Thursday, July 26, 2007

Communists put muslims first

CBCNN wants separate plan, budget, reservations etc. for the muslims. It will not be happy even if the muslims are given another country. It wants total annihilation of Hindus.

The Hindu : National : CPI(M) seeks special plan for Muslims
The Centre must announce a special plan, on the lines of the tribal sub-plan, for Muslims to address the problems faced by them on the health, education, employment and other fronts.

The Government should announce an exclusive budget for minorities, instead of clubbing their issues in the regular budget, and begin implementation at the earliest, party general secretary Prakash Karat said.


Anonymous said...

Comrade sheds copious (crocodile) tears: Mr. Karat expressed concern that though several promises were made on giving the Muslim community its due share in development, they remained on paper and the recommendations made by the Sachar panel should not meet the same fate.

Now the nagging doubt is what have the comrades done for this very speical minority community in their "own" states, W. Bengal and Kerala? What prevents them from pampering the very speical minority in these states with all the goodies, reservations, donations etc. etc.? Why wait for the Central Govt. to start implementing the great minority schemes?

Anonymous said...

Muslims got not one, but two countries out of Bharath. Still our commies are not satisfied! Our comrades do seem to have a very big secular appetite. Why not declare W. Bengal as "Minoritystan"?