Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chindu suppressing CPM's role in Singur murder

The Hindu : National : Singur killing: suspect brought to Kolkata

A CPM cadre has been arrested by CBI for Singur killing. Chindu hides
the fact that he is the most visible face of CPM in Singur. Chindu
blames Mamta
for accusing CPM. And then it praises Buddhadeb for his
integrity in punishing the guilty. Contrast this report to Telegraph's.

The Telegraph - Calcutta : Frontpage

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Anonymous said...

When it comes to commie news, comrade Chindu is only too clever. According to Chindu, "A prime suspect in the alleged murder of a teenaged girl, Tapasi Malik". Note the arrested fellow is only a "suspect" and the murder is only "alleged".

What the Chindu has cleverly omitted is revealed by The Telegraph, which mentions, "The 18-year-old Tapasi was raped and murdered on December 18. Her torso was charred....".

In sonar Bangla, commies rape, murder and burn a human being. Supposed to be a model state, as eulogised by Chindu.

barbarindian said...

I want to see some commies hang at the end of the rope. I guess this gruesome and chilling murder qualifies as the rarest of rare cases.