Sunday, July 01, 2007

CPM defines morality

This interview of Bardhan with Karan Thapan on Devils advocate demonstrates how bankrupt the CPM party is. > 'I take no responsibility for what Pratibha does' : devils advocate, karan thapar, A B Bardhan, Webcast
A B Bardhan: Our moral authority is demonstrated in the fact that we insisted that no communal person or belonging to a communal party, to the RSS and the BJP should be nominated.

Karan Thapar: So you can have a potentially corrupt
person, instead you can have a woman who stands for forcible
sterilisation, or have an orthodox woman who believes in spirits.

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barbarindian said...

Bardhan lied at least 3 times in the interview. At one point he said that the some of the allegations were not "very correct". It is unclear how many levels of correctness there are in the Commie world.

Anonymous said...

Bardhan's BS about "our moral authority" sounds rather too hollow. People have not forgotten how his party willingly submitted itself to the brutal authority of Indira Gandhi during the inglorious emergency and the period immediately preceding it. How nicely the CPI comrades acted as the servants and page boys of Indira Gandhi till Sanjay Gandhi came into the picture and cut them to size.

Ah for those salad days of committed journalism, committed judiciary, committed bureaucracy, committed this and committed that! Great socialist heaven, sadly all virtual rather than real.