Monday, June 18, 2007

Kid gloves when it is Congress

No radical judgments passed on Congress. After all, Congress is only doing what it knows best. But the blame is put on the "Centre" and the CBI. Congress and the Dynasty have been proven "not guilty". Allegations on BJP's involvement in this issue need to be investigated thoroughly. The Left played a crucial role in resolving the Q issue.

All hail Left.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Bailing out `Q' once again

Clearly, the Centre seems prepared to go to any length to protect the man referred to as `Q' in former Bofors chief Martin Ardbo's diary and linked to the illegal payoffs made by the Swedish arms manufacturer through a shadowy company called A.E. Services. The CBI must appeal against the verdict in the Supreme Court of Argentina after ensuring it does its paper work — this time thoroughly and honestly.

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Anonymous said...

Mataji is very secular and sacrificing(in addition to being a white phorener). Naturally, Chindu feels uncomfortable in directly attacking her and so the rather clever (fake) demand to whip the poor, Sarkari desis.