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Easy answers from N.Ram

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Hard questions from Glasgow
Among other things, communal conflict within India and the state’s poor record of dealing with it have provided recruits to terror groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, and Harkat ul-Jihad Islami.

Terrorism in India has been traced back to communal conflicts. An extraordinary display of intelligence from Comrade Ram has helped us identify the root cause of terrorism. No, no, stop there. Do not ask why communal conflicts occur in India. It is not appropriate to mention the word "muslim" here but Gujarat may fit nicely into Ram's theory. And you can always blame the government, of course.
Still the question remains: just what made three upper middle class
Indian men who received privileged education participate in acts of
terrorism against a society that nurtured them?

I am dying with curiosity to know the truth.

From the evidence so far available, anger against the war in Iraq seems
to have motivated the authors of the car-bomb operations.

Yes, that is it - the Iraq war. It prompted these well-educated Indians to go to Britain and bomb innocents. Very convincing.

If the profile of past terror cells is a guide, cultural alienation and experiences of racism may also have played a role.

This exemplary brilliance from Comrade Ram is blinding. These elitists faced cultural alienation but the cause of such alienation, which could have been due to their beliefs or ideologies, is not mentioned. And that political bomb called racism. By now, Ram has blamed the Indian and British governments for the Glasgow incident. What else?

It will be facile, however, to attribute the actions of the cell to primal anger against the murderous war in Iraq.

Ram backtracks a little. It is not Iraq war although he earlier identified it as the root cause.

While anger against the U.S. and the United Kingdom is indeed widespread, the car bomb is not its dominant mode of expression.
It is not even against the foreign policies of USA and UK. At this point, I am left with Indian and British governments on the list.

Western media reports often attribute Al Qaeda actions to “Muslim
rage,” a misleading term that obscures the fact that the overwhelming
majority of believers unequivocally reject the world view of Osama bin
Laden’s organisation.
There is no "Muslim rage", N.Ram affirms. Whereas the Telegraph poll shows that one in four Muslims sympathises with motives of terrorists. In absolute terms, about 1,00,000 muslims who, if not prepared to carry out terrorist acts, are ready to support those who do. Given a chance, N.Ram would call it the revolution of the proletariat and justify it.

Instead they embraced a far-right vision of Islam that is anathema to most Muslims.
The facts fly in the face of it. But N.Ram braves it on.
Democracy, the Indian experience teaches us, is not a deus ex machina that will prevent individuals from turning to religion-based extremism, be it of the Islamist, Sikh or Hindu variety.
Finally here it comes. Those bloody fascist Hindoos.
N.Ram never directly laid the blame on this terror attack on Islamist extremism. So why is he trying to justify it by evaluating it against some other form of extremism.
Weakening Al Qaeda’s ideology by demonstrating that democracy works is a more durable solution.
N.Ram earlier concludes that, from the Indian experience, Democracy will not prevent people from turning to religion-based extremism. Two sentences later, he says that the solution to terrorism is democracy.
the west will have to work at building inclusive societies free from Islamophobia - and India should look hard at its own, flawed record in nourishing and defending secularism

N.Ram has earlier reduced the problem to British and Indian governments. Now he reiterates that the solution is for Britain to tackle Islamophobia and India to promote secularism. It is an established fact that in the Indian context, secularism means promoting muslim interests. In the British context, tackling Islamophobia means promoting muslim interests. This apologist of Islamic terrorism is asking countries to put muslim interests above national interests.

N.Ram's affinity to Islam is perfectly understandable when you consider that both communism and Islam demand trans-national loyalties. In this sermonizing editorial N.Ram has braved overwhelming facts to condone Islamists. The Islamists will, after achieving their set objectives of domination, will dispose off such "useful idiots" with utter disdain and in the "halal" way. As you can see, no Islamic country has a communist party. Good riddance, I would say.


Anonymous said...

Good to see your hard-hitting analysis of comrade's latest pseudo-thesis.

The usual secular platitudes and excuses such as "cultural alienation and experiences of racism" are resoundingly hollow, as always. There was a photograph of the house of one of the Bangalore bombers in the papers today. It is a big bungalow! To leave such a luxury and willingly, voluntarily migrate to a foreign country (whose domestic and foregin policies should be quite clear to these educated jihadis) and lament about alienation and racism is down right stupid and absurd.

Why can't these jihadis take up job in a poor Muslim country and teach in some madrasa?

Chindu indeed churns out never ending BS, untiringly.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

summed up very well. it is BS to rationalize it using socio-cultural factors. these jihadis had no reason -- economic or otherwise -- to tolerate any sort of discrimination, considering that they are well-educated, skilled and highly sought-after global citizens. grieved people in democratic societies seek redressal using democratic means such as free speech rather than go around bombing innocents. only those radicalized in some death-cult see terrorism as an option. the ideological motivation of these terrorists is the elephant in the drawing room.
chindu is proactively colluding with this ideology.

Anonymous said...

Well dissected. Opens out in nude the hypothetical analysis by N. Ram.

Always wonder what is it that motivates the terrorists to do such kind of job??
Also I realize that education and rational thinking are not linked at all. Confirmed by the fact that the ones said to be involved in the attacks are doctors.

Anonymous said...

A super secular-commie (with a totally dubious name for his "national" paper) shamelessly espouses the cause of jihadi terrorists.

In contrast, see what a Pakistani writer has to candidly offer:

"Muslims in the West have taken advantage of the prevailing climate of tolerance, secularism and democracy to demand greater rights and privileges. Mosques and faith schools have mushroomed. Political correctness and the reluctance to debate religious issues in a post-modern West have seen the steady rise in the demands of Muslims.....

The question being asked privately in the UK is: If these people hate us and our way of life so much, why don't they just go back to where they came from?"

"Changing outlook"

By Irfan Husain