Sunday, September 24, 2006

enRam does a flip-fop

Piss Process: Stay the course
When enRam told us that Pakistan does not sponsor terrorism in India, I said he will contradict himself very soon. Well, he didnt disappoint me. Today, he tells us that
there can be no disputing that terrorist organisations targeting India, notably the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba, continue to operate from Pakistani territory.
It is also clear that Islamabad has not really delivered on the assurances it gave New Delhi in January 2004.
If you didnt know what assurances Islamabad gave in 2004, let me tell you. It said it would end cross-border terrorism.
... push for an end to Islamabad's support for, or toleration of, violent extremist groups targeting India.

enRam tells us that Musharraf must be trusted even though he has repeatedly failed to keep his word. What exactly is the reason for us to stay on the course of piss process? enRam does not provide one good reason. BJP tried both the piss process and hawkish stance. Neither resolved the problem but only addressed it to a limited extent. It surely did not provide a reason to chose the piss process.

The impression of India being a soft state is well entrenched and Pakistan's strategy of a thousand cuts is well known. The result of this is the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir. India is the country worst affected by terrorism. Following the piss process is to stay on this course. Obviously there is no incentive for India in this path. Also, we are not provided with any evidence to show that peace process is yeilding broader opposition in Pakistani society to sponsoring terrorism in India.
That China and Pakistan might benefit from this is a distinct possibility. CBCNN advocating the peace process confirms it.

The critics of peace process are providing alternatives:`hot pursuit' and `surgical strikes.'
To call it "idle, dangerous chatter" clearly exposes the prejudices of CBCNN. When communists cannot justify their position, they indulge in ad hominen attacks. So CBCNN calls critics of peace process as hawk, dangerous, chatters etc...

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