Thursday, September 28, 2006

Communist voice

UPA Government should correct economic policies: CPI

Even as the CPI supported the UPA Government from outside, the party had its reservations on the foreign and economic policies of the Centre, he said.

and what does com.raja have to say about the coalition in karnataka?
Mr. Raja called the Janata Dal (Secular)-Bharatiya Janata Party coalition in Karnataka an "opportunistic and unholy alliance."

funny, isnt it. kettle, black and all that stuff.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chinese economic interests more important than India's national security : CBCNN

Chinese FDI hitting `national security' barrier
I will illustrate using this article, CBCNN's reporting slant.
How does a Chinese newspaper, like the CBCNN, report this news?
It will tell us why economic interests are more important than national security issues. And because it is god damn communist, it will tell us why neo-liberalism is the most important thing for all of us. These god-damn communists use any ideal selectively and only when it suits their interests. So national security concerns are scoffed at as "old paranoia".
CBCNN tells us why FDI in telecommunication and ports must be allowed - because the numbers are small. See, it is only small numbers; why make such a huge fuss about it.
Left Democratic Front supports it, so whats your problem? Btw, how can the left front be democratic. Never mind, in India, the communists are getting away with even worse things.
Chinese firms are afraid they are going to miss out on 60,000 crores of business if they are shut out of ports sector. This is a major national loss , for China, of course.
The unnamed source covers the rest of the article and this unnamed source gets such a huge space in the article. My guess is this unnamed source is N.Ram's master in China or may be even N.Ram.
Figures and examples are given to display Chinese supercilious attitude.

Notice how well the Chinese case is presented. And where is the Indian viewpoint?

How does an Indian newspaper report this news?
It will tell us why national security is a genuine concern when dealing with the chinese. It would have reminded us how the chinese back-stabbed us during the "hindi-chini bhai bhai" days. We still have border disputes with china and china continues to illegaly occupy parts of Kashmir. China sponsors terrorism in India through Pakistan and supplies it with arms. China is responsible for nuclear proliferation to Pakistan. China directly supports and sponsors naxal terrorism in India. It encourages seperatism and armed revolution of communist groups against the Indian state. China is identified as the number one threat to India. For all these reasons, India views China with suspicion and this is reflected in its policy. So we have a strong case to regulate chinese FDI in India, especially in sensitive sectors like telecommunications and ports.
Vizhinjam port is a sensitive issue: there are sensitive defense establishments nearby, the thorium deposits are close too and the Kerala coast is infested with traitors as reported by The (Joseph P Thomas) commission's report. Why would India want to give an ace imperialist and the numero uno enemy an access.
An Indian newspaper would have pointed out that FDI seeks less sensitive areas. Chinese FDI in India is still around 20 million, while it is several times larger in US. So China would do better to invest in other areas before it talks about investing in ports.
All those visa and other numbers mean little. The trade balance between the two countries is skwed towards China. Obviously, it is China that is benefitting from the existing economic cooperation. Why should India change its policy to benefit China even more.
India is not the first country to view China with suspicion. The CNOOC bid for Unocol was rejected by US on security concerns.
China's relationship with Japan proves that economic cooperation can do very little to improve bilateral relationships. So why should India ignore its national security issues to give economic benefits to China.
The Indian viewpoint would have been given focus. Indian experts would have filled the content instead of an unnamed chinese source.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Com. Harish Khare in defense of Maino

Nainital conclave: rediscovering the party
Comrade Harish Khare is attempting to praise St. Maino in this article. The outcome, as you might have already expected, is that he ends up exposing her.
Here is the contradiction he exposes:
she has insisted on going out of her way to give all the due deference to Dr. Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister.
a question that was meant for the Prime Minister was pre-emptively answered by the Congress president.

Thanks comrade for joining the bandwagon of nitpickers in crying about who the real power behind the throne is.

This is how Comrade Harish Khare priases St. Maino:
1. she does not have a prime ministerial mien around her so the Chief Minister's conclave was designed for this purpose.
2. she is not able to make a mark as a great parliamentarian
3. she is unable to establish the reputation as an orator
4. she is not someone who could sway the masses
5. something else had to be done to add substance to her leadership profile
6. someone has to cast the Congress president in the role of a stern taskmaster
7. we have to contribute to her policy education
8. we gave her some idea about the complexities of governance
9. we helped create an image of a leader of substance
10. she needs periodic reaffirmation of her power as the centrality of the Congress
11. she does quite a bit of backseat driving
12. she is the extra-constitutional authority
13. the party devised the stratagem of a National Advisory Council to enable Ms. Gandhi to have a say in policy matters

Com. Harish tells us emphatically that the purpose of Chief Minister's conclave is to serve the interests of St.Maino. Not once does he question the reason behind our efforts to anoint this bardancer and give her the country's most powerful position. Actually, if he did that, he wouldn't be writing in CBCNN.

Karat Speaketh

Karat demands changes in Special Economic Zone Act
Karat is back on the front page.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

ISI terror in Azad Kashmir

No freedom in PoK: Human Rights Watch
We all know this, dont we. So how does CBCNN report this news unpleasent to its masters sitting in China: adopt balanced reporting. Sufficient and prominent space is given to the rebuttal of this report.

enRam does a flip-fop

Piss Process: Stay the course
When enRam told us that Pakistan does not sponsor terrorism in India, I said he will contradict himself very soon. Well, he didnt disappoint me. Today, he tells us that
there can be no disputing that terrorist organisations targeting India, notably the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba, continue to operate from Pakistani territory.
It is also clear that Islamabad has not really delivered on the assurances it gave New Delhi in January 2004.
If you didnt know what assurances Islamabad gave in 2004, let me tell you. It said it would end cross-border terrorism.
... push for an end to Islamabad's support for, or toleration of, violent extremist groups targeting India.

enRam tells us that Musharraf must be trusted even though he has repeatedly failed to keep his word. What exactly is the reason for us to stay on the course of piss process? enRam does not provide one good reason. BJP tried both the piss process and hawkish stance. Neither resolved the problem but only addressed it to a limited extent. It surely did not provide a reason to chose the piss process.

The impression of India being a soft state is well entrenched and Pakistan's strategy of a thousand cuts is well known. The result of this is the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir. India is the country worst affected by terrorism. Following the piss process is to stay on this course. Obviously there is no incentive for India in this path. Also, we are not provided with any evidence to show that peace process is yeilding broader opposition in Pakistani society to sponsoring terrorism in India.
That China and Pakistan might benefit from this is a distinct possibility. CBCNN advocating the peace process confirms it.

The critics of peace process are providing alternatives:`hot pursuit' and `surgical strikes.'
To call it "idle, dangerous chatter" clearly exposes the prejudices of CBCNN. When communists cannot justify their position, they indulge in ad hominen attacks. So CBCNN calls critics of peace process as hawk, dangerous, chatters etc...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Karat Speaketh

Karat meets Pawar and CBCNN is all excited.

CPI(M) terror

Two policemen killed in Maoist mine blast

How does the communist party celebrate its second anniversary -- by calling for a bandh. rotfl. And then, they go around blasting bombs.

The Maoists ... are responsible for several recent attacks targeting policemen and Communist Party of India (Marxist) leaders.

CBCNN is the media outlet for Indian communists.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

15 million or 20 million - you never know

In this article, the number of Ismaili Muslim followers of Aga Khan is given as 20 million. On the same day, in
article, the number is reported as 15 million.
As is typical with reporting muslim census in India, the number changes according to convenience.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pope a fundementalist: CBCNN

In the Pope's case, this something seems to be doctrinal conservatism combining with a temperamental inability to empathise with people of non-Christian faiths and civilisations.
In English, it means that the Pope is a Christian fundamentalist. But this is between two semitic religions and neither of the two parties is a Hindu. So CBCNN does a delicate balancing act.
Fanatical and extremist elements working in the name of Islam ...
Wonderful wordplay. Categorizations like "Islamic fanatics" and "Islamic extremists" have been carefully avoided. CBCNN tells us these extremists do not represent Islam.

CBCNN weeps for Muslims

11 Muslim civilians killed in Sri Lanka
Why is CBCNN shouting that the victims are Muslims. There is nothing in the report to suggest that they were killed because they were muslims -- they were civilians who happened to be muslims. The objective of this article, I imagine, is to flare up muslim insecurities.
Btw, the reaction of muslims to this incident is entirely predictable. Angry muslim protestors went on a rampage.

N.Ram asks India to fall in line with Pak

Piss process: A potential breakthrough

N.Ram is paying back for the petro-dollars which fuel CBCNN, by strongly advocating Pakistani position and asking India to acquiesce to its demands.

He tells us that "extremist and terrorist outfits ... have a degree of autonomy". So Pakistan really does not train them and send them across to India. This position is reiterated again below.
While sceptics will continue to suspect Gen. Musharraf's commitment to the new arrangement, he does appear to have signalled his intent to cut the linkages, if any, between sections of his intelligence services and terrorist groups targeting India exclusively.
Yeah, we all noticed that cleverly inserted "if any", suggesting that there never were any connections between ISI and terrorism in India. The rest of the world better take note. Musharraf says he will divert the terrorists operating in India to other parts of the world.
I bet N.Ram will contradict himself pretty soon. He will tell us with authority that ISI operates only in India and does not have any footprint anywhere else.

Now that comrade N.Ram has finished with his baseless statements, he will move on to pontificate. Here he does it with utter disregard to the Indian position on the issue.
With Pakistan agreeing implicitly to jettison a policy of state it has clung to for decades, the ball is really in India's court.
... the two countries craft an out-of-the-box solution

Well, actually, I feel like I am reading Musharraf's opinion rather than N.Ram's.

Karat Speaketh

Left not a veto on everything: Karat

Karat Speaketh

More funds needed for social sector: Brinda Karat

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Communist Voice

14 Sep 2006

Talks between Manmohan, Musharraf should be productive, says CPI (M)
CPI (M) seeks changes in SEZ Act
CPI(M) protests against fixing of water meters

Friday, September 08, 2006

Have no doubt Maoists are CPI(M) cadre

CBCNN uses "Maoists" in an attempt to absolve the party CPI(M). Have no doubt whatsoever that all these "Maoists" are badgeholders of CPI(M) party.
Mattam Ravi Kumar alias Sreedhar and Sakhamuri Appa Rao alias Ravi, members of the State Committee (of CPI(M)), were serious aspirants for the top post.

So what does this top leader of CPI(M) belive?
A top naxalite leader Sakhamuri Appa Rao, member of the Maoist AP State Committee, is believed to have argued for technological improvement of weapons. He convinced the Central Committee to allocate sufficient funds for developing IEDs and rocket launchers and for procuring state-of-the art wireless communication sets.

It was Mr. Rao, who put forth the innovation to use wireless sets for detonating landmines, hitherto done using a camera flash connected through a wire to the mine. But he found that advanced wireless sets (Icomm make) provided the advantage of communicating only with a particular set .

CPI(M) believes in armed revolution against the state. CBCNN is its media arm, as has been amply demonstrated on several occassions.

Major arms haul from CPI(M)

These are the guys CBCNN vouches for.
In a major haul of weaponry meant for Maoists, the Andhra Pradesh police recovered 42 rocket launchers, about 1,000 empty rocket shells and 35 improvised landmines in buckets in Mahabubnagar and Prakasam districts.

Director-General of Police Swaranjit Sen told presspersons that the rocket launchers, seized during raids on godowns of transport companies in the districts, were of superior quality.

On the recovery of empty rocket shells, he said: "This is perhaps the single largest number of such shells recovered in the country."

The Maoists apparently intended to use the weapons on police stations and vehicles carrying VIPs, he said.

The arms included two tonnes of spares to rig 16 rocket launchers and 600 shells, high-tensile springs used to propel explosives from shells, fins that could be attached to shells, 500 live .303 rounds, detonators, wire, an electronic weighing scale and two digital thermometers. They were all hidden in gunny bags.

A person picked up by police from a bus stand at Achampet said he came to take possession of some gunny bags from Kranthi Transports and deliver them to the CPI (Maoist) district committee secretary Sudhakar.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vande Mataram

While Vande Mataram is allotted the same status as Jana gana mana, Comrade Malini downgrades it.

People of diverse identities, communities and regions joined in the freedom struggle. This does not in any way imply that they did not share a common culture. On the contrary, it was this shared culture that stood as the unifying factor. This cultural unification, which rallied into a broad-based nationalist struggle, is best represented by the national song, Vande Mataram. There indeed were people who did not subscribe to this cultural nationalism but nevertheless participated in the freedom struggle. They seceded and formed a separate country. Those who have remained in the Indian nation have "chosen" to acknowledged the importance of cultural nationalism and Vande Mataram. It is only fair to say that Vande Mataram represented the culmination of the freedom struggle of India as much as it represented the position and poignancy of it. Nehru was probably right when he said it did not represent the culmination of the freedom struggle because it definitely did not represent the culmination of the freedom struggle of Pakistan.

Like most states that have evolved out of cultural nationalism, India has chosen civic nationalism. This does not in any way mean a rejection or negation of culture. Vande Mataram was written by a Bengali Hindu and it became the slogan of our independence struggle. That all muslims did not accept it does not make it the song of one particular community only. It stands as a cultural representation of India, which continues to be predominantly Hindu. The anthropomorphic depiction of the nation, which is a unique representation of our culture, is what makes it fit to be in its exalted position as the national song. To demote Vande Mataram to a souvenir is a part of cultural terrorism against Hindus. Besides, Vande Mataram has and continues to have such stirring effect on Indians due to these anthropomorphic depictions. To object to Vande Mataram solely for this reason is utterly baseless. The other point that it alludes to Durga could be made saying that it does not fit into "secularism". Let me just say, minority appeasement.

Communists are blatant hypocrites. They have no compunction in accepting the national anthem, which was written to welcome King George, while raising objections to the national song on frivolous grounds. It is interesting to note the British attitude towards these songs. British authorities had equated the singing of "Vande Mataram" with sedition, and people found singing it were punished severely and often jailed. In total contrast, Jana gana mana was extended high regard. It was sung in Government schools, and in scout groups which fostered loyalty to the British throne.

The news papers reports had the following comments on Janaganamana:
"The Bengali poet Babu Rabindranath Tagore sang a song composed by him specially to welcome the Emperor." (Statesman, Dec.28, 1911)
"The proceedings began with the singing by Babu Rabindranath Tagore of a song specially composed by him in honour of the Emperor." (Englishman, Dec.28).
"When the proceedings of the Indian National Congress began on Wednesday 27th December 1911, a Bengali song in welcome of the Emperor was sung. A resolution welcoming the Emperor and Empress was also adopted unanomously." (Indian, Dec. 29, 1911)

If intentions behind the song or allusions are to be considered, is British imperialism more acceptable than cultural nationalism.

CBCNN style of reporting is once again at display here.
Blame Hindus: a casus belli for Hindu nationalists, campaign for majoritarianism, Hindu majoritarian campaign, put fresh pressure on non-Hindu citizens, compulsorily defer to majoritarian sentiment, overtones of conflict, polarising politics, Hindu cultural nationalism.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Karat Speaketh

06, Sep, 06
"BJP not an effective Opposition": Brinda Karat

Communist Voice

5 Sep 06
Address concerns of mass organisations, says Yechury
Reject Tarapore panel report, says CPI (M)

7 Sep 06
Left parties discuss coming Assembly polls
Enhance basic amenities in panchayat: CPI (M)
Regularise horticulture workers: CPI(M)

12 Sep 06
Polit Bureau of CPI(M) to meet today

13 Sep 06

CPI(M) Polit Bureau meet begins

CPI in election mode
CPI(Maoist) disputes YSR's accusation
CPI (M) seeks drought relief measures

CPI warns of protests against GO 94

CPI leader in favour of talks with JIPMER employees

Monday, September 04, 2006

China's desertification

One-fifth of China is a desert.
Liu Guoqing, a Foreign Office official from Ningxia says, "All the municipal governments here claim victories over the desert and send in reports to the centre saying that desertification is no longer a problem, but this is nonsense. Every year the dust is getting worse".
This is how China reports its statistics. The Indian communists lap up all this nonsense and regurgitate with gory details, the prosperity of their fatherland, China. Sane voices like Liu Guoqing are sent to the gulags on a one-way pleasure trip.

Critics outnumber admirers
After compiling all the admirers' views of CBCNN in the previous article, the critics' views are given here.
Marxists will indulge in ad hominem attacks to divert criticism. As expected, the article starts off with categorizing the criticism.
an avalanche of mail — some of them personal abuse
the denunciation that has a pattern to it
defamatory, not fit to print.
"hate" mail
organised flow of messages all containing the same idea, only slightly differently worded
obvious pattern
motivated missives

So this is how criticism is dealt with by the Reader's Editor -- identify a pattern, label it as a "campaign" or "hate" mail, delete it.
... the Readers' Editor of The Guardian does not read them and indeed has them filtered out of his inbox.

The common thread in many of these messages (from old, long-term readers) is that The Hindu is partisan and prejudiced. Some of the points they make are:

The paper has turned into an ideological document; there is disproportionate coverage to CPI(M) Polit Bureau members wherever they speak; a mindset prejudiced against all right-wing people; obsession for Muslims and their welfare; an anti-American bias. The demand is made that the paper should present "both sides of the ideological coin so that the readers would decide the merits and demerits of the issue." While conceding the paper's "entitlement to have its own ideology, prejudices, biases, etc.," a reader says it cannot have "pretensions of adherence to core values."

Absolutely no attempt is made to address these allegations. Notice that these are observations by old, long-timers -- people who have been reading this rag for decades. They all have these common complaints against this paper and this reader's editor thinks it is not worthwhile to address them. Pray tell me, what exactly is this guy doing if not answering these questions. He has attempted to answer only trivial questions:
the space devoted to national news is inadequate. You are averse to report on Kashmir, Nagaland, etc.

That is a sweeping statement overstating a partly valid case.

No balanced reporting

First, this is a blurring of views and news. "Balance in reporting" cannot be in the literal sense. It is impossible to be totally objective in this decision-making.

Thanks, but what about those important questions raised by those regular readers, who know about your rag so well. Scooooot... When cornered, Marxists run.

Well, actually they have one other strategy -- morality. As one reader pointed out, "... taking on the note of moral policing". Notice that this criticism is also ignored.
Here is how CBCNN's bias is justified. Critics are biased, so we can be biased too. Newspapers have the right to freedom of expression: ideological and political functions, preferences, inclinations and biases. So the reader better not complain. This is independence, marxist style; their independence.