Friday, July 27, 2007

Drenching a BJP leader in oil is no crime : CBCNN

The Hindu : National : Modi blames Congress for attack on mayor
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has picked on the alleged murderous attack on Jamnagar Municipal Corporation Mayor Manharbhai Jhala to counter-attack the Congress.
The bias in this report is evident from the very first statement. CBCNN is trying to suggest that Modi is unnecessarily picking on the unblemished Congress. The Special Correspondent dismisses the attack as an "allegation". Obviously, the special correspondent is passing his judgment while reporting an event -- this is against Journalism 101 principles.

Mr. Modi not only condemned the alleged attack led by two former BJP colleagues but also demanded that Congress president Sonia Gandhi “apologise to the nation” for the “murderous assault” by some of her partymen.
Once again the murder attempt is dismissed as "allegation". The Special Correspondent is also parading half-truths and half-lies to mislead the reader. That the two attackers were former BJP colleagues is less relevant than that they are Congress members now -- this fact is deliberately not disclosed. Deliberately trying to mislead the reader is journalistic prostitution.
After two days of silence on the issue, Mr. Modi chose to convert into a political platform an official function of dedicating to the people a power sub-station at Kadi in Mehsana district to attack Ms. Gandhi. At his behest, the BJP units all over the State have started taking out processions and rallies “in sympathy” of Mr Jhala.
The special correspondent is actively picking on Modi. This is way beyond journalism. CBCNN is committed to drubbing BJP as a fascist regime and Modi as a dictator. It is according to this code book that this special correspondent is alleging that Modi instigated the BJP units. Once again, notice that an allegation -- that Modi instigated the BJP units -- is declared as truth. It is more appropriate to call this hate-mongering than journalism.

Mr Jhala, who had come out unscathed after some crude oil was thrown at him, apparently to “blacken his face” and not to burn him alive as being alleged by the BJP, is attending his routine work.

Is the special correspondent upset that Mr Jhala is alive and attending his work? After all, according to the communist code of conduct, isn't any Hindu better off dead? My question to the special correspondent is, how has it been authenticated that the intention was to blacken Mr Jhala's face and not burn him? Why is this declared as the absolute truth and while all BJP's statements are allegations?

Is it acceptable to throw crude oil on someone? According to CBCNN, yes. It is acceptable to throw oil on any Hindu or petrol into a train carrying karsevaks(Godhra?). In the land of "spontaneous combustion", things catch fire mysteriously but nobody can be blamed for it. It is just an accident. So drenching someone in oil is not a serious issue and if the person is burnt alive due to "spontaneous combustion", it is the dead man's fault.

What CBCNN is unleashing using its intellectual prowess is genocide. It actively supports Islamic terrorism against Hindus. It condones any sort of aggression against Hindus and anything associated with Hindus - be it a cultural symbol or a political party.


Anonymous said...

Chindu is preparing the ground for a vicious anti-Modi campaign now that the assembly election is around the corner. A cherished and pet (day) dream of Chindu being to see Modi defeated politically or even otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Comrade N Ram seems to be believing that his political opponents must be stripped off their human rights.

Anonymous said...

Please check this link

Looks like Chindu has fabricated these two letters..