Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Congress sycophant's verbal diarrhea against BJP

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Vidya Subrahmaniam wrote that amazing article on TOI about how Gandhi detergent washes away caste-India

Meanwhile Rahul Gandhi is taken to cleaning by the caste-Indians for his political "faux paus" - as CBCNN would like to call it.


Anonymous said...

Chindu's sycophancy has turned into "psychophancy".

Readers would have remarked the almost daily coverage, along with photograph and prominence given to the new secular kid on the block, Rahul-ji. When this question was raised to the Editor's Writer (this name would be more apt than the fanciful and incongruent "Readers Editor"), responded that Rahul is a "big name". We are also educated that the coverage on Rahul is only "minimal".

Funnily, the same edition of Chindu (Monday, April 16, 2007), carried a colourful, front page, photograph of the new secular avatar. The caption being, "STAR CAMPAIGNER: A garland from supporters comes flying at Congress MP at Rahul Gandhi campaigning at Tihar in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday".

And this is called minimal coverage!

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

Haha! good remark