Saturday, June 30, 2007

CBCNN proactively delays and discredits CIA report on Chinese aggression

The Hindu : International / India & World : China rejects CIA reports on Sino-Indian war
China on Friday dismissed as “groundless” the contents of the reported declassified CIA documents on events leading up to the 1962 Sino-Indian war and went on to claim that “positive progress” was made on the vexed boundary negotiations between the countries.

Firstly, it is an issue of national importance to India. CBCNN does not report this incident thus far when it should have been providing a comprehensive coverage of the issue. And when it does, it presents us the Chinese viewpoint. This is the reason why this rag is called the Chennai-Based Chinese National Newspaper.

On the India-China border war, CIA analysts suggested that Beijing
and its then premier Zhou Enlai “deceived” his Indian counterpart,
Jawaharlal Nehru and India through procrastination and dissembling,
media reports from Washington said.

At the same time, the spokesman was eloquent on the current state
of bilateral ties, including the border issue. China-India Strategic
Cooperative Partnership enjoyed consistent development with fruitful
cooperation in various fields, he told PTI here.

CBCNN says CIA "suggested", when CIA emphatically stated that Beijing deceived India. The CBCNN obviously cannot afford to upset its bosses. CBCNN then goes on to balance CIA's "allegations" with China's vain talk. Wonderful. Now that the gullible readers are convinced that the CIA report is utter rubbish, CBCNN quotes selectively from the report. Why do we still thin CBCNN reports anything of national concern to its readers?


barbarindian said...


Do you think my dream of seeing a commie hang at the end of the rope will be realized? CBI has pretty solid leads on the Tapasi Malik rape/murder at Singur, WB. Two career commies arrested.

socal said...

Chindu on UC Banerjee report preaching sanctimoniously- "Facts are Sacred"

Facts nowhere to be seen in Pratibha Patil case. Apparently it is all allegations.

Anonymous said...

After the border fiasco and uutter shame of 1962, the Govt. of India produced a documentary entitled "The Great Betrayal". It would be worthwhile to screen it again, particularly for the benefit of folks so that they can see where our fifth columnists from the fourth estate, like comrade Chindu, stand. Perhaps, comrades are still longing to see our country become yet another "autonomous region" just like Tibet.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

barbarindian, to be frank, i doubt the cpm member will be sentenced. left has considerable say in the center. but it will be interesting to follow this case. will the law be allowed to follow its own course?

Anonymous said...

"In Sept 1960 the first evidence of a vertical split in the CPI became evident with the hard left faction comprising Jyoti Basu, Harikishen Singh Surjit, Basavapunniah, Sundarayya and Ranadive supporting the Chinese position on the Indo-Sino border dispute.

When Z.A. Ahmed indicated that the Party should take a nationalist stand on Chinese incursions to India, he was severely berated by the West Bengal faction."

For more revealations about our comrades (which will not be covered by Chindu, for sure)during the period of Chinese aggression and the earlier years, see:

CIA Report-A Saga of Communist Treachery