Friday, July 13, 2007

Karat selects Vice-President

Karat states the very obvious about the Vice-President. But CBCNN feels that this is a tremendous contribution by Karat to the democratic process. It will keep highlighting Karat's and CPM's contribution to the election of vice-president and finally conclude that the vice-president was selected by Karat. That is the self-pompous style of the communists.

The Hindu : National : Vice-President need not be a politician: Karat


Anonymous said...

A pompous ass declares and his chamcha dutifully reproduces: “That is the role of the Vice-President. He is not to make rules or policies. He can belong to any party.” Put in simple terms, the vice-president is a dummy and even dummier than the President! There seems to be no limit to the exaggerated self-importance of these good-for-nothing comrades.

BTW, does "any party" include BJP also?!

Anonymous said...

Here is another and interesting take on comrade K's hyperbole:

Cong snubs Left on non-political V-P:

"UPA is yet to meet. I can't say whether it will be a Left choice, a Right choice or a central choice," Dasmunsi remarked when asked to comment on Karat's observation that the post could go to a non-political person.

Karat's remarks have led to speculation that the CPI(M) is planning to push for a Left-leaning intellectual for the post, thus paving the way for indirect control of the Upper House without becoming part of the ruling establishment at the Centre.

The Pioneer (Friday, July 13, 2007)

Anonymous said...

Given The Hindu's gung-ho support for Pratibha Patil, the paper seems to believe that the republic's president does not need to have a clean record. There is a campaign of sorts in its op-ed pages billing the exposes against Patil as "muck-racking". The thinking seems to be that if the exposes are labeled as a conspiracy, then the allegations don't have to answered.

This is nothing but a tactical endorsement of corruption, and that ought to be a bigger matter of concern than The Hindu's communist fanaticism.