Monday, April 16, 2007

N.Ram declares Gujarat as the test case for Secularism

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Five years after the pogrom

The self-appointed judge delivers the verdict. While Nandigram is termed liberation, Gujarat is called pogrom. Surprisingly, no tears are shed for Godhra victims.

While the monetary compensation for death and injury is better than what the Sikh victims of the 1984 massacres were able to win for themselves after years of struggle,...

Why isn't Chindu fighting for the cause of Sikh victims

In Assam, thousands of citizens from different ethnic groups such as the Santhals of Kokrajhar have been living in makeshift relief camps for nearly a decade following incidents of mass violence.
or the Santhals
... tens of thousands of Kashmiri Pandit families driven out of their homes in the Kashmir Valley by terrorist violence in the early 1990s continue to languish in temporary camps in Jammu and Delhi.
or the Kashmiri Pandits? They only get a passing mention. Why is Chindu limited to Gujarat Muslims? How about victims of Nandigram pogrom?
A well-designed package aimed at long-term rehabilitation of the displaced families can easily be implemented for an outlay of Rs.200 crore to Rs.250 crore.
N.Ram is now formulating public policy. Call it editorial license.
The Gujarat package could then serve as a model for the formulation of an India-wide policy for IDPs.

Why choose Gujarat as the model for rehabilitation? Why not start with any of the other victims? The Kashmiri Pandits have been suffering for longer and their numbers are larger? Why Gujarat muslims?
including the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance regime — have done precious little for their proper rehabilitation.

Subtle insinuations against the BJP. Not a word against the real culprits - Congress and Communists.
Most recently, tens of thousands of people have been turned into IDPs by the Chhattisgarh government's anti-Maoist Salwa Judum vigilante campaign.

This must enter N.Ram's "Hall of Fame". He chastises the Chattisgarh Government for its campaign against Maoists.


Anonymous said...

If Chindu genuinely feels for the Kashmir Pandits it can at once ask for an "IDP" package from the present (highly secular) Kashmir govt. and then challenge Modi to implement a similar thing in Gujarat.

Or, still better, Chindu can show its sincerity by launching a Kashmir Pandit relief fund on its own initiative (something like the Tsunami relief fund) which will be an exemplary act of secularism.

Anonymous said...

...This must enter N.Ram's "Hall of Fame".

"Hall of Shame" may be more apt.