Friday, June 01, 2007

Gandhi's smash hit roadshow

The Chindu has started campaigning for Congress.

The Hindu : National : Modi Government scuttling pro-farmer programmes of Centre, says Sonia

The huge crowd that gathered in this small town in north Gujarat is certain to ring the warning bell to the BJP leadership, considering that the State Assembly elections are slated for later this year. It was Ms. Gandhi's third public meeting in the State since January. She received mammoth response from people in the tribal rally in Devgadh-Baria and the youth rally in Porbandar.
SABHA has brilliantly demonstrated what these smash-hit road shows mean.

Rahul Gandhi's Roadshow a Smash Hit!

According to a report on Rediff, Rahul Gandhi's roadshow in Uttar Pradesh was a huge success.

Rahul's campaign helped party: Congress

Congress leaders rubbished claims by detractors that the Gandhi family magic failed to deliver.

Here are the numbers to substantiate the claims that Rahul Gandhi is indeed a brilliant strategist.

Congress(I) before the roadshow: 25 seats

Congress(I) after the roadshow: 22 seats!

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