Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Com. Harish Khare in defense of Maino

Nainital conclave: rediscovering the party
Comrade Harish Khare is attempting to praise St. Maino in this article. The outcome, as you might have already expected, is that he ends up exposing her.
Here is the contradiction he exposes:
she has insisted on going out of her way to give all the due deference to Dr. Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister.
a question that was meant for the Prime Minister was pre-emptively answered by the Congress president.

Thanks comrade for joining the bandwagon of nitpickers in crying about who the real power behind the throne is.

This is how Comrade Harish Khare priases St. Maino:
1. she does not have a prime ministerial mien around her so the Chief Minister's conclave was designed for this purpose.
2. she is not able to make a mark as a great parliamentarian
3. she is unable to establish the reputation as an orator
4. she is not someone who could sway the masses
5. something else had to be done to add substance to her leadership profile
6. someone has to cast the Congress president in the role of a stern taskmaster
7. we have to contribute to her policy education
8. we gave her some idea about the complexities of governance
9. we helped create an image of a leader of substance
10. she needs periodic reaffirmation of her power as the centrality of the Congress
11. she does quite a bit of backseat driving
12. she is the extra-constitutional authority
13. the party devised the stratagem of a National Advisory Council to enable Ms. Gandhi to have a say in policy matters

Com. Harish tells us emphatically that the purpose of Chief Minister's conclave is to serve the interests of St.Maino. Not once does he question the reason behind our efforts to anoint this bardancer and give her the country's most powerful position. Actually, if he did that, he wouldn't be writing in CBCNN.

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