Thursday, April 12, 2007

Judiciary abusing power : Khare

Firstly, can Khare be sued for contempt of court?

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Who will produce judicial enlightenment?

This is exactly the kind of Media Activism that David Frawley was complaining about.

The new Chief Justice will do democratic India a much-needed service if he were to bring to bear his moral and intellectual values to define and constrain his brother judges' functioning. Judiciary must re-align itself with Indian society and its existential pains.
Khare lectures to the Judiciary. But he has also pointed out why an independent judiciary must proactively protect the citizens - because the state abuses its power. And in India the state abuse is even more evident, say in vote-bank politics.

In any democratic political system, the citizen must feel that he or
she has the ultimate protection of an independent judiciary against the
state, always prone to trample upon the individual's political and
civil rights.

So, the rest of Khare's article, blaming the judiciary is irrelevant. He should, instead, have lectured to the state against abuse of power. Why is Khare questioning the judiciary instead of the state?

It is therefore crucial for all judges to remain vigilantly alive to
the truth that the potentially awesome breath of judicial POWER is
matched by the real depth of judicial RESPONSIBILITY.

But Khare has never displayed an ability to present a logical argument, or refrain from personal prejudices.

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Anonymous said...

This kind of pontificating and exhibiting "holier than thou" attitude is typical of arm chair comrades and AC room intellectuals. We know that a few years ago, when the Chennai city cops came knocking on the doors at the CBCNN Head Quarters, comrade-in-chief had to plead with the very same Supreme Court to rescue his folks from the strong arm tactics of the then CM (it is a different point altogether that Chindu due to some mysterious reasons became suppliant to the very same CM villiefied very much by Chindu earlier).

The Supreme Court granted immediate relief and saved the Chindu family members and servants from being reluctant state guests of TN. The Supreme Court could have very well excused itself by saying that a democratically elected govt. and an elected assembly speaker wanted the Chindu folks to spend a few days in the govt. guest house and the judges would not like to come in the way of this privilege extended to Chindu.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Chindu!