Saturday, June 30, 2007

CBCNN proactively delays and discredits CIA report on Chinese aggression

The Hindu : International / India & World : China rejects CIA reports on Sino-Indian war
China on Friday dismissed as “groundless” the contents of the reported declassified CIA documents on events leading up to the 1962 Sino-Indian war and went on to claim that “positive progress” was made on the vexed boundary negotiations between the countries.

Firstly, it is an issue of national importance to India. CBCNN does not report this incident thus far when it should have been providing a comprehensive coverage of the issue. And when it does, it presents us the Chinese viewpoint. This is the reason why this rag is called the Chennai-Based Chinese National Newspaper.

On the India-China border war, CIA analysts suggested that Beijing
and its then premier Zhou Enlai “deceived” his Indian counterpart,
Jawaharlal Nehru and India through procrastination and dissembling,
media reports from Washington said.

At the same time, the spokesman was eloquent on the current state
of bilateral ties, including the border issue. China-India Strategic
Cooperative Partnership enjoyed consistent development with fruitful
cooperation in various fields, he told PTI here.

CBCNN says CIA "suggested", when CIA emphatically stated that Beijing deceived India. The CBCNN obviously cannot afford to upset its bosses. CBCNN then goes on to balance CIA's "allegations" with China's vain talk. Wonderful. Now that the gullible readers are convinced that the CIA report is utter rubbish, CBCNN quotes selectively from the report. Why do we still thin CBCNN reports anything of national concern to its readers?

CBCNN acts as political partner of Congress

The Hindu : National : Booklet on Pratibha Patil outlandish: Congress
“The desperation of the BJP is reflected in the concoction, cocktail of falsehood, half-truths and selective quotations which they are giving to mislead the nation. There are many examples… 20 per of the it [contents in the booklet] is from the Reserve Bank of India report and 80 per cent is a reproduction from a petition by employees of the Pratibha Mahila Cooperative Bank [in Maharashtra],” party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi said here.

As pointed out umpteen number of times, anyone speaking against BJP is quoted verbatim, even if it is falsifications.

What apparent value does this article server

... apart from discrediting the BJP? Most newspapers would not pass this article for publication. The only place where this kind of article gets published is the local college journals, which work with a single-pointed agenda. What a fall for the Chindu. But then again, when you think about it, the Chindu operates with a single-pointed agenda: oppose Hindus.

The Hindu : National : Sushma Swaraj switches roles
Spokesperson for NDA or Shekhawat?

Over the last two weeks she has changed her hat three times, leaving the media confused.

A BJP leader said wryly: “I only wish Advaniji could have effectively issued an appeal to all NDA constituents to support Shekhawatji.”

That unnamed BJP source surfaces again.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Communist double-speak

The Hindu : National : Support to Shekhawat shows “utter bankruptcy” of the Opposition: Brinda
On the claim made by the UPA-Left Presidential nominee, Pratibha Patil, that she experienced “divine premonitions,” she said such views “should remain in the personal realm and should not influence public office.”

This luxury was not accorded to Shivraj Patil. Hypocrites, the communists.
What cost Shivraj Patil Prez post : President election, Pratibha Patil, Shivraj Patil, UPA : : CNN-IBN
Patil's devotion to controversial godman Sai Baba also reportedly came in the way. "Such open display of obeisance to a godman from a man who would be President is unacceptable," a Left leader has gone on record as saying.

Welcome back, Karat

We at Chindu absolutely adore you and have been missing you. Singur and Nandigram have made the climate hot and you needed a vacation badly. We have forgotten the CPM pogrom by now.

The Hindu : National : Support to Shekhawat shows “utter bankruptcy” of the Opposition: Brinda
Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, Ms. Karat said support for a candidate whose Government in Rajasthan was dismissed for spreading communalism showed the “utter bankruptcy” of the Opposition.

However, CPM can support a government which over-saw the destruction of Babri Masjid or actively indulged in the Sikh pogrom.
“How can they support a candidate who has been right through with the RSS?”

Yeah, the bloody Hindus.

"Special Correspondent" makes an "error" to discredit BJP

As we have seen yesterday too, this reporter is deliberately mixing news with personal opinions and discrediting the BJP's views with counter interjections. But this "editorial error" below is shocking. This "error" communicates exactly the opposite of what Arun Shourie wanted to say in the pamphlet. I am inclined to believe it is deliberate as it fits into the theory of this "Special Correspondent".

The Hindu : National : BJP: It’s not mudslinging
The pamphlet quotes from a lengthy memorandum by the bank’s union suggesting that Ms. Patil was not on the board of directors or the chairperson when the bank was liquidated.

Do exactly what China is doing : Yechury

Can it get any more explicit than this? (sic)

The Hindu : International / India & World : India-China relationship a big stabiliser, says Yechury
We keep telling our Government that we must learn from China. ... ‘Do exactly what China is doing.’

Chindu suppressing CPM's role in Singur murder

The Hindu : National : Singur killing: suspect brought to Kolkata

A CPM cadre has been arrested by CBI for Singur killing. Chindu hides
the fact that he is the most visible face of CPM in Singur. Chindu
blames Mamta
for accusing CPM. And then it praises Buddhadeb for his
integrity in punishing the guilty. Contrast this report to Telegraph's.

The Telegraph - Calcutta : Frontpage

Technorati Tags:

My rant

I am beginning to think, what gives an editor the right to indulge in deliberate falsifications. While there are some kind of checks on the four pillars of our democracy, the fifth columnists get away with almost anything. Is there any way to rein them in.

I have been writing against this nonsense peddled as "ethical journalism" for almost an year now. I also know that a lot of people have been complaining about Chindu. The Chindu in turn knows it is not getting any popular. The question remains, why is it getting more belligerent. The bias is not subtle but visible even to a blind man. Worse, the bias has manifested into hatred, like most neo-semitic religions. This only portends disaster.

Some might think that a good way to deal with this propaganda machine is to hit where it hurts the most -- economically : stop subscribing to the Chindu. But I doubt that will make any difference considering that China is sitting on a 1.2 trillion war chest. Do we as a society allow ourselves and our future generations to be indoctrinated by an ideology that has wiped out a 100 million people from the face of this earth? And do we as a nation allow an extremist, violent cult -- which has been steadfast in opposing our national interests -- to dictate the course of this nation?

The communists have never been in a better position, what with sharing power with Congress, while raising a hue and cry against all and sundry. A good example is how they overpowered sustained campaigning against Nandigram pogrom with political din. The non-PM and his invertebrate government do not have any control on the communists and their mouthpieces. It is hard to imagine that this government would do anything to counter this "spin machine". I can only pray we are more careful while electing our governments.

As a society, we are letting ourselves to be dictated by the political non-issues. We are willing to fight for "backwardness" and the associated reservation "gains" but fail to acknowledge serious issues like basic necessities and infrastructure. It only shows how vulnerable we are to political machinations. We need a course correction.

Quite a few readers of Chindu say that they are disappointed with the excessive coverage of CPM but patronise Chindu for its "journalistic ethics". It left me speechless. Are we peoples afraid to confront a wrong, after all those centuries of subjugation? I think it is important that at an individual level we all speak up against these "propaganda machines". This also improves the collective consiensce of our society.

There is one language these bunch of "progressive intellectuals" understand very well - violence. It is a good deterrent. Look at how the Chindu crawls when asked to bend before the mohammadens.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

N.Ram's diatribe

We have known N.Ram's hate-filled agenda for long enough. So instead of debating this article, I shall list down the adjectives used by N.Ram against the BJP:

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : BJP’s bluster

the best spin machine in the political business
belligerent approach to the Presidential election
emerged from it even worse than expected
the party ran the most vainglorious campaign
instinctively aggressive BJP
The less said about the quality of the BJP’s presidential campaign, the better
The party has lurched from one unprincipled position to another
finally reverting shrilly to Mr. Shekhawat
This stratagem has failed ignominiously

And then, there are some misinterpretations tailored to his theory:
projecting an outright victory in the 2007 State contest but also claiming top honours in the 2009 general election
The basis of this confidence? Eight mayoral seats won earlier in a municipal election

This whole article only reminds me of the fall from the great editorial standards that were once the hallmark of this newspaper.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crazy about China

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Crazy about English in China
But despite the enormous effort this staggering figure represents, the country’s English skills or rather the lack of them remain an Achilles heel when it comes to China’s projection of itself as a major global player.

I sense an element of disappointment by Pallavi Aiyar and Chindu that the Chinese can not pick up English easily.
CBCNN goes wild cheering almost drowning out his next catchphrase. “I will make China better and stronger,” Mr. Li screams, “I will make Chinese people feel proud.”

Good job, CBCNN. This effort will be recognized in your next appraisal.

CPM's election pitch

This does not look like an article but sounds more like an election speech, where the politician wades through various unrelated topics.

The Hindu : National : It’s improper camouflage, says CPI(M)
This was necessary since Mr. Shekhawat’s Government [he was Rajasthan Chief Minister then] was dismissed by the Centre in 1992 following the pulling down of the Babri Masjid and for its extending help in the demolition by sending “kar sevaks.”

What is Karat's objection to Shekawat? Shekawat was the Governor when Rajasthan Government was dismissed. So what? What is the connection? Defies all logic. You need to be brain-dead to become a communist.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Unnamed BJP sources praise Congress

Anonymous senior leaders of BJP came to CBCNN headquarters in Chennai and confessed that Congress is the only hope for the women of India. This sounds more like wishful thinking than news reporting. The pattern is fairly obvious to anyone who has read CBCNN for long: BJP articles are filled with anonymous sources or reporter's opinions.

The Hindu : Front Page : 33% BJP posts for women

Senior party leaders said the Congress had a woman president in Sonia Gandhi. In post-Independence India, Indira Gandhi was party president and Prime Minister. Now, the Congress had taken the lead in attempting to give India its first woman President.

Is this an article or opinion?

If Neena Vyas is reporting on an event, why is she analyzing and presenting her opinions? Why don't "Journalism 101" principles apply when reporting BJP-related events?

The Hindu : National : BJP’s battle cry: prepare for 2009 Lok Sabha elections

But for this to happen the party leadership is acutely aware that it needs to put its house in order: discipline is not what it should be; the cadre-based party has all but disappeared turning the BJP into a mass-based organisation, and with that change have come many ills; the party needs to refurbish its image that took a beating when its MP Babubhai Patel was caught in the human trafficking case; and finally, most importantly, the BJP needs to expand the National Democratic Alliance by wooing and inducting new allies.

Buddhadeb's resignation, anybody?

The Hindu : Front Page : Gujjar meeting seeks Raje’s resignation

A Gujjar “mahapanchayat,” held in Pushkar in Ajmer district of Rajasthan on Sunday, sought the resignation of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on moral grounds for the death of 24 persons in police firing during the community’s recent agitation for Scheduled Tribe status.

“If the central leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party fails to read the writing on the wall and does not act and refuses to respond to our demand it would have to pay a heavy price,” a resolution said.

CBCNN waiting for the next political drama

If I am not mistaken, this was the same issue for which Modi was blamed and CBCNN jumped up in glee.

The Hindu : Front Page : Gujarat boy found

Its ridiculously boring on CBCNN -- CPM always makes the headlines

The Hindu : Front Page : RSS, BJP desperate: CPI (M)

In a statement here, the former Prime Minister, H.D. Deve Gowda, lamented the manner in which the UPA, the NDA and the Third Front conducted themselves to trifle with the highest constitutional post. The Presidential election ought to be a “celebration of our nationhood,” he said.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury said a “measure of desperation in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh-Bharatiya Janata Party camp” was forcing it to resort to “unfounded allegations” against Ms. Patil. That the “proactive slander machinery” of the RSS-BJP had sprung into action “was only natural.”

Allegations by CPM on the BJP become eternal truths on CBCNN and hence grab the headlines.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Karat wants agitations nationwide

The Hindu : National : Replicate West Bengal model at Centre, says Karat
Through joint struggles and agitations we have to work …” Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Prakash Karat said
And Karat wants these struggles and agitations replicated nationwide. We must be stupid to "elect" communists, who believe in "One man, One vote, One time".

CPI general secretary A.B. Bardhan too felt it was time for West Bengal to industrialise and conceded that the Government did make some mistakes. He, however, said the Left Front has to learn from the mistakes and move ahead since it had reached the maximum growth on the basis of agriculture. “During one phase there was de-industrialisation in West Bengal, now it is time to industrialise,” he said adding that Kolkata and its surrounds was ranked second after Mumbai for having industries five decades ago.

What is the West Bengal model by the way? Does Bardhan drop any hints above? Whatever it is, the Left itself wants to run away from it. But they want to export this model to rest of India.

Left supports Industries, FDI in West Bengal

But they oppose it in rest of India. The charade continues...

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : We want consensus, not confrontation, on industrialisation: Buddhadeb

Questions like whether or not we need industry, foreign investment, arise. Traditional Left parties just can’t cope with the situation. But what I feel is that they will gradually understand the need for modern industries.

Special Correspondent for the Godhra "tamasha"

CBCNN joins Mukul Sinha in grilling D.B.Talati, while most newspapers have been content to publish the PTI report.

The Hindu : Front Page : Godhra carnage: forensic expert grilled

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CBCNN highlights only anti-Modi sentiments

These anti-Modi voices hardly have any relevance in Gujarat politics. But CBCNN is only interested in propaganda. Ever wonder why the journalists are condescendingly looked down upon in Gujarat?

The Hindu : National : Surat kidnapping generates anti-Modi sentiments

Monday, June 18, 2007

Kid gloves when it is Congress

No radical judgments passed on Congress. After all, Congress is only doing what it knows best. But the blame is put on the "Centre" and the CBI. Congress and the Dynasty have been proven "not guilty". Allegations on BJP's involvement in this issue need to be investigated thoroughly. The Left played a crucial role in resolving the Q issue.

All hail Left.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Bailing out `Q' once again

Clearly, the Centre seems prepared to go to any length to protect the man referred to as `Q' in former Bofors chief Martin Ardbo's diary and linked to the illegal payoffs made by the Swedish arms manufacturer through a shadowy company called A.E. Services. The CBI must appeal against the verdict in the Supreme Court of Argentina after ensuring it does its paper work — this time thoroughly and honestly.

All evidence against CPM is "allegations"

CBCNN proves conclusively that CPM is innocent by calling all claims as allegations. When it comes to BUPC, CPM  allegations become proof. Double standards? No, ethical communist journalism.

The Hindu : National : Violence continues in Nandigram

Journalists were allegedly fired at in Kejuri. More than 25 rounds were fired and bombs hurled from a brick kiln. Police said this was done allegedly by CPI(M) cadres from a brick kiln from where 10 persons with sophisticated firearms were arrested after the March 14 police firing in which 14 persons were killed.

Wonderful contrast

The communist rag over-emphasizes the Socialist gains. Thanks to the pointer by the anonymous poster:

The Hindu : Front Page : Surprise win for Socialists

French Conservatives Win; Socialists Make Gains - New York Times

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A pliant media

The communist CBCNN gives prominent coverage to any criticism of BJP. Here the entire text is presented verbatim.

The Hindu : Front Page : NDA won't back Pratibha

Criticising the BJP, ...

Friday, June 15, 2007

The fly on the axle of a bullock cart wheel

Left is in a self-congratulatory mood. CBCNN, as its mouthpiece, does an incredible job of Leftist propaganda. Reminds me of a story. A fly sitting on the wheel of a bullock cart thinks it is the one powering the vehicle.

The Hindu : Front Page : Pratibha Patil is UPA-Left Presidential candidate

For 48 hours, it was eyeball to eyeball between the Congress and the Left parties, and Sonia Gandhi blinked first. Faced with the Left opposition to Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil's candidature, the Congress proposed Rajasthan Governor Pratibha Devisingh Patil as the United Progressive Alliance's nominee for President.

The turnaround came when Dr. Singh and Ms. Gandhi invited the Left leaders for consultations.

Mr. Raja suggested that they look for a woman candidate, an idea that was instantly picked up by ...

I find it funny that the Congress managers have to emphasise the importance of Non-PM.

Congress managers emphasised that Dr. Singh played a major role in choosing a name that was agreeable to the Left parties.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Left is the winner in Presidential polls : CBCNN

Karat states the obvious and congratulates himself. CBCNN applauds him as the kingpin.

The Hindu : Front Page : Left to consult DMK, others on choice

The Left parties had said the candidate must be a political person with impeccable secular credentials and a fine understanding of the Constitution to maintain a balance among the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, and one who could win the contest with ease.

The criteria set out by the Left parties found "wide acceptance," he said

Monday, June 11, 2007

No blame game

The victims' woes are reported. No judgments passed on the sacrosanct congress government or the "secular" railway minister. However, such reporting style is not applicable to BJP and Gujarat.

The Hindu : National : Mumbai train blasts victims feel let down

Mosques and terrorism

CBCNN says with authority that terrorist organizations recruit their cadre from Mosques. But lets not forget, Islam is the religion of peace.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : A jihad in new clothes

It could be significant, in this context, that the Al-Qaeda fil' al-Hind video was handed out outside an Ahl-e-Hadis mosque, for the Lashkar has drawn much of its cadre from the neoconservative religious grouping.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hindu view is not plural : The Anti-Hindu

The Hindu : Friday Review Bangalore / Miscellany : Masks of untruth

These tendencies indicate a gradual movement towards right wing conservatism shaped by a systematic convergence of certain political and economic forces that annihilate democratic consciousness.

Right wing is anti-democratic. This from a Left winger, who believes in Communism and not Democracy. Bloody hypocrites.

The full text of Ananthamurthy’s speech makes it clear that a thinker/creative writer was probing into the worldview of another writer, transcending personal prejudices.

Describing Bhyrappa as a “debator” and not a great “creative writer in any other world view would have been called a personal attack. But this critic on the radical leftist rag calls it "a creative vision of life which cannot endorse reductionist rightist views of history".

Without any slight on Bhyrappa’s integrity, a serious reader would see in his works a reductionist view of society/history, that, in cultural terms is a narrow “hindu” position. Such a “hindu” view is monolithic and not an open engagement with the plural and contesting Indian philosophical traditions. This view becomes aggressively militant/fascist when it intertwines with history, particularly when dealing with historical phases when the “hindu” position was dominated by an “alien” religious/political power.
What is wrong in presenting a "hindu" position? Why is not acceptable? Why is it a reductionist view? It is another viewpoint and an extremely important one because the majority are still Hindus. Does not Bhyrappa have the artistic freedom to present from a certain viewpoint? Why is CBCNN not upholding his artistic freedom?

Isn't it outrageous to say that the plural and contesting philosophical traditions is "Indian" and not "hindu" view? Besides, I thought the "hindu" view is anything but monolithic. The "hindu" view is nothing if not plural. The "hindu" view is to rationalize and question everything. It is exactly the opposite of the "semitic" view, where blind faith overrules. Not for the marxists, though. They hate anything "hindu".

Is the critic, Manu, objecting to "hindu" view of history? If he is afraid of aggressive militant response, then Manu should object to such response and not to Bhyrappa's work.

Moreover, there are other extremely profound books on Indian Philosophy/Islam which Bhyrappa is not even aware of.
What is the purpose of this statement? Bhyrappa will accept this statement, I am sure. But let me ask this critic the same question: Is he/she aware of all the extremely profound books on Indian Philosophy/Islam? Even the most erudite person would not answer this question with an emphatic "yes". Is this critic trying to pass a judgment on Bhyrappa that he is an ignorant person?

“Aavarana” unilaterally validates Bhyrappa’s reductionism. It is precisely this that Ananthamurthy categorises as a “debator’s view”. As he says, a great creative work goes beyond the writer’s consciously held worldview which Bhyrappa fails to achieve. The attack against Ananthamurthy is an open manifestation of the might of right wing conservative forces that turn to history to engender emotions of hatred and revenge – especially against Islam and Muslims.
This critic is trying to provide a political context to a literary debate. There is history and Bhyrappa is providing the truth. Why do we have to shy away from truth just because this radical marxist thinks it has some political context. Emotions of hatred and revenge - especially against Islam and Muslims: this is a literary debate, godamnit. Dont mix it with religion and politics.

The emergence of a work like “Aavarana” is not an isolated fact. Behind its arrival is a collective consciousness that, in the name of history, philosophy and religion, legitimises the oppression and tyranny of the consumerist middle class which believes in the economic order of capitalism. The popularity of Bhyrappa’s works can be related to the desires of the middle class with all its consumerist notions of spirituality and culture that every now and then, needs to rewrite history to posit an enemy.
Ah, finally the socialist objections to a literary novel. Capitalism is oppressive and tyrannical.

Those who value Justice and Equality must contextualise Ananthamurthy’s criticism of Bhyrappa and not interpret it as the personal comments of a writer about another. If Bhyrappa truly desires to seek truth, he needs to go beyond the bloody mire of history. Writers would do well to listen to voices of sanity of fellow writers rather than lend their ears to shouts of a crowd driven by thirst for revenge.

Manu is trying desperately to provide a context to Ananthamurthy's ad hominem attacks. Unfortunately, there exists none. URA called Bhyrappa a "debater" instead of criticizing his works.

And this guy Manu is turning out to be a disaster. He is saying that we should not seek truth in history. Why this marxist whitewash of history? Why can't we face up to the Islamic oppression in India? The conditioned marxist mind is afraid. Of what?

I encourage you to look at the interview of Dr.Bhyrappa by

CBCNN hails Singur compensation

Maoists target Chinese economy

China is the largest consumer of Indian iron ore exports. Way to go, Maoists.

The Hindu : National : Maoists attack NMDC facility in Chhattisgarh

The damage to the belt would affect exports and transportation of iron ore from Bailadila for at least 10 days,

The headline says it all

CBCNN is putting words into Modi's mouth. Modi criticized Sonia as any leader would criticize opposition. But he never said blamed Sonia for "all ills of nation". On the contrary, CBCNN is projecting Modi as an extremist and blaming him for all ills of nation.

CBCNN is an extremist, radical, leftist rag campaigning against BJP, trying to fill its coffers with "secular" money and "leftist" doles. Talk of ethics...

The Hindu : National : Modi blames Sonia for all ills of nation

Modi blames Sonia for all ills of nation

Thursday, June 07, 2007

China is the answer to fusion problem

CBCNN is out with its usual hyperboles about China.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : A fusion solution to the energy problem

China is not alone in its fusion ambitions. India and South Korea are also both currently working on next generation tokamaks.
But CBCNN will come out with detailed reports of only the Chinese activities.

In China, it is clear that over and above the pure research value of fusion there is a strong nationalistic element to the country's desire to invest in science and hence achieve pre-eminence in cutting-edge scientific research. A large Chinese national flag proudly sits atop EAST, serving to underscore this point.
Is this not true of India, or any other country for that matter?

The resultant gap in fusion research is being filled by Asian countries such as China and India
But CBCNN reserves all its praise for China.

China better than India : N.Ram

What else can you expect from a paid mercenary of China.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Deploying reserves imaginatively

China has six times India's reserves and the rate of accretion is faster than India's. Equally relevant is that China has been much better prepared to diversify its investment strategy.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chindu berates BJP for opposing competitive politics

The Hindu : National : Quota plea for minorities is competitive politics: BJP

While BJP has consistently been opposing competitive caste/religion politics, all other parties have been involved in blatant appeasement. But N.Ram has reserved all castigation for BJP. The Leftists are driven by a single point agenda of "hatred towards anything Hindu".

The honest-est PM ever

The Third Front accuses him; all Left parties accuse him of acting in US interests; the BJP accuses him; the Congressmen disregard him as non-PM. But when it comes to making an argument against BJP, the Chindu flashes the "honest-est PM ever" card. One thing is for sure, Chindu is not the most honest paper on earth.

The Hindu : National : New front rejects 123 agreement

"It indicates a serious dereliction of duty by the Prime Minister who is sworn to protect the country's sovereign rights and prerogatives in this and other areas. It shows Dr. Manmohan Singh as someone willing to do right by the United States, not by India,"

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

All is well in the land of peace

The CPM mouthpiece is in a self-congratulatory mood. It appreciates the good efforts of CPM in restoring peace to Singur and Nandigram. As usual, all the trouble is due to Mamta.

The Hindu : National : Basu briefs Buddhadeb on talks with Mamata

CBCNN rejoices Castro's tele-interview

Communism is a trans-national political movement, which demands loyalty over the home country. It is a neo-semitic religion.

CBCNN rejoices Chinese and Cuban success over India's for this reason.

The Hindu : International : Castro appears in TV interview

Nothing new -- N.Ram blames BJP

In N.Ram's world view, it is only the BJP which is practicing such politics and only the BJP needs to abstain from caste politics.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Beyond the temporary truce

Clearly, Ms. Raje's rash election promise of conferring ST status on the Gujjars has returned to haunt her. Her experience should serve as a lesson on the dangers in recklessly playing the caste card in order to woo voters.

If the Meenas feel threatened by the Gujjars eating into their ST pie,
the latter are aggrieved by the Vajpayee government's decision to
reclassify Jats as Other Backward Classes — a state of affairs that
points to the danger of encouraging competitive caste politics.

Chindu creating another "spontaneous combustion" Benarjee report

Gujarat is going for elections soon. CBCNN is upping its campaign against BJP. Here it is trying to wildly waving the  NC Saxena report, just as Laloo used the Benarjee report on Godhra for Bihar elections.

The Hindu : National : Life miserable in Gujarat relief colonies: court panel

CBCNN lauds China

The Hindu : International : China unveils action plan to address climate change

China's national strategy on global warming is the first such national programme announced by a developing country.

You thought China achieved a major breakthrough. It just came out with another set of intentions, which, as we have so often seen, mean very little in terms of action; actually, nothing.

The 62-page document released by the National
Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China's economic planning
agency, is more of a broad outline of the country's policy intentions
rather than a detailed roadmap of specific targets.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Who says Indian Media isn't biased?

I am taking the liberty to post Shadow Warrior's post below. Let us see how our favourite CBCNN fared in this. It stood along with NDTV in terms of the numbers.

The Hindu : Front Page : One lakh people convert to Buddhism

But it beat NDTV comprehensively by giving the most amount of space possible, almost thrice as much as the NDTV. And those photos and detailed coverage deserve a special mention. In fact, I would recommend that CBCNN be awarded with the prize for "the most biased media".

Shadow Warrior: ROTFL: Who says Indian Media isn't biased?

may 31, 2007

i say the indian media is also might entertaining. will the right number of buddhists please stand up?

the media are making up things, any number will do. this is why these
guys are such a good fit with cedric '2000' prakash, william 'i deal in
what *could* have happened, not what happened. that's left to lesser
mortals' dalrymple, et al.

in their defence, though, most of them are innumerate, anyway.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Sanjeev

Date: May 31, 2007 12:15 AM

Subject: Who says Indian Media isn't biased?


are some reports on the number of people who were part of "big"
conversion program in Mumbai; Makes you wonder, if even 1st class math
is a required for becoming a journalist in India.

It was the biggest mass conversion in recent history as over one lakh Hindu tribals converted to Budhism in Mumbai on Sunday.

Dalits who converted before, this time a majority of those who
converted were from castes which are lower in hierarchy than Dalits.

who converted include nomadic and denotified communities who had
travelled from distant Marathwada, Vidharbha and even Karnataka and
Andhra Pradesh.

The Republican Party of India organised the conversion ceremony.

 MUMBAI (Reuters) - About 50,000
Indian low-caste Hindus and nomadic tribespeople converted to Buddhism
before a vast crowd on Sunday in the hope of escaping the rigidity of
the ancient Hindu caste system and finding a life of dignity.
MUMBAI, India: About 2,000
low-caste Hindu Indians bowed before orange-robed monks and recited
prayers as they converted to Buddhism in a mass ceremony Sunday that
they said would bring them dignity in a society that considers them
BBC Link

"We estimate that close to 5,000 Dalits
have chosen the path towards Buddhism by the end of the day," said
Shravan Gaikwad, representative of the Samatha Sainik Dal, a Dalit

Gandhi's smash hit roadshow

The Chindu has started campaigning for Congress.

The Hindu : National : Modi Government scuttling pro-farmer programmes of Centre, says Sonia

The huge crowd that gathered in this small town in north Gujarat is certain to ring the warning bell to the BJP leadership, considering that the State Assembly elections are slated for later this year. It was Ms. Gandhi's third public meeting in the State since January. She received mammoth response from people in the tribal rally in Devgadh-Baria and the youth rally in Porbandar.
SABHA has brilliantly demonstrated what these smash-hit road shows mean.

Rahul Gandhi's Roadshow a Smash Hit!

According to a report on Rediff, Rahul Gandhi's roadshow in Uttar Pradesh was a huge success.

Rahul's campaign helped party: Congress

Congress leaders rubbished claims by detractors that the Gandhi family magic failed to deliver.

Here are the numbers to substantiate the claims that Rahul Gandhi is indeed a brilliant strategist.

Congress(I) before the roadshow: 25 seats

Congress(I) after the roadshow: 22 seats!

CPM's politics of hatred

Be it Presidential polls, CPM is driven by hatred towards BJP. Its policy has always been "nothing to do with Hindus".

The Hindu : National : Basu against `communal party' candidate

He[Jyoti Basu] added: "The last time because of the Bharatiya Janata Party putting up a candidate for President we did not support him.