Sunday, July 01, 2007

Missing sacred facts on Chindu

Socal, thanks for the link. The "allegations" against Pratibha Patil are not presented in entireity. Neena Vyas wrote an article on it with the sole intention to discredit BJP and selectively pick loopholes. The established facts -- which raise considerable questions on her integrity -- have been conviniently ommitted.

Another example is CPM's lead role in Singur murder is an established fact but it turned up as "allegations" on Chindu.

Or how about the CIA report documenting CPM's active role in plotting against India during the 1962 Chinese invasion.

Have I not been documenting these "facts" and "allegations" on Chindu. The pattern is fairly obvious, isn't it. Inconvenient "facts" are conveniently ignored or turned into "allegations". When it is an allegation against the Hindus or BJP, it turns into a "sacred fact".
Call it ethical journalism, Chindu style.

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Chindu on UC Banerjee report preaching sanctimoniously- "Facts are Sacred"

Facts nowhere to be seen in Pratibha Patil case. Apparently it is all allegations.

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