Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CBCNN drums up support for Congress

While Congress is worried if it will be able to recover its deposit, CBCNN goes around singing paeans for Congress. I am just as eager to listen to what BJP thinks about the situation in UP. I cant hope to get that on CBCNN.

The Hindu : National : `Congress will have a say in governing equation in U.P.'

Banking on the "untouchability" factor that may prevent various political combinations from materialising in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress on Tuesday said it would have a say in the governing equation in the State.

According to Mr. Dwivedi, the Congress had substantially succeeded in
setting the agenda for electoral discourse in Uttar Pradesh by adding
an ideological dimension to it.

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Anonymous said...

This is what is called "wishful thinking" or "day dreaming". As a rational comrade, noramlly Chindu should not succumb to this kind of emotional trap. But, desperation takes over ideologies.