Friday, July 27, 2007

Drenching a BJP leader in oil is no crime : CBCNN

The Hindu : National : Modi blames Congress for attack on mayor
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has picked on the alleged murderous attack on Jamnagar Municipal Corporation Mayor Manharbhai Jhala to counter-attack the Congress.
The bias in this report is evident from the very first statement. CBCNN is trying to suggest that Modi is unnecessarily picking on the unblemished Congress. The Special Correspondent dismisses the attack as an "allegation". Obviously, the special correspondent is passing his judgment while reporting an event -- this is against Journalism 101 principles.

Mr. Modi not only condemned the alleged attack led by two former BJP colleagues but also demanded that Congress president Sonia Gandhi “apologise to the nation” for the “murderous assault” by some of her partymen.
Once again the murder attempt is dismissed as "allegation". The Special Correspondent is also parading half-truths and half-lies to mislead the reader. That the two attackers were former BJP colleagues is less relevant than that they are Congress members now -- this fact is deliberately not disclosed. Deliberately trying to mislead the reader is journalistic prostitution.
After two days of silence on the issue, Mr. Modi chose to convert into a political platform an official function of dedicating to the people a power sub-station at Kadi in Mehsana district to attack Ms. Gandhi. At his behest, the BJP units all over the State have started taking out processions and rallies “in sympathy” of Mr Jhala.
The special correspondent is actively picking on Modi. This is way beyond journalism. CBCNN is committed to drubbing BJP as a fascist regime and Modi as a dictator. It is according to this code book that this special correspondent is alleging that Modi instigated the BJP units. Once again, notice that an allegation -- that Modi instigated the BJP units -- is declared as truth. It is more appropriate to call this hate-mongering than journalism.

Mr Jhala, who had come out unscathed after some crude oil was thrown at him, apparently to “blacken his face” and not to burn him alive as being alleged by the BJP, is attending his routine work.

Is the special correspondent upset that Mr Jhala is alive and attending his work? After all, according to the communist code of conduct, isn't any Hindu better off dead? My question to the special correspondent is, how has it been authenticated that the intention was to blacken Mr Jhala's face and not burn him? Why is this declared as the absolute truth and while all BJP's statements are allegations?

Is it acceptable to throw crude oil on someone? According to CBCNN, yes. It is acceptable to throw oil on any Hindu or petrol into a train carrying karsevaks(Godhra?). In the land of "spontaneous combustion", things catch fire mysteriously but nobody can be blamed for it. It is just an accident. So drenching someone in oil is not a serious issue and if the person is burnt alive due to "spontaneous combustion", it is the dead man's fault.

What CBCNN is unleashing using its intellectual prowess is genocide. It actively supports Islamic terrorism against Hindus. It condones any sort of aggression against Hindus and anything associated with Hindus - be it a cultural symbol or a political party.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fwd: China faces growing labour disputes

Here is something that comrade Chindu would want to report:

"China faces growing labour disputes".

Admitting that some Chinese companies are infringing upon the rights
of workers and the number of "mass incidents" involving labour
disputes have risen consequently, chairman of the Law Committee of the
National People's Congress, China's parliament, Yang Jingyu said,
"China has witnessed a rising number of "mass incidents" triggered by
labour disputes in the past 12 years."

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Communists put muslims first

CBCNN wants separate plan, budget, reservations etc. for the muslims. It will not be happy even if the muslims are given another country. It wants total annihilation of Hindus.

The Hindu : National : CPI(M) seeks special plan for Muslims
The Centre must announce a special plan, on the lines of the tribal sub-plan, for Muslims to address the problems faced by them on the health, education, employment and other fronts.

The Government should announce an exclusive budget for minorities, instead of clubbing their issues in the regular budget, and begin implementation at the earliest, party general secretary Prakash Karat said.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Barking dog of Indian politics

There barks the dog again - the Chinese Party of India.

The Hindu : Front Page : UPA performance to be reviewed: CPI
Mr. Bardhan said if the Manmohan Singh Government’s performance was found unsatisfactory, “the Left support will be redefined.” He, however, denied that the four Left parties would withdraw support to the Government.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Democracy rules in China

1500 words praising the non-existent Chinese democracy. The propaganda machine called Chindu is running overdrive to paint a rosy picture of its fatherland.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : China’s experiment with village elections

CBCNN rejects free speech against Islamic sensibilities

The Anti-Hindu believes that respect for the opinion of Hindus is not relevant and that free speech must be restrained only when it comes to Islam.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Inability to tolerate Islam contradicts western values
But equally the cartoonists and their publishers, who seemed impervious to Muslim sensibilities, failed to live up to their own liberal values, since the principle of free speech implies respect for the opinions of others. Islamophobia should be as unacceptable as any other form of prejudice.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Khare's loose talk

This is an expression of perverted exaggeration by Khare.

The Hindu : Front Page : Why Shekhawat lost the race news Analysis
In other words, it was being suggested that Mr. Shekhawat would become a designated countervail to the Prime Minister, bringing an elected government to a grinding halt. This kind of role was never envisaged in the Constitution for the President, though there has never been a dearth of constitutional maulvis ready to produce a fatwa in favour of an activist President.

Friday, July 20, 2007

N.Ram weeps for Haneef

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Double standards against terrorism
The Australian government’s high-handed action verging on vengefulness against Mohammed Haneef has raised fundamental questions about the character of, and justice behind, Australia’s anti-terror and immigration laws.

CBCNN hides the identity of a "secular" traitor

While CBCNN is "afraid" of mentioning the identity of the traitor owing to its "secular" credentials, has no such inhibitions.

The Hindu : National : ‘Links’ with Pakistan

Suspected ISI agent held in Bhopal with Army's secret info | Indian Muslims

Article from PD reproduced in CBCNN

For the nth time, an article from People's Democracy has been reproduced in CBCNN. For a daily dose of propaganda paraded as news, the readers of CBCNN are better off reading the original at

The Hindu : National : Utter failure of BJP exposed: CPI(M)

CBCNN links VP election to Gujarat victims

The state of riot victims in entirely irrelevant to the VP elections. What purpose does it serve other than propaganda against the Modi government.

The Hindu : Front Page : UPA-Left names Ansari for Vice-President
As National Commission for Minorities Chairman, Mr. Ansari sent a team of its members to Gujarat this year to inspect camps housing victims of the 2002 riots in the State. In its report, the NCM noted that most camps lacked basic facilities even five years after the rioting incidents.

Karat elected the VP

As predicted, CBCNN gives the credit to Karat for the VP nomination.

The Hindu : Front Page : UPA-Left names Ansari for Vice-President
Over the last two days, Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Prakash Karat, who had taken the initiative to finalise the name, held consultations with allies in the UPA and the Congress.

CBCNN lying again

CBCNN is fabricating lies and speculating on rumours. This is way beyond what is expected of any newspaper, leave alone a newspaper which has a false sense of pride in  its national stature and journalistic ethics.

The Hindu : National : Cross-voting among BJP dissidents feared in Gujarat: Modi threat ignored
Speaking at the legislature party meeting just before polling began, Mr. Modi reportedly told the members that anyone cross-voting in favour of the UPA would be “caught” since those “managing” the booths were all State Government employees.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Patriotism is demanding : Khare

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Terror’s challenge to the Indian imagination
We have to move beyond the sweeping demands made in the name of desh bhakti.

These communists touting as liberals are nothing but traitors.
We must be absolutely clear that the doctrinaire pronouncements of an Osama bin Laden cannot mean that we bracket the minorities with the enemies of the Indian state.

Standard communist speak -- these apologists of terror.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Is N.Ram listening to this?

The religion of peace (TM) supports violence. There is no need to obfuscate this in elaborate prose.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Debate or denial: the Muslim dilemma
More Muslims need to realise that Islamist terrorists are not simply “misguided” individuals acting on a whim but that they are people who know what they are doing and they are doing it deliberately in the name of Islam. However perverted their interpretation it remains an interpretation of Islam and it is not enough to condemn their actions or accuse them of hijacking Islam without doing anything about it.

Let’s face it; there are verses in the Koran that justify violence. The “hard truth that Islam does permit the use of violence,” as Mr. Butt points out, must be recognised by Muslims. When Islam was in its infancy and battling against non-believers violence was deemed legitimate to put them down. Today, when it is the world’s second largest religion with more than one billion followers around the world and still growing that context has lost its relevance. Yet, jihadi groups, pursuing their madcap scheme of establishing Dar-ul-Islam (the Land of Islam), are using these passages to incite impressionable Muslim youths. Yet there is no sign of a debate in the community beyond easy platitudes, and it remains in denial.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Communists congratulate themselves

The ICC survey was not about Nandigram but the overall industrial competitiveness of the states. But CBCNN has twisted the survey to lavish praises on Buddhadeb and the communist government of WB.

The Hindu : National : Post-Nandigram turmoil won’t last: survey
West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has been voted the best Chief Minister in terms of governance and industrialisation drive, with the State emerging as the fifth best industrial destination in a survey. It was conducted by Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) among the city’s apex industry bodies.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Karat selects Vice-President

Karat states the very obvious about the Vice-President. But CBCNN feels that this is a tremendous contribution by Karat to the democratic process. It will keep highlighting Karat's and CPM's contribution to the election of vice-president and finally conclude that the vice-president was selected by Karat. That is the self-pompous style of the communists.

The Hindu : National : Vice-President need not be a politician: Karat

BJP sees foul play; CBCNN sees profits

What does CBCNN mean by "BJP sees foul play". Is it trying to suggest that BJP is having hallucinations? Put the facts before us and even we can see the foul play. But not CBCNN which is intent on assigning motives for BJP's actions. Meanwhile, N.Ram must be calculating his share out of this wheat scandal.

The Hindu : National : Wheat import scandalous: BJP
The Bharatiya Janata Party sees foul play ...

Demanding the resignation of Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar said here on Thursday that the government cancelled a tender, which was floated in May this year, as wheat price was quoted at $263. Less than two months later it was going ahead with the purchase at a price higher by $60-100.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Reporting on Congress filed without opinions

Contrast this with the report filed yesterday by Neena Gas and the prejudices are obvious. It is a disgrace to call Chindu a national newspaper.

The Hindu : National : Congress hits out at BJP

CPI politics of hatred

The communist agenda begins with violent opposition to anything associated with Hindus.

The Hindu : Front Page : Time for course correction: CPI
“We have extended outside support to the Congress-led UPA on two counts. One to keep the BJP-led forces at bay and ...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Neena Gas upset that BJP is presenting the BJP view

Neena Gas is actively debating and discrediting BJP while reporting a BJP event. This is definitely not journalism but a cheap propaganda. She must be seeking a pay rise, I guess.

The Hindu : National : BJP creates website on Pratibha Patil
The backdrop of the podium on which Mr. Jaitley was sitting was a large banner proclaiming the address of the new website and a warning that election of Ms. Patil would mean “India Diminished Indians Disgraced.” But even as Mr. Jaitley was speaking, the banner fell, revealing the Bharatiya Janata Party in words and its lotus symbol.

The booklet, however, did not contain reports of the statements made
by the Left, the Congress and its allies in the United Progressive

Monday, July 09, 2007

Castiest CBCNN

Ofcourse, the communists are the most castiest people around.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : To each, his own tinted glasses
“Girl sets herself afire after rape” said a report on a 12/14-year-old girl, belonging to the Scheduled Caste Bairawa community, who set herself on fire after she was raped by a Dalit youth. “Seven members of Dalit family found dead” narrated the tragedy of another family. “Dalit tortured, FIR against kin” was a report of an attack on a Dalit youth by some of his family for spurning a marriage proposal.

The readers raised these questions: unless the incident is related to the caste of the victim, what purpose does the mention of caste serve? If it is some other caste, is that mentioned? There is a tendency to magnify the crime by giving it a Dalit colour. Does this not perpetuate caste?

Is “dalit” germane to any of these stories? Remove the word, there is
no loss of news value. The addition can only be seen as an attempt to
add colour, to sensationalise.

Filing criticisms as reports

We have pointed out so often on Chindu how reporters take the liberty to criticize news or think on behalf of the reader. This is deliberate and is driven by political loyalties.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : To each, his own tinted glasses
If that was the response from a reader to an imagined slight to the Empire, on more solid ground were those who protested against a report on President Abdul Kalam, saying he had resorted to a “new format” to convey his willingness to enter the presidential fray. There was neither a communiqué nor a statement by an official spokesman, but only an oral statement. That, according to the special correspondent, was a “clever and new format that permits the option of denial at a later stage.” Arvind B., a student at NIT, Tiruchirapalli, took umbrage at this conclusion which he saw as “an unwarranted attempt at thinking for readers” who can think for themselves whether it is a clever idea or not. “Please stick to reporting, at least on Page 1,” he said. Dr. K. John Mammen of Thiruvananthapuram found it “irreverent, charitably incorrect.” The Hindu has been critical of Mr. Kalam, but that is the editorial writer̵ 7;s prerogative, which a reporter cannot assume.

Higher education in India is myth

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : St. Stephen’s: education and social conscience
It needs to be stated unapologetically that the Christian engagement with the educational empowerment of India, hugely in excess of its numerical strength and economic resources, flows naturally from the genius of the biblical faith.

There it goes into the drain - all the talk about equality and merit-based society. Those who do not believe in the bible are condemned to be illiterate. What a bigot we have got to join our bigot N.Ram.
Jesus came to “preach the good news to the poor” and to “set the captives free.” His stated goal was that all people (not just the elite) must have “life in its fullness.” God, according to Jesus, is in solidarity with the oppressed and the suffering; and being in solidarity with them is the essence of being ‘poor in the spirit,’ which, according to the Beatitudes, is the secret of blessedness.

Its now time for some Christian prayers. Amen.
It is in its vision, priorities, and purposes, and not in the syllabi, that education becomes Christian. This may seem like ‘modified communalism’ to the custodians of class and caste privilege, but those who get intimidated by this discourse become irrelevant to Christian education. Writ large over the teachings of Jesus is the ever-challenging insight that the pursuit of profit will perforce result in the denial of the poor and the forfeiture of the contextual relevance of Christian education.

Valson Thampu is unapologetic once again, when he states that his idea is to impart Christian education not the scientifically and methodically evolved syllabi. This resonates with his earlier stated belief that only the ones who know the bible are educated. So Valson Thampu is trying to enforce certain religious orthodoxy in the college, much like the rigidity associated with madrassa education. Imagine St.Stephens turning into a Christian madrassa. The major beneficiary of this would be the fathers, who get to have all the fun with the boys.
It should be about the mythology of higher education in this country...

You can't argue with someone who holds this view about education. Shall we say, "christian education"?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Easy answers from N.Ram

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Hard questions from Glasgow
Among other things, communal conflict within India and the state’s poor record of dealing with it have provided recruits to terror groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, and Harkat ul-Jihad Islami.

Terrorism in India has been traced back to communal conflicts. An extraordinary display of intelligence from Comrade Ram has helped us identify the root cause of terrorism. No, no, stop there. Do not ask why communal conflicts occur in India. It is not appropriate to mention the word "muslim" here but Gujarat may fit nicely into Ram's theory. And you can always blame the government, of course.
Still the question remains: just what made three upper middle class
Indian men who received privileged education participate in acts of
terrorism against a society that nurtured them?

I am dying with curiosity to know the truth.

From the evidence so far available, anger against the war in Iraq seems
to have motivated the authors of the car-bomb operations.

Yes, that is it - the Iraq war. It prompted these well-educated Indians to go to Britain and bomb innocents. Very convincing.

If the profile of past terror cells is a guide, cultural alienation and experiences of racism may also have played a role.

This exemplary brilliance from Comrade Ram is blinding. These elitists faced cultural alienation but the cause of such alienation, which could have been due to their beliefs or ideologies, is not mentioned. And that political bomb called racism. By now, Ram has blamed the Indian and British governments for the Glasgow incident. What else?

It will be facile, however, to attribute the actions of the cell to primal anger against the murderous war in Iraq.

Ram backtracks a little. It is not Iraq war although he earlier identified it as the root cause.

While anger against the U.S. and the United Kingdom is indeed widespread, the car bomb is not its dominant mode of expression.
It is not even against the foreign policies of USA and UK. At this point, I am left with Indian and British governments on the list.

Western media reports often attribute Al Qaeda actions to “Muslim
rage,” a misleading term that obscures the fact that the overwhelming
majority of believers unequivocally reject the world view of Osama bin
Laden’s organisation.
There is no "Muslim rage", N.Ram affirms. Whereas the Telegraph poll shows that one in four Muslims sympathises with motives of terrorists. In absolute terms, about 1,00,000 muslims who, if not prepared to carry out terrorist acts, are ready to support those who do. Given a chance, N.Ram would call it the revolution of the proletariat and justify it.

Instead they embraced a far-right vision of Islam that is anathema to most Muslims.
The facts fly in the face of it. But N.Ram braves it on.
Democracy, the Indian experience teaches us, is not a deus ex machina that will prevent individuals from turning to religion-based extremism, be it of the Islamist, Sikh or Hindu variety.
Finally here it comes. Those bloody fascist Hindoos.
N.Ram never directly laid the blame on this terror attack on Islamist extremism. So why is he trying to justify it by evaluating it against some other form of extremism.
Weakening Al Qaeda’s ideology by demonstrating that democracy works is a more durable solution.
N.Ram earlier concludes that, from the Indian experience, Democracy will not prevent people from turning to religion-based extremism. Two sentences later, he says that the solution to terrorism is democracy.
the west will have to work at building inclusive societies free from Islamophobia - and India should look hard at its own, flawed record in nourishing and defending secularism

N.Ram has earlier reduced the problem to British and Indian governments. Now he reiterates that the solution is for Britain to tackle Islamophobia and India to promote secularism. It is an established fact that in the Indian context, secularism means promoting muslim interests. In the British context, tackling Islamophobia means promoting muslim interests. This apologist of Islamic terrorism is asking countries to put muslim interests above national interests.

N.Ram's affinity to Islam is perfectly understandable when you consider that both communism and Islam demand trans-national loyalties. In this sermonizing editorial N.Ram has braved overwhelming facts to condone Islamists. The Islamists will, after achieving their set objectives of domination, will dispose off such "useful idiots" with utter disdain and in the "halal" way. As you can see, no Islamic country has a communist party. Good riddance, I would say.

Manufacture of history

Funny how Chindu is going about creating its own version of history much like those "eminent historians".

The Hindu : National : Nandigram violence: Jyoti Basu’s poser
Veteran Marxist leader Jyoti Basu on Friday wondered whether Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was aware that nearly 2,000 supporters of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) were still unable to return home in the Nandigram area, months after the violence there.

N.Ram campaigns for CPM

I know this is not new but here you can see N.Ram attending a politically motivated function and lecturing about the non-existent and fabricated dimension to Nandigram. CPM is trying to project itself as a victim. They are taking a leaf from the christists, who perpetrate genocide and project themselves as the victims.

The Hindu : National : Insight into missing dimension of Nandigram
“The film captures the complex situation and makes a powerfully successful attempt to fill some good part of the gap. What is shocking is the manufacture of consent for the indictment of the Left Government in West Bengal and demonisation of Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and the CPI(M). All kinds of people landed there without any thought about the implications of what they were doing. There was just one-sided grief, completely ignoring the plight of 3,500 people who were forced to become internal refugees,” Mr. Ram said.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Acorn » Mr Ram does a hatchet job on the Dalai Lama

Wonderful dissection by Acorn.

Mr Ram does a hatchet job on the Dalai Lama

A thank you note to his Chinese hosts

Periodic indoctrination (and re-education for recalcitrants) is in the scheme of things in countries ruled by Communist parties. Reading his attack on the Dalai Lama in The Hindu yesterday, it looks like N Ram has just returned from one in China. The Dalai Lama’s principal fault, according to Mr Ram, is that he is seeking independence for Tibet.

Dissect the article and Mr Ram’s biases become apparent:

while the Tibetan Buddhist doctrine of reincarnation belongs to the mystical-religious realm and asks a lot from 21st century believers, the Dalai Lama’s approach even to rebirth is decidedly ideological-political.

Twenty-first century believers are asked to believe in a lot of things: the relevance of communism, or socialism with Chinese characteristics, China’s “peaceful rise” or for that matter, The Hindu being India’s ‘national newspaper’.

As for grounds for selecting his reincarnation, the decision is entirely the current Dalai Lama’s. What grounds he uses—and no succession is free from politics—is his business. A reasonable conclusion to make is that the Dalai Lama is a political leader. Why should that be wrong?

Historical records show that the institution of the Dalai Lama as an ‘incarnate’ politico-religious supremo — recognised and empowered by the Chinese central government — began in the middle of the 17th century,

Notice the clever use of the word ‘central’ instead of ‘imperial’. There was no ‘central’ government in China in the 17th century—there was an imperial one. Empires—Chinese ones especially—operate quite differently from ‘central’ governments. Going by Mr Ram’s definition, much of continental South East Asia and Korea must belong to China.

Even if we were to accept Mr Ram’s version of history, it is possible to construct a legal argument that challenges the People’s Republic’s claim to Tibet. Since the Chinese empire was succeeded by the Republic of China, currently based in Taiwan, it is Taipei that should do the recognition business.

This problematical side is a function of the interplay of a host of subjective and objective factors. They are the Dalai Lama’s religious charisma combined with the iconic international status of Tibetan Buddhism; his long-lastingness and tenacity; his alignment with colonial interests and western powers and the ideological-political purposes he has served over half a century; his considerable wealth and global investments, and resources mobilised from the Tibetan diaspora in various countries; the grievous cultural and human damage done in Tibet, as in the rest of China, during the decade of the ‘Cultural Revolution’ (1966-1976); the nature of the ‘independence for Tibet’ movement that has rallied round the person and office of the Dalai Lama and follows anything but the Buddhist ‘Middle Way’; the links and synergies he has established with Hollywood, the media, legislators, and other influential constituencies in the west; and, most troubling from a progressive Indian standpoint, the reality of a continuing Indian base of operations for the ‘Tibetan government-in-exile.’

Shorn of the verbosity, Mr Ram is saying that the rich, subborn old man is supported by democracies, is popular with the West and refuses to die.

If he were just a pre-eminent religious leader, there would be no problem in accommodating him within the constitutional framework that guarantees religious freedom to all citizens and regional autonomy to ethnic minorities in extensive parts of a giant country.

Note: the giant country he’s talking about is China.

Equally important, he has repeatedly spoken of ‘six million Tibetans.’ He has falsely accused China of rendering Tibetans, through a state-sponsored policy of population transfer and Hanisation, into a ‘minority’ in their own land. The plain truth, borne out by official censuses and easily verifiable by foreign observers and experts, is that Tibetans constitute more than 92 per cent of the population of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

This would require the reader to either be very credulous, or make a trip to Tibet to do a headcount, permission for which is likely to be denied.

The Dalai Lama has even accused the Chinese socialist state of unleashing a ‘holocaust’ and exterminating more than a million Tibetans.

Anyone who saw that video of Chinese soldiers gunning down fleeing Tibetans recently should have little trouble accepting that the Dalai Lama’s accusation might have a grain of truth. Way back in 1959, the International Council of Jurists noted there was a ‘prima facie case of genocide’ in Tibet. The Dalai Lama’s accusations are substantiated by this list of books, from various authors. The only defence Mr Ram can cite would come from those official censuses again.

If the 14th Dalai Lama has his way, a single ‘de-Hanised’ administrative unit, which will be formed by breaking up four Chinese provinces, will appropriate one-fourth of China’s territory — instead of the one-eighth covered by TAR.

The fact that Mr Ram conveniently ignores is that the four Chinese provinces were created by absorbing the erstwhile Tibetan provinces, and that they were “integrated” through a programme of deliberate transmigration.

There have been other political provocations under the guise of exercising traditional religious authority. On May 14, 1995, in a pre-emptive bid, the Dalai Lama in exile in India ‘recognised’ the boy Gendhun Choekyi Nyima, sight unseen of course, as the 11th Panchen Lama. However, in December 1995, the Chinese central government, going by centuries-old custom and tradition that empower it to recognise and appoint both the Dalai and the Panchen Lama, approved the enthronement of Gyaltsen Norbu as the 11th Panchen Erdeni.

When the ‘central’ government appoints someone, it is going by ‘centuries-old’ custom, but when the Dalai Lama does so, it is a ‘pre-emptive’ move and a provocation under the ‘guise of exercising religious authority’. Here Mr Ram contradicts himself: if he and his principals in Beijing believe that the Lamas are religious leaders, then the ‘central’ government should have no business in appointing them. So they cannot simultaneously accuse the Dalai Lama of being a political leader and also deny him the right to carry out his religious imprimatur.

In an era of China’s unprecedented economic growth, inclusive and nuanced socio-political and cultural policies

You shouldn’t read this sentence without having someone trained in the Heimlich manoeuvre standing by.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Neena Vyas's anonymous sources

Those anonymous sources once again.

The Hindu : National : Court rejection embarrasses BJP
Many senior BJP leaders who do not want to be quoted admit that this kind of campaign has become counter-productive.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Selective reporting on CIA documents

While the first thing to hit the headlines on most other newspapers after CIA declassified official records was CPM's role in 1962 war and Nehru's stupidity, it never made it to CBCNN  as a worthy article. Almost a week later, CBCNN  finds material about America's frustration about India; it turns it into a prominent article with glorious colour photos.

The net result after reading on CBCNN about the CIA documents: The reader is
1. uneducated about the contents
2. develops a prejudiced view due to selective reporting
3. completely unaware of CPM's seditious role in 1962 war
4. force fed certain myths about Nehru and the dynasty
5. develops an unwarranted antagonism against the USA.

In essence, CBCNN only serves certain political purpose by prostituting journalism.

The Hindu : National : U.S. pleaded with China to ‘menace’ India: book

Sunday, July 01, 2007

CPM defines morality

This interview of Bardhan with Karan Thapan on Devils advocate demonstrates how bankrupt the CPM party is. > 'I take no responsibility for what Pratibha does' : devils advocate, karan thapar, A B Bardhan, Webcast
A B Bardhan: Our moral authority is demonstrated in the fact that we insisted that no communal person or belonging to a communal party, to the RSS and the BJP should be nominated.

Karan Thapar: So you can have a potentially corrupt
person, instead you can have a woman who stands for forcible
sterilisation, or have an orthodox woman who believes in spirits.

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Missing sacred facts on Chindu

Socal, thanks for the link. The "allegations" against Pratibha Patil are not presented in entireity. Neena Vyas wrote an article on it with the sole intention to discredit BJP and selectively pick loopholes. The established facts -- which raise considerable questions on her integrity -- have been conviniently ommitted.

Another example is CPM's lead role in Singur murder is an established fact but it turned up as "allegations" on Chindu.

Or how about the CIA report documenting CPM's active role in plotting against India during the 1962 Chinese invasion.

Have I not been documenting these "facts" and "allegations" on Chindu. The pattern is fairly obvious, isn't it. Inconvenient "facts" are conveniently ignored or turned into "allegations". When it is an allegation against the Hindus or BJP, it turns into a "sacred fact".
Call it ethical journalism, Chindu style.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Chindu on UC Banerjee report preaching sanctimoniously- "Facts are Sacred"

Facts nowhere to be seen in Pratibha Patil case. Apparently it is all allegations.

Posted by socal to The Chindu at June 30, 2007 5:14 PM