Monday, September 18, 2006

N.Ram asks India to fall in line with Pak

Piss process: A potential breakthrough

N.Ram is paying back for the petro-dollars which fuel CBCNN, by strongly advocating Pakistani position and asking India to acquiesce to its demands.

He tells us that "extremist and terrorist outfits ... have a degree of autonomy". So Pakistan really does not train them and send them across to India. This position is reiterated again below.
While sceptics will continue to suspect Gen. Musharraf's commitment to the new arrangement, he does appear to have signalled his intent to cut the linkages, if any, between sections of his intelligence services and terrorist groups targeting India exclusively.
Yeah, we all noticed that cleverly inserted "if any", suggesting that there never were any connections between ISI and terrorism in India. The rest of the world better take note. Musharraf says he will divert the terrorists operating in India to other parts of the world.
I bet N.Ram will contradict himself pretty soon. He will tell us with authority that ISI operates only in India and does not have any footprint anywhere else.

Now that comrade N.Ram has finished with his baseless statements, he will move on to pontificate. Here he does it with utter disregard to the Indian position on the issue.
With Pakistan agreeing implicitly to jettison a policy of state it has clung to for decades, the ball is really in India's court.
... the two countries craft an out-of-the-box solution

Well, actually, I feel like I am reading Musharraf's opinion rather than N.Ram's.

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