of India has long projected the great and
imminent danger to the country posed by Hindu fascism. If one believes
what the media says India resembles Germany in the 1930's with Hindu
Storm Troopers active everywhere and on the verge of seizing power and
conducting a campaign of genocide, particularly of Muslims.

One would expect, therefore, that the media itself is under siege in
India. On the contrary, there is no instance of a single journalist
killed by Hindu militants, of a single newspaper office burned down by
them, and of only a few scattered protests to the numerous anti-Hindu
stories over the years. Not even a single major newspaper has been
forced out of business by such supposedly 'vicious' and 'intolerant'
Hindu forces. For all their worries of Hindu fascism, the Indian media
seems quite comfortable with its way of life and its freedom not only
to criticise but also to malign the groups it disagrees with in the
most vehement manner!

What newspapers have actually been attacked in India have been the
target of Islamic groups, not Hindus at all, for which the media is
quick to render its apologies to Islamic sympathies. In spite of this,
the media not only exaggerates the danger of Hindu militance, it
downplays the danger of any Islamic militance, even after 9/11. While
it attacks even the mention of a Hindu Rashtra as dangerous, it
encourages tolerance and respect for theocratic Islamic states, which
follow an oppressive Sharia or religious law. The reason is clear, the
Muslims actually attack them, while the so-called militant Hindu
fascists, who are really largely pacifists, do not. Such writers
reveal their double standards and their cowardice by such actions.

The Gujarat Elections: A Mandate Against Media

The recent Gujarat elections appear to be the first major revolt
against the media, which occurred at a grassroots level. The media
badly lost an election that it had made every effort, invoking the
most shrill hysteria, bringing in NGOs to work for them, demonising
not only the BJP but even casting aspersions on the very culture of
Gujarat, to influence the voters. The voters, it appears,
intentionally voted against the media, recognising its obvious
prejudices and deceptions.

Yet even after this defeat the media has not toned down its rhetoric
and continues to proclaim that doom is approaching, much like the
fundamentalist preachers of the West, hoping to scare people into
supporting it. More such Gujarat election results are necessary to
change this tide of biased reporting going back over the decades.

India does need a responsible English language media that can
articulate the genuine concerns of the country to the rest of the
world. The absence of such a responsible media has caused great
problems for the people of the country on all levels because the
Western English language media, which has a poor record of making any
real efforts to understand other cultures and languages, still
uncritically relies upon such hostile media views. India's
independence will not be real until this group loses its hold on the
media and their place is taken by those who really appreciate the
great traditions of this great civilization.

While many people who are working in the media field are genuinely
concerned about their country, even these remain unfortunately bound
to the editorial policy of a hostile elite that continues to run the
show. It is time for such more nationalistic writers to express
themselves as well. They represent the real future of the country and
its news organisations.

Posted by Anonymous to The Chindu at April 11, 2007 8:57 AM

Paradise called China

This is the paradise CPM is attempting to create in Nandigram.

Discovery Channel :: News - Earth :: China's Farmland Increasingly Polluted

Heavy metals contaminate 12 million tons of grains each year, leading to direct losses of more than 20 billion yuan ($2.6 billion), the China Daily said, citing the nation's environmental watchdog.

More than 24.7 million acres, or 10 percent of China's farming land, has been ruined, the paper said, citing other reports in the state-run press.

More than 70 percent of China's waterways and 90 percent of its
underground water are contaminated by pollution, according to
previously released government figures

Corrupt Congress in AP

The Chindu expresses no moral outrage but calls it a credibility issue. The offender is Congress and hence the tacit support by N.Ram

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Growing credibility gap

Land scams seem to be the order of the day in Andhra Pradesh. No sooner did YSR assume office than the endowment land scandal surfaced, followed by another around the Outer Ring Road project. Now the opposition parties are charging that one of the Chief Minister's advisers and a few Congress functionaries close to him have profiteered by grabbing land from hapless farmers in the proximity of Hyderabad. With Ramoji Rao's Eenadu, India's third largest-read daily newspaper, aggressively investigating and exposing the scandals and the government's misdeeds, the State government showed its intolerant face — attacking the media baron's financial base in an unprecedented way but failing conspicuously to bring him to heel. The YSR government faces a crisis of legitimacy.

Left fights Left: Karat

Wonderful to see Karat coming out with incredible theories on how Maoists entered Nandigram to fight the CPM while CPM was practicing shooting.

The Hindu : National : Brinda Karat: CD bares BJP's mindset
On the Nandigram episode, she said Maoists might have used a sea route in West Bengal to reach the village and create trouble there.

Karat wants reservation in jobs and education. Good. Lets start with CBCNN and CPM party.
Karat ... sought to know why there should be disparity in providing quotas in jobs and in education.

Then there is also that usual BJP whipping.

CBCNN "finds" BJP sources

CBCNN found some private, anonymous sources willing to confide all. So convenient.

The Hindu : National : BJP sees `gang of four' at work

Privately, some BJP leaders admitted that the CD with communal overtones — which the party claims was released "inadvertently" — was a huge mistake. Some said party workers might have mistakenly believed that they would get "brownie points" from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for making such a "communal CD."

The opportunistic alliance

The communists' first priority has always been political; pro-people is secondary. Haven't we seen The Chindu holding the same position.

The Hindu : Front Page : CPI wants Left to review ties with UPA

Stating that the Left parties had decided to support the UPA to keep the communal forces at bay and to ensure pro-people policies

Nehru on The Chindu

Comrade Nehru on the communist rag from Chennai.

Is the EC brazenly political & partisan?

An English Daily from Madras, once described by Nehru as an old lady with a past and a matronly amplitude, and viewed today as a known and a sworn enemy of Hinduism and Sanartana Dharma, has rendered a great national service by going out of its way by presenting a few excerpts from the script of the controversial CD under the title 'Bharat ki Pukar' ('The Call of India').

Karat on Devil's advocate

Thanks to PH for the pointer.

Karat who is so articulate on CBCNN ends up tongue-tied talking about the Nandigram pogrom.

Contrast Karat in these two articles:

Devil's Advocate: Brinda Karat : devils advocate, karan thapar, brinda karat, special interview : : CNN-IBN

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Behind the events at Nandigram

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tibet and the coming water wars

CBCNN carefully avoids mentioning that these rivers originate in Tibet, which China has "peacefully" occupied. While China is preparing for water wars against India, the communists want India to embrace China.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : The great Himalayan meltdown

Water-sharing disputes within and between countries in the region, that were already proving troublesome, could worsen as a result, he told The Hindu.

Following the Chinese

N.Ram comes out with his pet-theory that everything good that India is doing is by "following the experience of China".

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : A partial solution

Following the experience of China, SEZs were conceived of as a quick fix to get over the problems...

Converting farmland for industries is not a concern because ***drum roll*** China did it.

even when all the 234 formally approved SEZs come up, they will take up just 0.1 per cent of the cultivable land. On the other hand, they are expected to attract investments of Rs.300,000 crore and generate four million jobs.

That is exactly why the communists threw all industries out of WB and Kerala.

An important component of the policy should be the rehabilitation of
farmers and farm labour, who will be unsettled from their traditional

Like shooting them down as the CPI(M) did in the Nandigram pogrom.

No wrong occurs in WB

But mysterious "accidents" do occur in WB, particularly for non-communists.

The Hindu : National : No security lapse: West Bengal

The West Bengal Government will submit to the Centre a report on Saturday's accident, in which External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee was injured.

Communists want to get cosy with Pak, China

The communists want to sleep with Pakistan and China. They have always loved the enemies, haven't they. And their foreign policy is also against the national interests. And their voice is called the Chennai-Based Chinese National Newspaper.

The Hindu : National : Raja for closer ties with China, Pakistan

All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO) presidium member and Communist Party of India national secretary D. Raja on Monday called for further strengthening of ties with neighbours including China and Pakistan.

The AIPSO decided to intensify its campaign for the cause of Palestine and expressed concern over U.S. backing to Israel.

CBCNN upset that Rajnath is not arrested

If it had been CPM/Congress leader, The Chindu would have screamed, "No evidence against Rajnath". Chindu's disappointment is evident when it squeaks that Rajnath is not arrested. There was never a case against him and the FIR was just political gimmick. And The Chindu joined the BJP-Bashing party. Ethics? Nonsense.

The Hindu : Front Page : Rajnath not arrested

He was also told that there was no evidence on the basis of which he and the Leader of the Opposition in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, Lalji Tandon, could be arrested.

Why single out BJP?

Why single out BJP? We all know don't we....

The Hindu : Opinion / Letters to the Editor : Why single out BJP?

Why single out BJP?

The content is based on news reports. The BJP has dramatised them to gain political advantage. Compare the contents of the CD with the abuse hurled at Manuvadis by the BSP day in and day out. No one has ever complained that the BSP is spreading hatred against Manuvadis. Why single out the BJP?

Duggaraju Srinivasa Rao,


How many times has The Hindu written an editorial on the venom spewed on Hindus by some leaders of Tamil Nadu? They publicly attack Hindu sentiments, without anyone, including leading newspapers, questioning them.

B.R. Kumar,


The prejudices of The Chindu are so blatant that readers can't but question them. In the typical communist fashion, they are suppressed. The Chindu insists on full address from its readers sending their opinions, probably to send a few DYFI "youth" for "discussions".

Sunday, April 08, 2007

CBCNN wants BJP de-recognised

This is another of those political dramas. But CBCNN wants to inflict maximum damage on the BJP. So it is demanding that the BJP be de-recognised by highlighting the Congress demands. Other papers thought of Congress act as another "nautanki".

The Hindu : Front Page : Congress wants BJP de-recognised

A Congress party delegation will meet the Election Commission here on Monday to demand the de-recognition of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for releasing the controversial compact disc.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Xinua propaganda on CBCNN

The land of a million mutinies is focusing on reforms. CBCNN rejoices.

The Hindu : International : China to focus on Government reforms

China will focus on Government reforms, perfecting the basic economic system and improving people's livelihoods this year, said a senior economic planning official.

Left asks CPI(M) to stop Nandigram pogram

We don't believe in repetition but we do

Remember when CBCNN did not mention the Chinese claims on Arunachal because it did not want repetition. If it is a propaganda against the BJP, it considers it worthwhile to repeat the entire article. And this article comes with a special note from the Editor-in-Chief.

The Hindu : National : What the BJP's election campaign CD `Bharat ki Pukar' presents — excerpts from the transcript

The Hindu : National : What the BJP's election campaign CD `Bharat ki Pukar' presents — excerpts from the transcript

[Editor-in-Chief's note: The Hindu considers the dialogue and message contained in this CD to be highly communal and offensive. It is publishing excerpts from the transcript because it believes the Indian public has a right to be informed about the reasons behind the ongoing controversy. Several TV channels have already shown visuals from the offensive CD.]

Thursday, April 05, 2007

CPM takes steps to overcome Supreme Court

The authoritarian agenda of CPM is on display here

The Hindu : National : CPI (M): take speedy steps to overcome Supreme Court stay

CPI (M) general secretary Prakash Karat said the meeting expressed concern at the growing "trend of judicial encroachment in the spheres of the executive and Parliament."

while Karat tries to encroach on the executive and Parliament.

CPM launches "false propaganda"

Iran must fight back; India must tolerate

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Britain in the wrong

Under the circumstances, it is hardly surprising that Iranian patience should be wearing thin.

I wonder when The Chindu will say India must end its patience with Pakistan...

but when intrusions are frequent and form a provocative pattern, Iran was within its rights to detain the crew and seek assurances that there will be no further violations of the country's sovereignty in future.

...and extend the same liberty to India as it has extended to Iran. To me, this sounds like the eternal damnation of the semetics.

With Tony Blair's credibility in tatters, there are few international buyers for his claim that the British soldiers were captured in Iraqi and not Iranian waters. Mr. Blair showed all the judgment of a schoolboy in rushing with his complaint to the United Nations Security Council, which in the event wisely confined itself to issuing a call for the early resolution of the problem.

But The Chindu never ceases to praise the sincerity of Gen.Musharraf inspite of his repeated failures.

Objective verification of the precise spot on the Shatt-el-Arab waterway where the arrests took place might not be possible. But with the Iraqi coast guard authorities pointedly disputing the British claim, the international community is likely to believe Tehran rather than London on this issue.

Coincidentally, the "international community" reposing faith in Tehran resides in the offices of The Chindu, and report to N.Ram.

Instead of raking up a pointless controversy over why the Iranians released television footage of their British captives — one can only imagine the hysteria that would have been generated about their safety in the absence of such footage — Mr. Blair should get off his high horse.

The Chindu must get off its dope here. The typical leftist cry of human rights and dignity is replaced by condemning the victims. While the worldwide outcry is condemned as "pointless controversy", publicly broadcasting the video footage is justified as the *only* way to assure the safety of the hostages.

I hope this outrages the British Guardian to cut-off the neo-liberal feeds to The Chindu.

Nandigram breaks down

According to The Chindu, a reputed national newspaper known for its disenchantment with propaganda, Nandigram has been turned into hell by Trinamool Congress. All other newspapers think it is CPM indulging in a pogrom.

The Hindu : National : Efforts for peace in Nandigram to continue: Home Secretary

Large parts of Nandigram remain inaccessible with roads dug up and bridges broken by activists of Trinamool Congress-led Bhoomi Ucched Pratirodh Committee. There were, however, no reports of any fresh attempt to snap road links, Mr. Roy said.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pallavi Aiyar on the cultural suicide of Chinese

I can't stress enough on the importance of culture. What China has embarked on in the name of modernisation is cultural destruction. Pallavi Aiyar has done some justice by bringing this issue out.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Hutongs — repositories of a city's history

To do otherwise would be shortsighted, cultural suicide.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The delusion continues

The Chindu is doing its best to propagate the myth.

The Hindu : National : Brinda: Left Front problems resolved

Propogating the ideals of a political party

Do we all know which party the agitated reader is referring to? You bet.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : A balancing game played out every day

If it was to save space, why not cut what is given to propagating the ideals of a political party?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Castiest N.Ram objects reservation

(A very good anonymous comment; I am taking the liberty of posting it here).
Why should only IITs and IIMs should remain centres of excellence? Why not the Govt. Arts & Science Colleges, Presidency Colleges, Engineering Colleges also strive for excellence, and be allowed and encouraged to become centres of excellence?

What is the admission criterion in the Asian College of Journalism and Chennai School of Business?(folks would know that both these institutions are connected with Chindu).

We can also see the Chindu pleading for posts such as airline pilots, armed forces be exempted from quotacracy. Why not extend the same logic to govt. general hospitals, municipal health centres, corporation schools etc?

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Stoking the reservation fires

The overall national interest would also require preserving certain institutions such as the Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institutes of Management as islands of excellence uncompromised by any other consideration.

Trinamool exposes Buddhadeb

The opposition has done extremely well to expose Buddhadeb and the Nandigram pogrom. But The Chindu is trying to concoct a story about lawlessness in Nandigram. Chatterjee has caught

The Hindu : National : West Bengal Assembly witnesses pandemonium

Trinamool Congress legislators walked out of the House shortly after with a senior member clambering onto a table in the well and demanding Mr. Bhattacharjee's resignation as he had publicly owned up responsibility for the police firing at Nandigram on March 14.

In his motion Mr. Chatterjee said the Chief Minister had furnished contradictory information relating to land acquisition for the Tata Motors' project coming up at Singur and thus had deliberately misled the House.