Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Left is the winner in Presidential polls : CBCNN

Karat states the obvious and congratulates himself. CBCNN applauds him as the kingpin.

The Hindu : Front Page : Left to consult DMK, others on choice

The Left parties had said the candidate must be a political person with impeccable secular credentials and a fine understanding of the Constitution to maintain a balance among the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, and one who could win the contest with ease.

The criteria set out by the Left parties found "wide acceptance," he said


Loner said...

Note the tone of this aricle

Never read anything similar in any other newspaper!

Anonymous said...

Commies never lack exaggerated self-importance and Chindu faithflly plays cheer leader.

Anonymous said...

looks like congress just gave the shaft to the communists - first BSP's mayawati announced she and congress agree on candidate for president, and now pranab mukerjee says he is not a candidate and all speculation on that should stop.

the idiot editor at cbcnn should keep more uptodate with news.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

loner, you are right. the article is written with the purpose of speculating about the infighting in NDA and BJP. This is normally the tone adopted in CBCNN while writing about them.

Prudent Indian said...

Right you are,after much juggling...shiv raj...shinde...parab...and then finally the cat is out of bag. HURRAY!all His Master's Voice.Do see this post on my blog.

All this juggling and bungling prove beyound doubt That this Is UPA (UNITED( Oh! really!) PROGRESSIVE(wow,with arjun and laloo and ramu dossa?) ALLIANCE(do it merits any comment)

long live mere Hindustan.