Sunday, July 22, 2007

Khare's loose talk

This is an expression of perverted exaggeration by Khare.

The Hindu : Front Page : Why Shekhawat lost the race news Analysis
In other words, it was being suggested that Mr. Shekhawat would become a designated countervail to the Prime Minister, bringing an elected government to a grinding halt. This kind of role was never envisaged in the Constitution for the President, though there has never been a dearth of constitutional maulvis ready to produce a fatwa in favour of an activist President.

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Anonymous said...

Khare seems to be the great constitutional pundit in Chindu's court. Note the clever escape clause and the cleverer use of the passive voice, "it was being suggested". Third party insinuations!

Pygmies all, both Chindu and its court jesters.